Game Day Weather

Submitted by mgoweather on August 31st, 2013 at 3:00 AM

It's finally here! Welcome back Michigan football! A cold front pushed south across Michigan overnight, and will linger just south of the state line. This will cause some cloud cover across the area this morning, turn into a mix of sun and clouds for the afternoon, and also keep the slight chance of rain in the forecast. It'll be hot and humid - great day to show off this year's t-shirt!


Cloudy & mostly cloudy skies for our first 2013 Saturday morning with a chance of a passing rain shower. And mild temps to start the day! We're looking at about 70 degrees through mid-morning with a gentle northerly breeze at 8-10mph (small leaves and twigs may blow about). Warming up to the mid 70s for lunchtime and humid - with how often you'll be reaching in for a cold brewski it may not the best day to pick the cooler to sit on!


82 degrees for the start of the game! Heat index has it feeling like low 80s, and it'll be humid. Winds will drop from the morning, staying out of the north but only at 5mph (just enough wind to feel it, some leaves will rustle). We'll have some sun and some clouds, and although there's still the slim (we're talking about 10%) possibility of a few drops falling, almost all models show us to be dry.


Still hot and humid for the halftime show! 83 degrees and partly cloudy. As we go throughout the afternoon, it may be football season but we're still hanging on to the last bit of summer - with partly cloudy skies there is a moderate UV level, so those that burn easily may want to swipe on some sunscreen. There is also very little wind by this time. Out of the NNE, expect winds at 3-5mph (you'd barely see ripples on a lake). Our chance of rain does increase a bit towards the end of the game, and although not likely, a passing shower can't be ruled out.


Still near 80 as you walk out those gates to celebrate a win! Keeping a mix of sun and clouds, and just a slight chance of rain (rain and storm chances go up for Sunday). Winds will shift to come out of the NE for the evening, then easterly for the late-night hours. It will remain very light before diminishing, so don't look forward to a cool breeze anytime today! Temperatures will stay in the 70s until 10pm, then drop to 65 for last call. Expect some patchy fog to form at nighttime too. Go Blue!


Christina Burkhart is a meteorologist for NBC/ABC in Traverse City, MI. She grew up in Ann Arbor and associates Saturdays with Michigan football. Go Blue!!



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About 3 hours before game time I sat down at my computer to check the weather and realized I should just go to MGoBlog to see if this was here. I was really happy to find it. Thanks!