Gallon: One of best WRs ever at M?

Submitted by YoungGeezy on October 20th, 2013 at 6:29 PM

Earlier this year, Seth had an incredible analysis of Gallon’s 2012 numbers that compared Jeremy Gallon's statistical output to receivers around the country in 2012 and Michigan receivers from 2005-12 (obviously post-Braylon). It basically showed that he’s been the best since Braylon for us.

Although I don’t think we’ll ever say Gallon was better than Braylon, it is interesting to see where yesterday’s numbers leave him both all-time, and with respect to single-season stats.

If you remove Gallon’s lowest and highest yardage totals this year (because 361 yards receiving is a major outlier) and apply it to 6 more games this season (assuming we don’t make the B1G Championship game and have 7 more), Gallon’s projected to finish the season with 1,348 yards receiving — surpassing Braylon’s single-season record of 1,300. That’s averaging of 86 yards/game the rest of the way.

At the pace he’s on, here’s roughly where he would finish (didn’t remove the max and min for TD and Rec because I’m lazy it doesn’t matter as much):

  • Receiving yards-Season: 1,348 (Best-evaaa), already 19th
  • Receptions-Season: 83 (4th-best)
  • Touchdowns-Season: 13 (6th-best), already tied for 20th
  • Career Yards: 2,679 (3rd all-time), already 11th
  • Career Receptions: 167 (4th-best), already 13th
  • Career Receiving TD: 21 (7th all-time), already 11th

There’s a lot to factor in to where he’ll actually finish (ie. Can he stay healthy? How many blowouts will we have where we just don’t throw the ball in the second half? (lol) How will he perform against the tougher defenses ahead? etc.), but given how stressful this year has been, it’s nice to see Gallon putting together an outstanding year to finish out a highly productive career.

Thanks, No. 10/No. 21.



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It is because, despite everything he has brought to the table, I think some people can't get past his lack of height and top-end speed. He doesn't fit their model of a UMich receiver and they're unable to process all his awesome stats. They just don't make sense.

There are probably a few others who have trouble warming to him because of his association with the era of "dreadlocked midgets." "Gimmick" receivers aren't universally loved.


October 21st, 2013 at 11:05 AM ^

People seriously need to stop fighting the RR battles - and stop looking for "coded messages" in every bit of commentary.   Gallon has put up almost all of his career production under Hoke, so I don't know why people would see him as emblematic of the RR regime.

I do think the speed issues prevent Gallon from being in the AC/Braylon/Desmond pantheon - those three basically never got caught from behind and consequently scored monster numbers of TDs.  

Amani Toomer and Mario Manningham probably round out the top five - they were two prototypical big, fast receivers.

After that, I think you can pretty much compare Gallon with anyone else who's been here.  His ability to come back to the ball and shield it from defenders is as good as anyone we've had.  He's just a little undersized, which sometimes hurts him trying to catch balls in traffic (as in the first UConn interception) and gets caught from behind a little more than the above guys.





STW P. Brabbs

October 22nd, 2013 at 10:23 AM ^

There's no way I'd put Gallon behind Toomer and Manningham. Maybe in terms of raw physical talent. But in terms of actual footbaw production, I don't think it's very difficult to put Gallon first. Manningham, for one thing, did much of his damage in offenses where he was much less a focal point than Gallon has been since Gardner took over.

And Toomer was/is kind of a dick. So there.


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This could the one of the best seasons ever. He leads the B1G 10 with 118 a game, which would mean 1416 in 12 games. Now like you said, I doubt he keeps that pace but the single season record sure looks breakable. One more 200 yard recieving game and he probably has it. The thing with Gallon is that he came on once Gardner became the QB. Denard wasnt going to average 240-250 yards a game, and he didnt really have a chemitry with a reciever (in the Brady Hoke era). Gardner and Gallon have been together since day one of Gardner's career and have this crazy connection. Maybe if Gallon finishes really hot, like 150 ypg hot, (i doubt it but you never know) he can win the WR award. 


October 20th, 2013 at 8:34 PM ^

I assume you're being facetious. He means Desmond Howard. From a purely WR point of view, Gallon could surpass Desmond. However, Desmond did so many things in the return game that for overall impact, no, I don't think Gallon passes Desmond.


October 20th, 2013 at 8:48 PM ^

Do the Legend Jerseys prevent new legends jerseys?  Think about it, if your best players wear a legend's number (someone else's number) seems like it would be hard to get new numbers.


October 20th, 2013 at 10:19 PM ^

No Rich Rod recruit will be allowed to wear #1 due to the, uh, "social dynamic" within the program.  I think the situaiton is pathetic, and that no ex-player or coach, including one endowing a scholarship, should have any say as to who wears the number, but you take the good with the bad as a fan.


October 21st, 2013 at 4:19 PM ^

to wear another legend's number, and now you want to give him still another legend's number, when the bar for that number is what Braylon did three straight years in order to obtain it, and what he did against MSU in one memorable Halloween night game to solidify his place in Michigan lore. 

When Gallon, who has already done his thing against ND, does it against MSU and Ohio, then he will earn his place in Michigan lore. 

The biggest thing he has going for him is Funchess who is now making another legend's number potentially legendary again.