Game Day Weather

Submitted by mgoweather on November 17th, 2017 at 12:11 PM

Thanks for the fantastic comments last week! You're all too kind, and funny - I was cracking up!! You might not be having a good chuckle at this weather though - our dreary stretch continues here at home and in Wisconsin. You'll want to dress warm & have a tent to duck under for tailgating, or bring the rain gear if you plan on kickin' it at Game Day in the morning. A strengthening low pressure system working through the Lower Great Lakes will bring rain tonight into Saturday morning, with a transition to snow, and then we have to deal with the cold & wind. Lots of eyes on this game guys; let's ruin Wisconsin's perfect season! C'mon blue! 

If you're traveling...


Early birds (sunrise time is around 7am) will want the raincoat or poncho for this one, along with setting up that tent! & ladies it's a day to forget about looking super cute - you'll want the waterproof mascara and the hair back in a hat. Woohoo! Showers move in Friday afternoon, continue overnight, and then remain for Saturday morning - so you probably want the boots, too. And pick the warmer rain boots! Temps will be running in the mid 30s and will remain pretty steady through the game. Winds will be out of the NNW at around 15mph, gusting to the mid 20s (small trees sway, you'd see a lot of white horses on the water) - so make sure to tie down the tent! Remember last week how you could hold your hot drink in your bare hands? Yeah no, not so much this week. The added wind will make it feel more like the mid and upper 20s throughout the morning. Rain will turn to more of a mix and then snow by mid-morning.


Not a pretty kickoff weather-wise. 36 degrees for the start, with a NNW wind at 17mph, gusting to 30mph (empty garbage cans may tip over, it can be tough to use an umbrella) - so we're keeping wind chills in the mid 20s! Cloudy skies will stay with us, and you may see a flurry or two.   


Raise your hand if you want to go back to last week! Hopefully you wore enough layers or brought those little hand warmers - and you might want to hit up that hot chocolate stand on the break! We're still cloudy, still cold, and still windy at the halfway point. The good news is - we'll start drying out! You may even see a few breaks in the clouds to finish out the game. Temperatures will still be in the mid 30s with that NNW wind howling near 20mph, gusting around 30mph, so yeah, we keep our wind chills in the mid 20s.


Not getting much of a change as we head into the end of this game, or really the rest of the day/night. Well, we'll get colder. Ugh. Our mid 30s to end the game will turn to low 30s by dinner-time, and then drop to the upper 20s by last call. On top of that, we have those winds! Steady winds will stay up at 15mph or so with gusts at least in the mid 20s until after midnight. This means it'll feel like the low 20s for your dinner plans and mid teens by the time you're calling uber! Yeesh. We'll have partly cloudy skies, and those will continue into the early morning before we turn mostly sunny - so decent weather to leave Madison if you traveled. Go blue!


If you're staying home...

Sigh. I think I'll be cool (well, warm) with staying inside for most of the day Saturday! That same strong low pressure system will impact us too. We'll have rain starting this evening, possibly a thunderstorm, and continuing overnight into Saturday. Passing rain showers stick around most of the day with a late transition to a few flurries. You'll notice a change if you're headed somewhere to watch the game. Temperatures will be in the mid 40s to lower 50s for the morning and the game's start with a southerly wind around 10mph (leaves are rustling). By the time the game ends, we'll fall to the mid 40s and winds will be out of the NW at 15-20mph. We keep cloudy skies, the chance for rain, and temperatures in the mid 30s for your dinner hours and late-night. Winds will be up to around 25mph, with gusts to 40mph (it can be harder to walk) possible overnight into Sunday - little "ruff" for whoever has to take the dog out last! Sunday we have a hard time breaking out of the lower 30s, but we'll get some sun and a few flurries with breezy winds (15mph, gusts to mid 20s) - the toughest part of your drive back will be closer to Lake Michigan with lake effect snow.

Christina Burkhart is the morning meteorologist for ABC in Flint, MI. She grew up in Ann Arbor and associates Saturdays with Michigan football. Go Blue!



November 18th, 2017 at 12:44 AM ^

..that is a terrible weather outlook...

but I did not -1 you for what is out of your control,

in fact gave you a  +1 for a thorough report.

Go Blue !!


November 18th, 2017 at 5:55 AM ^

after the minnesota game.  he may be smart and a good guy, but he forgot to tell us in attendance to bring an ark to the game and load the animals!

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looking forward to next week's mgoweather for the ohio game.