Game Day Weather

Submitted by mgoweather on September 1st, 2017 at 12:11 PM

Hooray!! Football is back!! Since it isn't even in our time zone, that just means we have to cheer louder from the mitten right? A trough - think of it as a stretched out low pressure system - will be pushing southeastward across Texas Saturday. This will bring a slight rain chance into the forecast, especially for the afternoon and evening. Stay hydrated if you're headed to the Fan Fest as it will be HOT. Even though the stadium has a roof here's what you can expect!

If you're traveling to Arlington...


You'll start the morning hours where Michigan's temps will end up in the afternoon - in the lower 70s. Expect a few clouds with a light southerly wind. If you're tailgating, you'll want a tent for some shade, and you may still want to tuck the napkins under the chip dip since we'll have just enough of a breeze to ruffle the leaves and send a couple flying. Draw straws for who has to stand by the hot grill - by lunchtime we'll be in the mid 80s! UV levels will be high Saturday, so you may also want to grab the sunscreen. 


Temps will be approaching 90 for the start of the game! Anyone hoping they close the roof? Winds will still be southerly and light with a mix of sun and clouds. There's a small chance for a shower or storm to pop up.  


We'll hit 91 by the time the game is half over and it'll feel more like 95 or so. Winds will have shifted just a tad to the SE, remaining at about 5-7mph - just enough to blow some leaves around and see little waves on water. We carry that chance for a shower, but it's still not too likely.


Walking out with a win, it's not a bad night to celebrate out on the town! It'll continue to be hot leaving the stadium with temps hovering around 90. Winds will be out of the SE at 6-7mph, and they'll stay this way through the late-night. There's the possibility of running into an isolated shower but the chance is very small. If you're planning on going out to dinner, temperatures will stay warm in the mid 80s. Staying out late? The only thing cold will be your brewski! We only fall into the mid 70s by last call. As for Sunday, the forecast will be very similar - highs around 90, some sun with the slight chance for a shower/storm, and light SE winds. 


If you're staying home...

It'll feel much more like football weather here! Highs will be below normal, topping out around 70. We'll have a little sun early on, but also plenty of clouds, especially as the day goes on. Although not likely, there's a chance for rain also as we end up on the edge of Harvey remnants. Winds will be out of the E around 5-10mph - just enough to see a few waves break on the water. Sunday will bring upper 70s, a westerly breeze, and plenty of sun with the better shot at rain Monday. Lots of prayers continuing to go to TX & LA, and lots of cheers for our guys - go blue!



Christina Burkhart is the morning meteorologist for ABC in Flint, MI. She grew up in Ann Arbor and associates Saturdays with Michigan football. Go Blue!!