Film Analysis Ep 7.2 - Defensive Success vs. Wisconsin

Submitted by FanNamedOzzy on October 19th, 2018 at 1:02 PM

Defense struggled in the run game against the stout Wisconsin DL early, but settled in a bit and recovered. I'll cover what Michigan did well in the runs they did stop this past Saturday, as well as the overall excellent pass defense against the Badgers. Enjoy!

7.2.1 - Q1 13:10 - 2nd & 6 - WIS42 - Taylor no gain

  • Inside zone for Wisconsin here. Kemp & Mone get pushed back a bit from the doubles. Paye blows through the TE to get into the backfield, cutting Taylor off. Winovich ends it.

7.2.2 - Q1 12:37 - 3rd & 6 - WIS42 - Tipped completion for 4 yards

  • Exotic pass rush formation for Michigan here on a quick slant for Wisconsin. Bush reads the eyes of Hornibrook extremely well to get a hand on the ball. Unfortunate the tip goes to another WR, but forces 4th down.

7.2.3 - Q1 0:38 - 3rd & 8 - UM41 - Bush sack for 2 yards

  • Dwumfour is unaccounted for up the middle, causes pressure with Winovich. Bush does well to mirror Hornibrook, who’s in full scramble mode, and brings him down for the sack.

7.2.4 - Q2 8:43 - 3rd & 3 - WIS45 - 5 yard sack for Uche

  • Wisconsin OL shifts left, leaving Uche unblocked in the passing lane. Hudson does well to get around the pick route to cover the TE on the bubble. Uche gets a FF, as well.

7.2.5 - Q2 4:12 - 1st & 10 - WIS25 - Metellus INT

  • Michigan’s zone traps Hornibrook into a throw right at Long, who does well to tip the pass. Good job by Metellus being in the right spot at the right time for the INT.

7.2.6 - Q3 10:17 - 1st & 10 - WIS26 - Taylor gain 2 yards

  • Team tackle for Michigan. Great job by Paye to make initial contact, Bush & Hudson to work off OL to add to the pile. Bonus points to Watson for getting his nose in there.

7.2.7 - Q3 3:47 - 1st & 10 - 50 - Jet sweep for 2 yards

  • Michigan had been getting gashed on a couple jet sweeps. They switch to crack replace so that Watson keeps outside contain. 

7.2.8 - Q4 10:05 - 3rd & 2 - UM23 - Pick 6 for Hill

  • Kemp breaks through two blocks to apply pressure to Hornibrook. Watson loses the TE on a clever route, Hill bails him out on a super athletic pick.

7.2.9 - Q4 9:18 - 3rd & 3 - WIS38 - Gain of 1

  • RT for Wisconsin for some reason goes into pass block. This leaves Winovich wide open to make the play, he does. Bonus points to Bush & Gil.


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October 19th, 2018 at 2:36 PM ^

Excellent Oz.

Love your use of multiple cameras.

On tv, they miss plays and certainly formations by showing excess commercials, cheerleaders, fans, coaches, superfluous sideline reporters, Or some guy picking his nose. Tv is getting so brutal.

Delays At the games are even worse.

Your play reviews are very much appreciated.