Game Day Weather

Submitted by mgoweather on September 14th, 2018 at 12:06 PM

For those who got that new t-shirt or tank welcome week, want to sport the sunglasses, and also comfortably drink a cold brew without gloves, you're in luck! As a warm front moves in off to the north we're seeing a comeback of a little heat and humidity. High pressure will help to keep us dry for the most part - there's a small chance for a spotty shower in the afternoon, but it looks to be light and short-lived if any rain pops up. It's looking like a great Saturday for a win over SMU!


Low 60s and some fog will be there to greet you if you're up early to tailgate! The fog may be dense at times, as it has all week, so if you're making that last-minute run to the store or staking out the tailgate spot, give yourself an extra minute or two to get to your destination! The sunrise time is now 7:15am for you early birds, and it'll help to burn off that fog mid morning. Winds will be light, generally out of the NNE. Towards lunchtime winds will start to shift a tad to the NE, and pick up to around 7mph or so (just enough to feel it on your skin). Temps will reach the mid 70s for the midday hours - pretty comfy for holding a brewski & firing up the grill! We'll have a mix of sun and clouds with a very small chance for a rain shower.  


Come on Eileen... You Spin Me Round... Eye of the Tiger... We're bringing back the 80s! Juuust temperature-wise though my friends - keep the good songs blasting but keep the leg warmers & parachute pants at home! 81 degrees for the start with plenty of sunshine and winds out of the ENE at 7mph (leaves rustle a bit). A few sprinkles are possible but it's a very slight chance - our UV levels will still be at a medium level, so if you're sensitive to the sun, you may want to put on a little sunscreen. It's going to be a bit humid and that will have it feeling like the low 80s. Don't Stop Believin', hopefully we aren't Livin' On A Prayer by the end of the first half!    


We're still hanging on around 80 degrees by halftime, but with the humidity it'll feel a smidge warmer. Winds will remain at around 6-7mph, but shift fully to the east. We'll have some sun, some clouds, and probably be looking forward to getting a cold drink! Good thing you left the leg warmers at home ;)


Just a few clouds to finish out this game with a win and walk out of the gates! Our sunset time is now at about a quarter-to-8. Temps will drop to the mid 70s with an east wind around 5mph for the end of the game. If you're headed out to dinner on the town, we'll fall to 70 for the late-night hours. Winds stay light and easterly overnight. By 10/11pm, patchy fog looks to start re-developing, so keep that in mind if you're staying out late. Especially if you're out 'til the lights come on, drive carefully as some will be walking home, and if you're one of those walkers try to stay on the sidewalks as fog could be dense at times. You may want that long-sleeve too! We'll be in the mid 60s by last call. Overnight we reach the low 60s with low 80s & blue skies returning for Sunday. Let's go blue!! 



True Blue Grit

September 14th, 2018 at 12:58 PM ^

Many thanks for the forecast!  Quite a change from last Saturday.  This a.m. in Ann Arbor there was quite a bit of fog that took a while to burn off.  But, it should be a glorious football Saturday in Ann Arbor tomorrow!  

You Only Live Twice

September 14th, 2018 at 10:43 PM ^

This was a fun forecast to read.  There's some great 80s music and there's some not so great but if you were young then, those music references make you feel young again.

Wondering if we might see some of the very farthest bands of moisture from Florence in SE MI, at some point.

Regardless.  It will be a great day to be in the Big House.  No leg warmers here!