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Submitted by mgoweather on October 19th, 2018 at 12:18 PM

As far as Fall football games go, this one will be a doozy. We have one cold front moving through later today, then a second one moving through tomorrow, and we add in an upper level system moving out of Canada to give us an extra shot of cold air. It's not only going to be chilly, but we're going to have rain and wintry mix chances through the day. Oh, and it'll be a bit windy. Mother Nature is basically handing us a little of everything for this game day! Dress warm and tuck the poncho in the back pocket for this one! Let's GOOOOO blue! 


We'll begin the early morning hours in the lower 40s with a lighter breeze out of the west at 10mph (enough to keep leaves in constant motion). This is one of those mornings that you'll want the hot coffee and the crockpot breakfast casserole - something warm in your hands and your belly - with wind chills in the mid 30s! By mid-morning you'll notice winds will have picked up to 15mph, and we'll begin to see some gusts around 20 (small trees will sway in a breeze like this), so pack up the tailgate well before leaving your site. We'll have some sun early on, but more clouds will fill in as the morning goes on and scattered showers will begin to pop up towards game time. Make sure to grab your rain gear before heading into the stadium!  


46 for the kickoff and this is IT for our highs for the day! Cooler air will begin to move in and you'll notice the temperature actually begins to drop as we head into the early afternoon hours. By now, we're experiencing steady winds at 20mph with gusts up to 30mph (this is when empty garbage cans may tip over), making it feel more like 40 degrees. Skies will be mainly overcast with scattered showers - and don't be surprised if you see some wintry mix or flurries! 


We'll drop a degree or two by the half with winds staying up at about 20mph, gusting to 30, so it'll feel like the upper 30s. Skies will stay mainly overcast with the chance for showers/mix. If you see soft little snow pellets, that's graupel! It happens when super-cooled water freezes onto snowflakes. Whether we're dry or seeing something falling from the sky at the time, hot chocolate is a solid choice for this halftime! Especially since temperatures will continue to fall through the second half.


Low 40s for that walk out of the game, cheering on our win! If you're planning on hanging out around town just to rub the victory in their faces, keep the warm gear handy! NW winds will lighten just a tad to around 15-18mph, gusting into the mid 20s, so wind chills will stay in the mid 30s for the afternoon. Luckily we'll lose the gusts in the evening! Spotty showers will stick around for the afternoon and evening, but you'll also start to notice some breaks in the clouds. Temps will drop into the upper 30s by dinner-time and simply continue to fall - we hit the mid 30s for the late-night (wind chills in the mid 20s), then lower 30s by last call with it feeling like the low 20s! Skies turn mainly clear overnight. We then start tomorrow morning around 30 degrees with a WNW wind at 10mph, making it feel like 20, with some sunshine. Highs on Sunday look to be around 45 degrees. C'mon blue, bring Paul on home!  

Christina Burkhart is the morning meteorologist for ABC in Flint, MI. She grew up in Ann Arbor and associates Saturdays with Michigan football. Go Blue!!


I Like Burgers

October 19th, 2018 at 7:16 PM ^

Have you watched any of these games from the past decade?

That's the type of shit that always works well against Michigan's defense.  Especially in this game.  Even last year we were all saying the same thing about Michigan's superior DL and run defense against MSU's dumpster fire of an OL, and surprise, surprise, they ran it 40 times at 4 yards a pop.  Doesn't matter if MSU has shown they can't run in previous games, or if Michigan has a great run defense -- MSU will run and have success because its what always happens.

Meanwhile, Michigan ain't hot at running the ball, and trying to take advantage of MSU's pass defense while trying to throw in shitty conditions on the road plays right into their strengths.


October 19th, 2018 at 5:39 PM ^


We'll drop a degree or two by the half with winds staying up at about 20mph, gusting to 30, so it'll feel like the upper 30s. Skies will stay mainly overcast with the chance for showers/mix.

Please get a lead in the first half.
Please get a lead in the first half.
Please get a lead in the first half.


October 19th, 2018 at 2:13 PM ^

It depends on which team must rely on the passing game to move the ball.  On the season, that is decidedly MSU as they have virtually no run game due to OL issues.  Easy strategy for Don Brown for this game - stuff the run and blitz/contain Lewerke.  Will MSU even score points?

Paul is coming home Saturday.  Go Blue !!!


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So, we know that MSU is going to struggle to score points. Often, though not always, bad weather reduces the ability of offenses to be precise, fast, and consequently productive.

So, since MSU is going to struggle to score anyway, it is in their interest for the opponent to struggle to score as well. A 17-13 game is a game they can win. A game where scores are in the high 20s is not a game they can win. If they can keep Michigan from scoring, they can piece together a great opening drive (we know they can do this) and they can get a key TO and they can get a late brilliant play from Felton Davis or something. 

It's Michigan's job not to let this be a factor. 


October 20th, 2018 at 1:57 AM ^

THIS is the day that our O Line can redeem themselves from lousy performances and establish and maintain power ground game. MSU clearly has a solid front 7, but who have they played that can run power football?

ASU threw the ball and they are now 3-4. NW abandoned the run all out and still won. James Franklin? Karma baby for being such a dick.


October 20th, 2018 at 10:43 AM ^

Update - NOAA's hour-by-hour forecast for East Lansing as of 9am Saturday morning:

  • 12 noon ... 43 degrees, 56% chance of rain, wind 13-15
  • 1pm ... 42 degrees, 56% chance of rain, wind 13-15
  • 2pm ... 41degrees, 71% chance of rain, wind 15-18
  • 3pm ... 40 degrees, 71% chance of rain, wind 16-20
  • 4pm ... 39degrees, 71% chance of rain, wind 17-29

Total forecasted rainfall is 0.02 inches, so very lite rain.  Given the hourly forecast profile, it looks like rain comes in the second half and mostly in the fourth quarter with wind picking towards the end of the game.  Field conditions should be fine.  Wind could be a factor in the 2nd half to deep-ball passing and FG kicking, but no monsoon like last year.  These are very playable conditions for football.