Game Day Weather

Submitted by mgoweather on October 20th, 2017 at 8:03 PM

High pressure slowly drifting out of Pennsylvania and into Virginia keeps us under clear skies with light winds for this game! And a warm front to the north will bring in some mild air. The normal high and low temps here in PA are 60/40 - and we'll be above them! You'll want layers for tailgating and the game, but overall expect a pretty pleasant day. Let's go blue! Leave them not so happy in Happy Valley!

If you're traveling to State College...


Similar to here at home, if you're up early it will be cool. We'll start the beginning of the day at around 50 degrees with just a couple of clouds. Luckily winds will be very light and we won't have to add in an extra chill. Lunchtime tailgating will be perfect for those Fall favorites - chili anyone? Temps by then will be in the mid 60s with light and variable winds, and we'll still have just a few clouds. You'll start to notice a bit more cloud cover throughout the afternoon, but we'll continue to have plenty of sun and we won't see any rain. Highs will hit the low 70s on Saturday with winds staying light, but gradually taking on a SSE direction. We'll start to drop back to the upper 60s as we finish out the late afternoon. 


Partly cloudy as this game gets underway in Beaver Stadium - should make for a fantastic sunset! Winds will still be very light out of the SSE. Temperatures aren't bad, but we're starting the game at 62 degrees and they'll keep slowly falling throughout the game - so if you get cold easily, probably a good move to bring that extra long-sleeve along if you aren't wearing it already. 


By the halfway point, we'll drop into the upper 50s, then lose a couple more degrees through the second half. This is one of those games where you stand there wondering if you want a cold drink or a warm one! Winds stay out of the SSE, very light, so we don't have to factor in a wind chill. There will still be some clouds across the sky but you'll see plenty of stars in between.  


Some clouds, some stars as you leave the game with that win! Winds are still very light, out of the SSE, and they're perfectly cool to just stay that way through the night and into tomorrow. Temperatures - yeah they're kinda cool, too - literally, just kinda cool. We'll have upper 50s as the game ends, falling to the low 50s if you're staying out late just to rub that loss in for the Nittany Lions! It's a similar forecast for Sunday here, so not too bad if you're traveling. The later in the day you wait to leave, you may run into a shower if you'll be arriving back to the mitten in the evening. 


If you're in Ann Arbor...

Low 50s and a few clouds to start off our Saturday. You'll notice more clouds fill in during the afternoon, but we'll keep some sun around with highs around 75 degrees. Winds will be southerly all day at 5-10mph - just enough to get the leaves rustling a bit. By gametime, we'll be in the mid 60s, and we only fall to near 60 as you're heading back home or saying goodbye to guests - unless you get stuck with that annoying friend who won't leave... then we'll see more mid 50s by late-night. Sunday brings back 70s, but also more clouds and rain arriving in the later-day hours. It'll also be a little more windy Sunday afternoon with S winds at 15mph (small branches move) gusting to around 25mph (small trees sway, empty garbage cans may tip over). C'mon blue!


Christina Burkhart is the morning meteorologist for ABC in Flint, MI. She grew up in Ann Arbor and associates Saturdays with Michigan football. Go Blue!!