Game Day Weather

Submitted by mgoweather on October 13th, 2017 at 12:13 PM

A warm front to the north of Bloomington will bring southerly winds and warm temperatures (and rain to the mitten state) but we'll have a dry football game this week! And we'll get some sun also! It's another week where you can wear the shorts and an extra layer for tailgating, and you'll want your hat or sunglasses, too! 

If you're traveling to Indiana...


Not bad at all! If you're up early, you may catch some of the mid 50s, but for the majority of tailgate time we'll have more comfortable temps in the 60s with some clouds and some sun. Winds will be out of the SSE at around 5mph (wind motion would be visible with smoke). You can break out the newest crockpot recipe without breaking a sweat - well, hopefully everyone likes it!


A nice, Fall start! 72 degrees for the beginning of the game! We'll still have some clouds, but we'll see plenty of sun heading into the afternoon. Winds will be out of the south at 6-7mph, just enough to feel it on your skin or see small wavelets on the water.   


Well, it felt like Fall... for the morning. At this point, if you had a long-sleeve on for tailgating, you're sitting on it for the second half. We're now up to 75 degrees with lots of sunshine! We'll all be waiting in line for a cold drink with this one, especially with that sun shining. Winds will still be out of the south around 7-10mph (enough to rustle some leaves).


Wooeee who's ready for some air conditioning? Highs Saturday will be around 80 degrees - just in time to walk out of the game (with a win). We'll have mostly sunny skies and that'll be the case as we finish out the day. Winds will remain the same through the evening. If you're planning on going out to dinner, nice weather will continue - low 70s with some clouds. Staying out late? You'll notice more clouds building in and you may have to dash to the car dodging some raindrops as temps fall to the upper 60s. Rain is likely Sunday morning there and here at home, so plan accordingly for the drive back! C'mon blue!


If you're staying home...

It's a great day to stay inside watching football! A2 will be gray and blah with scattered showers passing through. There is a chance to get a thunderstorm, but nothing severe is expected. We'll be on the milder side with highs in the low 70s and a lighter SE wind near 10mph, dropping to the mid 60s by dinner-time. Showers carry into Sunday with windy conditions.

Christina Burkhart is the morning meteorologist for ABC in Flint, MI. She grew up in Ann Arbor and associates Saturdays with Michigan football. Go Blue!