Game Day Weather

Submitted by mgoweather on November 16th, 2018 at 9:12 PM

The mitten state has been chilly for days and our below normal temperature trend will continue for this game (and into next week). On top of that we're adding in some light snow! Luckily, our upper level energy and surface systems will be separated, so they won't be able to work together to bring us a ton of snow. At the surface, a low pressure system will work along a cold front as it moves through the state. This keeps clouds around for the day, along with scattered snow, and cold temps. Bundle up if you're headed to this one! Let's beat those Hoosiers! 


We're going to start the morning on the cool side and with temperatures remaining relatively steady through the day, grab the warm gear for the tailgate and the game! We'll start the day near 30 degrees with cloudy skies. Reminder the sun comes up at just before 7:30am. It's a koozie for the brewski kind of day! :) Or grab the hot chocolate or coffee and a good thermos for it! SW winds will only be around 7mph, enough to rustle the leaves, but that's going to be enough to put our windchills in the mid 20s! You may catch some flurries to finish out the morning. Holding off on heading to the tailgate until lunchtime? Wear the warm socks and boots! By midday we'll warm to the lower 30s with a wind chill near 30 as winds remain out of the W at 7-8mph. Snow becomes more likely in the early afternoon, so don't forget your hat and warm gloves at the tailgate tent! 


We could have a little snow on the field for this one! Light accumulations are expected Saturday with 1/2-1" expected during the afternoon. If you're simply driving in for the game, give yourself extra time for gameday traffic, but also because it just doesn't take much to make the roads slick. (And we all know how 23 can be!) 34 degrees for the kickoff with temps slowly falling a couple degrees during the first half. Winds will stay at 6-7mph but shift to the WNW, keeping it feeling more like 30. Skies will stay cloudy with light snow continuing on and off. The sunset time is now 5:11!    


You may still see some flurries on & off by the time we're halfway to our next win! It'll be cold, so hot chocolate is a solid choice while you watch the band! Temps will be in the low 30s, but a N wind around 5-6mph will have it feeling like the upper 20s. Brrr! Who PO'd Mother Nature? Make it up to her already!   


Skies will stay mainly overcast for the end of the game and a flurry or two is possible, but snow will be very scattered so it won't last long or add up to much. It'll be one of those brisk walks back to the car where you blast the heat, or a quick walk for dinner/drinks! We're finishing out the late-night around 30 degrees with wind chills in the mid 20s. Winds will stay northerly around 5-6mph overnight into tomorrow, keeping wind chills in place. Staying out until that last yell from the bartender? By then temps will fall to the mid 20s, and it'll feel more like 20 degrees! Ugh. It's November, but what happened to our Fall? We'll stay this cold overnight, so if you're staying with a friend Saturday night, grab a hot breakfast & a ride home so you can stay semi-warm! :) Clouds will decrease for Sunday with highs near 35. Go blue!



Durham Blue

November 17th, 2018 at 12:34 AM ^

I always wonder about the football players during the game.  They typically have bare arms.  I guess the helmet helps to keep the warmth in.  But with today's technology there are probably thin undergarments that do a great job of insulating.