Film Analysis Ep 10.2 - Rutgers - Shea Patterson's Performance

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Annnd part 2!

Shea Patterson had one of his best days in the Maize & Blue. He earned the top performer on PFF's weekly offensive list. While Michigan (understandably) didn't utilize his legs in the run game, his mobility created a lot of late developing plays or improvisational conversions for the Wolverines.

His stat line through the air was 18/27 for 260 yards and 3 TDs to 0 INTs. Michigan will likely be leaning on Patterson's arm quite a bit more in games moving forward and this seemed to be a good way to prep him for the job.

Check out the 6 plays below!

10.2.1 - Q1 3:55 - 2nd & 8 - RU42 - Pass of 16 to Gentry

  • Nice pass protection from Evans coming across on play action to pick up left side. Patterson seems to look at McKeon as read #1, Gentry comes open as #2 option given the LB creeps up to DPJs crossing route.

10.2.2 - Q2 15:00 - 3rd & 4 - UM41 - Pass of 7 to DPJ

  • Patterson scrambles to the left after a nice from the DT on the edge. Nice patience from Patterson and an excellent job by DPJ to drift into an open area after his initial crossing route to get open.

10.2.3 - Q2 5:14 - 3rd & 7 - RU36 - TD Pass to Collins

  • Safety fails to drop into his deep quarter in zone coverage. Eyes from Patterson were on Collins all along and the pass protection gives him enough time to deliver the ball. Easy TD!

10.2.4 - Q3 14:12 - 3rd & 9 - UM28 - Pass of 21 to Gentry

  • Impressive job from Onwneu to drop behind JBB to pick up a blitzing LB. Just enough time for Patterson to deliver a ball to Gentry, his first read here. Ball placement is excellent and Gentry uses his length perfectly.

10.2.5 - Q3 12:35 - 3rd & 7 - RU48 - Pass of 31 to DPJ

  • Max protect on a roll-out for Patterson. Only two routes on this play, which is going to DPJ all the way. Another perfectly thrown ball with excellent body control from DPJ to pull in the grab and stay in bounds.

10.2.6 - Q3 11:24 - 2nd & 10 - RU16 - TD Pass to Martin

  • Another max protect here for Patterson with 2 out on routes. Eubanks is covered well on his seam, Martin falls on his post route. Improv skills for Patterson buys time for Martin to get to the sideline. Good play.

10.2.7 - Q3 0:14 - 2nd & 7 - RU10 - TD Pass to Collins

  • Two fades from DPJ & Collins. Going to one of them all the way. Ball placement is great and it’s executed exactly how it’s drawn up. Well-done and a difficult play to defend.


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November 16th, 2018 at 11:40 AM ^

Nice job !  Pass pro is really getting good ... even Evans has it down this year.  The extra time given by the blocking plus Shea's ball skills and athletic WRs is dynamite.  

Thanks for the analysis.