Game Day Weather

Submitted by mgoweather on October 6th, 2017 at 12:49 PM

UPDATE - 10pm - a line of heavy rain and storms is moving NE at 55mph & will arrive in Ann Arbor shortly. As of now the severe warned storms are just to the north in Livingston County.

Thank you for such kind comments last time; hopefully you've had a great couple of weeks! We have a low pressure system moving from the Central Plains toward Wisconsin tonight, lifting a warm front across the state. This means warm temps and rain early on, and then after a break for most of the day before showers and possible storms return at night as the cold front swings through. Morning model runs are showing a line of rain and storms moving into the Ann Arbor area around 11pm, so keep an eye on things as the game wraps up and you're heading home. Right now wind is the main issue - gusts at 40mph can down tree limbs and cause sporadic power outages, and gusts to 60mph are possible now, particularly with the line of storms late-night. I'll try to update you as often as possible, but I'll be there, and we all know how the cell service goes :) C'mon blue!


It's Fall in Michigan! We had freeze warnings for the last game morning, and this weekend it'll be quite the opposite. If you're up early getting those last-minute party supplies or grabbing a great tailgate spot, there could be a few spotty showers, but it'll at least be mild - we start our Saturday in the low 60s. Winds will be out of the SSW and pick up quickly. By mid-morning they'll be around 15mph, enough to blow around loose papers and make small branches move. They'll continue to go up from there, so make sure to really tie down your tent and secure anything light (put a rock on those plates! Isn't that the worst when they flip up and blow away in all different directions?!) to prevent it from crashing your neighbor's tailgate! By lunchtime we'll have some hazy sunshine and mid 70s. Steady winds will be around 15mph, but we'll start to get 30mph gusts (small trees sway, you'd get some larger waves on the water). Through the afternoon you may have to make another run for some ice in that cooler! We'll get some sun through the clouds and hit the low 80s! & it'll be Windy - yes Windy with a capital "W"! SSW winds will be up near 20mph (leaves are in constant motion, moderate size branches move, empty garbage cans may tip) but our gusts are now around 40mph. These are gale force wind gusts! Wind gusts like this can be felt while you're driving and make it harder to walk. Again - tie down that tent!


We only cool slightly for the start of the game - 78 degrees for our kickoff. We'll still have the clouds (sunset is just after 7pm) but we do look to be dry. If you like that breeze, you're in luck - it's sticking around. Steady SSW winds will still be constant near 20mph and we haven't lost anything with our gusts (well, maybe you have if you didn't secure it - make sure those napkins are tucked under something before you head to the gates!) Gusts will continue to be up around 40mph for the first half!


If you're now reading on in hopes that the wind will lighten for the second half, welp, I'm sorry to disappoint you! Winds will remain steady at 20mph, with those gusts staying up at 40mph. Sigh. Windy for this entire game. :/ Temperatures will at least be more comfy - we'll fall to the low 70s for the show. Thick clouds will cover the sky as we finish out the game, and as mentioned above the end is something we'll really have to watch. 


Upper 60s leaving the game! A line of heavy rain and possible thunderstorms will be pushing across the state and will be something you won't want to be caught walking to the car in, or if you're headed out to celebrate keeping Paul at home. If you're planning on grabbing a late-night brewski, temps by last call will be down to 60 and we'll continue to have passing rain showers. Winds will gradually start to lighten, out of the SW at 15mph with gusts in the mid 30s as you're going home. Long day for ya, staying the night at a friend's? Winds will be around 10mph with some sunshine and temperatures in the mid 50s early Sunday morning. 

Christina Burkhart is the morning meteorologist for ABC in Flint, MI. She grew up in Ann Arbor and associates Saturdays with Michigan football. Go Blue!!



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Hopefully the rain won't start until after the game and after we get to the car.

It is disappointing that it seems like the wind will be a big factor in the game. I think we'll need to have an effective passing game to win and that will be affected. Besides, I'd rather see the 2 teams play without weather conditions influencing the outcome.


Thank you for your informative and entertaining post.


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Negs every thread he finds below his standards but any thread created by him is sent down from on high.  So lame.

mgoweather, as always thank you for putting this together.


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I've perused quite a few college football blogs through the years, and MgoBlog is the only one I've seen that has a meterologist who contributes weekly.  Thank you Christina!  Your forecasts are greatly appreciated!