Front Page and Board headlines from the last 2 weeks

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The genesis of an exasperated and exhausted fan base, as retold through the headlines found on MGoBlog.  The bolded ones are front page headlines, the others are MGoBoard material.

Forcier article in the Freep............Includes the following quote: “you really have to try to flunk out here.  All you have to do is go to class, it’s not that hard.”  Ugh.

CC: Harbaugh to Maryland

Zettel to Penn St.

MSU: Best team ever?

OT: Harbaugh’s energy, intensity, and must win attitude

Pryor, other Bucks pledge to return next season

CC: Schefter says “buzz around the league is JH to UM”

The call on RR is so close, it all boils down to this bowl game

Mike Martin going pro

Breaking: Tate Forcier ineligible for Gator

CC: Rich Rod to Maryland

Michigan wins 14th GLI

OT: San Francisco 49ers Interested in Stanford HC Harbaugh

Dee and Haha

Tate’s future with the team undetermined

MSU (ntMSU) stomach bug

Betting line down to +3

CC:  RR to Pitt Rumor

The question I may not want answered: "Can anyone win with this team?"

97.1 just dissed MGoBlog

Dee Hart still committed to Michigan?

JH: Harbaugh watch Day 1

CC: Rosenberg contradicts self, ref: "Harbaugh unlikely to bolt"

CC: Harbaugh undecided

Harbaugh Turns us down?

Brent Venables?

CC: Why not Tom Bradly if JH says no?

Fox 2 just tweets Rich Rod fired.

Hello: Brady Hoke?

RB/DB meeting nearing Hour 3

Gruden, Harbaugh favored for SF post

Is there any way Brandon hasn't screwed this up, barring getting Harbaugh?

John Harbaugh: Jim "done" with Michigan

Crawford decommits

Rodriquez: Not Dead Yet, Technically.....where Brian writes "if Brady Hoke is actually hired small children should not read the site for a week following because every other word will be swearing. This is in no way a joke."

Open Thread: Michigan Football's D-Day

Chegelis: RR Fired

Coaching Search:  It has begun

Harbaugh-49ers meeting today

Nothing left to do but drink

Rodriquez:  Dead, this time for certain

Non-Hoke options:  Extant--- includes Peterson, Patterson, Wittingham, Strong, Mullen, Fitzgerald,  and Hoke.

Rumor: Harbaugh, Dolphins reach deal in principle

Fitz staying at NU

Dolphins decide to keep Sparano

A World Held Hostage:  Day 2 - - "Seriouosly people, the Jim Harbaugh boat has sailed........until it hasn't (which it probably has).

Thursday Recruiting is in the dark

Unverified Voracity Dips and Batters

A World Held Hostage:  Day Thee point One

Schefter: Harbaugh to 49ers

Harbaugh: DEAD.  

A Brady Hoke Supporter

A couple questions about Les Miles

Bill Martin supports DBs decision

Integrity is worth more than Les Miles

Official University job posting

Rogel's M-themed jet spotted at Baton rouge airport

Bill Chill final count: 104.073 - -  according to Guiness World Record.  

Leach: Dead

Dungy on PTI

OT: Texas hires Boise State OC

Schad: Patterson receives new contract extension @ TCU

Chris Peterson

Les Miles Buzz:  High, and conflicting.

Frost to Auburn

What about Mike Singletary?

Dan Mullen reported in Baton Rouge Friday.

Auburn doesn't have room from Frost.

Why Rich Rodriquez was fired

Les Miles hired?

CC Rumor:  Gruden interviewing?

Dominoes jet to Dallas?

Schad:  Miles to interview with Michigan

More dong punching:  Frost to UNC?

Brandon is in Dallas interviewing Miles and someone else.....

OT: Stanford interested in Boise's Peterson

Well..  Why not consider Steve Sarkisian?

Chuck Heater

Show 'Em the Money, Dave

A World Held Hostage:  Mailbag

A World Held Hostage:  Miles Drumbeat Update

Hire Dan Mullen: Keep Denard

Our plane is heading to Baton Rouge

Who is our choice after Brady Hoke?

Why Les is not more.

Moral Victory for MBB

EDIT....FWIW.....IMO....Reports indicate Miles to stay at LSU

Rumeal Robinson sentenced to 6 1/2 years for financial fraud

No Interviews today

Stoops offered coaching job?

A. Chengalis:  Michigan, Miles expected to meet Tuesday

Dave Brandon in Dallas

Monty Python and the Unholy Coaching Change

A World Held Hostage: Day 5

Where in the World is David Brandon

Dear Diary Re-cues the coping mechanisms

Rosie (Rosenberg) doesn't see Mile->Michigan happening

Scout: K Goudis now a soft commit

Rivals Rumor: Gut Feeling it's Hoke

Miles and Michigan will meet

Schad on Twitter: LSU willing to pay for part of Les' UM buyout

Tiger Droppings hearing Miles to Michigan

A World Held Hostage: Day 6

Miles on Michigan

The Planes:  They Meet

Peterson staying at Boise St.

D-Day Morning Open Thread
D-Day Mid-Morning Open Thread
D-Day Thread 3.0

Welcome to F5 Day

F5D: Circumstantial Miles Evidence in Two Parts

Alleva:  I am pleased to announce that Les Miles will remain the head coach at LSU"

Miles to Stay at LSU

San Diego Union Tribune Reports Hoke in talks for Michigan job

The Worst Part About All Of This Is Hoke Rhymes with "Joke" And "Choke," Thus Providing A Steady Stream Of Hur Hur Hur Posts From Teenage Fans of Rivals

O/U on days til MSC requests Brandon's resignation?

Official: Hoke head coach

It's Hoke

Fire DB

The Official: Please Stay Denard  Thread

RR Haters: RR < Hoke?

ADC: Time for a change at the top

Hoke React, No Swearing



...and there you have it.  Bottoms up.