Game Day Weather

Submitted by mgoweather on September 9th, 2016 at 7:31 PM

First off, thank you for everyone who has or is serving our country, we can never thank you enough for your service. Remember how last week was great weather? Maybe a little warm, but nice and sunny and dry? Well, not so much the case this week unfortunately. I'll be in A2 tomorrow and do my best to provide updates, but if you're headed to the game please keep an eye on things as severe storms can't be ruled out. We have a low pressure system that will first pull a warm front northward across the area tonight, bringing rain and storms late tonight and into early tomorrow morning. We then get a break before the low moves across the straits, dragging a cold front through the region. Storms will once again fire up ahead of the front in the afternoon, with strong storms possible. We have some upper level energy that will help with storm formation too. No doubt the Patriot Parachute Team will be tracking the weather for their jump. Expect relatively breezy WSW winds with temps in the 70s and humid conditions. So to sum up, while it's not a guarantee you'll use it at the game, you may want to grab the rain gear and be prepared. If you traveled for the weekend, the weather will be great Sunday - sun, low 70s, and low humidity. 


If you're planning on heading out early, you may want to grab the umbrella and make sure you have a tent to be under. Rain looks to move out mid-morning, so maybe head out to breakfast and then head to the tailgate for some brewskis? The ground may be a little soggy, so it might not be the best day for your favorite white shoes either. We'll start the day in the mid 60s with a SW wind at 15mph, gusting into the low 20s (this is when you'd see small waves on the water, loose paper will blow about) so make sure you have something to hold down your plates & napkins! By mid-morning we'll be up around 70 and have sticky, humid conditions. We look to be dry with cloudy skies heading from the tailgate tent to the gates. 


Lots of clouds to start this lunchtime game with a temperature of 75 degrees. It'll be very humid, and a bit breezy. We'll have steady SW winds at 15mph, still gusting into the low 20s. You may catch a few peeks of the sun here and there as we go throughout the first half of the game. Not going to rule out rain, but we might just catch a break here.  


Up a degree or two by halftime with still plenty of humidity. Winds will start to pick up a bit. They'll still be out of the SW, but now up to 20mph and gusting up to around 25mph (you'd see moderate size waves and small trees sway). There will still be lots of clouds, and the chance for rain is low, but still there too. 


As we get into our mid-afternoon, the cold front approaches, and we'll start to see more scattered showers and storms develop. There is the chance a few of these storms may have gusty winds, frequent lightning, and large hail - definitely not something to be caught outside in. Keep an eye on things and duck inside if a severe storm warning is issued. Temps top out leaving the game at 77 with a WSW wind at 20mph, gusting to 30mph (you'd see large waves, empty garbage cans might tip over). We'll have mostly cloudy skies with storms possible into the late afternoon. The chances for rain really diminish by the time we're having dinner. Winds will still be up into the evening though, turning behind the front to come out of the WNW at 20mph, still gusting to 30mph. If you'll be out late, we'll have a NW wind at 15mph, mainly clear skies, and temperatures down to around 60 degrees. Let's go blue!! 


Christina Burkhart is the morning meteorologist for ABC in Flint, MI. She grew up in Ann Arbor and associates Saturdays with Michigan football. Go Blue!!



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I live in Houston. Please sign me up for this. Only "plenty of humidity" sounds amazing. I hope everyone up north takes advantage of fall, the best season by far. Y'all have it good in the mitten.