The Future Is All We Have

Submitted by IMissJohnCooper on November 4th, 2008 at 1:21 AM

I am now an official member to the magnificent site,  I have been a frequent visitor ever since the nation-wide coaching search in December of '07 after Lloyd Carr resigned his position.  I finally got off my rear and signed up after watching the collapse at Purdue. Enough pleasentries, it is time to delve into the meat.

First off, I want to point out that I am a huge supporter of RichRod.  I think what he is trying to do at Michigan will pay off in the long run, and everything will fit into place within the next couple of years.  But, there are some minor suggestions I want to bring up, some things I have been wondering for awhile now. 

Rodriguez knew in December when he decided to accept the HC position at UM, that he was not going to have nearly the skill-players that he left at WVU, or the players he wanted to have to run his "spread offense."  So, I'll ask you this.  He knew very well that Threet and Sheridan both were incapable of running this offense the way he wanted it to be run; he should have realized that the first practice that the QBs would just not work.  So why try? Why not bite the bullet, and for his inaugural season, run Michigan's power offense with the players he had.  Utilize Minor and Grady in the backfield, and get some tosses out to Mathews and Hemingway and run Michigan's old fashioned offense.  I don't think we would have seen much of an improvement, but with the way Minor has been playing the last few games, why hasn't he been seeing more action since the beginning?  McGuffie is a good player, I'll give him that, but he cannot take the ball up the middle and expect to gain a whole lot of yards.  He is a back that needs to get outside and use his explosiveness to beat the defenses.  I think with Minor starting from the get-go, UM could have beaten Notre Dame, Toledo and maybe even Utah. But who knows.

Another quick question.  Why would UM sign Rodriguez to a 6 year deal? Six years seems awfully long, especially the way this season has gone.  2 wins? And look at who we beat: Miami (OH) by 10 and Wisconsin, who is not nearly as good as anybody thought they'd be.  This could easily have been an 0-9 season right now, if we wouldn't have pulled in out late in the game.  My opinion (though probably wrong) is sign him for 3 years and see how he does, then if it doesn't work, go see what Les Miles is up to down in cajun country, and beg for him to return UM to glory.  On the flip side, if he does fantastic after 3 years, then extend his contract.  I have a hard time seeing the logic in this move, but that's why I don't hold Bill Martin's position. 

Those are a few things I wanted to bring up, whether or not they have been mentioned on here before, I think they are some things that are deserved to be addressed.  You may think I am a complete fool, but that is okay.  I hope this can spark some discussions on here and find out what everyone else is thinking. 

Don't you all miss John Cooper? I know I do.  Beat OSU! In Rod I Trust.