Fantasy Football done Current NFL All-Michigan Style - Crown Us Now!

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OK, bye-week boredom, coupled with the disintegration of my long-shot fantsay QB, Jay Cutler, have left me seeking more attention-consuming (and enjoyable) pursuits.

I decided to see what an All-Michigan team would look like in the fantasy world. After scouring for my skill position guys, I felt like I was neglecting too many solid defensive former Wolverines, since "UM Def/Sp Teams" is not a choice in the NFL. I decided to expand my fantasy team out to a full starting lineup. Here's my version (current players only):

Offense: We're rolling sans TE, partly b/c there isn't one currently playing - can you believe it? - and partly in honor us being a "spread team" now. We will go with an Ace package in the backfield, and 4 WR's (OK, OK, more of a passing spread).

QB Brady

RB Hart

WR Edwards

WR Manningham

WR Avant

Slot Breaston

LT Long

LG Hutchinson

C Goodwin

RG Baas

RT Backus

Defense: We're running the 3-4. Also, we're going man in the secondary with 3 DB's and only one safety (Woodson doesn't need one over him).

DE Graham

DT Branch or Watson (my only toss-up)

DE Hall (James - only name I thought might not be remembered)

LB D Jones 

LB Harris

LB Foote

LB Woodley

CB Woodson

CB Hall (Leon)

CB Trent

S Jackson

Special Teams: Of coarse we rule earth (and space) in this category...

K Feely

P Mesko

After putting this together, I started to think that this would actually be a pretty damn good team (so long as depth weren't an issue - man, is that sounding familiar). We just may be a favorite to win an All-Alumni Bowl. Admittedly, I haven't put together the same deal for any other teams (yet), but I challenge someone to throw one together. If you're interested, ESPN can sort by college.



October 26th, 2010 at 4:01 AM ^


QB: Sam Bradford

RB: Adrian Peterson

WR: Mark Clayton

WR: Malcom Kelly

TE: Jermaine Gresham

TE: Brody Eldridge

LT: Trent Williams

LG: Davin Joseph

C: Jon Cooper

RG: Chris Chester

RT: Jammal Brown




DE: C.J. Ah You

DT: Gerald McCoy

DT: Kelly Gregg

DE: Jimmy Wilkerson

LB: Keenon CLaayton

LB: Curtis Lofton

LB: Nic Harris

CB: Dominique Franks

CB: Brian Jackson

S: Brodney Pool

S: Roy Williams


Michigan would win by many TDs.


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Here's Penn State's team in honor of Penn State week... They didn't really have enough linemen so I substituted a few recently cut players:



QB: Kerry Colins

RB: Michael Robinson

WR: Deon Butler

WR: Bryant Johnson

WR: Derrick WIlliams

TE: Andrew Quarless

LT: Levi Brown

LG: Rich Ohrnberger

C: A.Q. Shipley

RG: Dennis Landolt 

RT: Kareem McKenzie



DE: Aaron Maybin

DT: Anthony Adams

DE: Jared Odrick

LB: Dan Connor

LB: Navorro Bowman

LB: Paul Posluszny

LB: Tamba Hali

CB: Justin King

CB: A.J. Wallace

S: Bryan Scott

S: Anthony Scirrotto


Yeah we'd win this one too.


October 26th, 2010 at 5:16 AM ^

Watson has barely sniffed the field this season, while Branch recorded two sacks this past weekend and is a regular contributor to the Cardinals' defense.

Dhani Jones has been a NFL starter for quite some time, while Crable has not received much playing time in his career due to injuries.

I agree with the rest and am impressed that U-M can put out a complete lineup. BTW, James Hall is having a fantastic year for the St. Louis Rams. He already has 6.5 sacks, three forced fumbles and a blocked field goal though seven games.


October 26th, 2010 at 8:24 AM ^



QB: Rex Grossman

RB: Fred Taylor

WR: Percy Harvin

WR: Jabar Gaffney

WR: Andre Caldwell

TE: Aaron Hernandez

LT: Max Starks

LG: Cooper Carlisle

C: Maurkice Pouncey





DE: Alex Brown

DT: Marcus Thomas

DE: Derrick Harvey

LB: Channing Crowder

LB: Mike Peterson

LB: Brandon Spikes

LB: Jarvis Moss

CB: Lito Sheppard

CB: Joe Haden

S: Major Wright

S: Reggie Nelson


October 26th, 2010 at 8:35 AM ^



QB: Carson Palmer/Mark Sanchez/Matt Cassel

RB: Reggie Bush

WR: Steve Smith

WR: Damian Williams

WR: Mike Williams

TE: Fred Davis

LT: Sam Baker

LG: Deuce Lutui

C: Ryan Kalil

RG: Chilo Rachal

RT: Winston Justice



DE: Kyle Moore

DT: Shaun Cody

DE: Frostee Rucker

LB: Keith Rivers

LB: Lofa Tatupu

LB: Clay Mtthews

LB: Rey Maualuga

CB: Kevin Thmoas

CB: Terrell Thomas

S: Taylor Mays

S: Troy Polamalu


This would probably be our toughest "Alumni" game.


October 26th, 2010 at 9:21 AM ^




RB: Frank Gore/Willis McGahee

WR: Santana Moss/Devin Hester

WR: Andre Johnson

WR: Reggie Wayne

TE: Jeremy Shockey

LT: Rashad Butler

LG: Vernon Carey

C: Chris Myers

RG: Bryant McKinnie

RT: Eric Winston



DE: Calais Campbell

DT: Vince Wilfork

DE: Antonio Dixon

LB: Ray Lewis

LB: Jonathan Vilma

LB: D.J. Williams

LB: Rocky McIntosh

CB: Phillip Buchanon

CB: Kelly Jennings

S: Ed Reed

S: Antrel Rolle


This is a stacked team in nearly all positions.  But I can't see this as a better team than USC without a QB.  I suppose Devin Hester could play QB?

oriental andrew

October 26th, 2010 at 9:55 AM ^

I was going to do ohio state, but frankly, i don't follow NFL closely enough to know who's doing well or not.  Also, according to cbs sports, they only have one OT, one G, and no DTs in the league, so you can't fill out a full roster.  In fact, they apparently only have 4 OL total in the league (2 centers).  


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Someone should create a fantasy league just for this purpose to see how the Alumni from different schools would stack up from week to week.  Not sure how possible this is due to factors like, not everyone having a kicker....but it would be fun to see. 


October 26th, 2010 at 1:39 PM ^





QB: V Young / C McCoy

RB: C Benson / R Williams

WR: R Williams

WR: J Shipley

WR: L Sweed

TE: J Finley

OT: T Hills

G: L Davis

C: L Sendlein

G: D Dockery

OT: J Scott


DE: L Houston

DT: S Rogers

DT: C Redding

DE: T Crowder

LB: D Johnson

LB: R Muckelroy

LB: B Orakpo

CB: N Vasher

CB: Q Jammer

S: E Thomas

S: M Huff

K: P Dawson



LS: C Loeffer


October 27th, 2010 at 11:16 AM ^

A really close comparison. I think Michigan wins on offense, but Texas edges on defense (depending on whether it's one of Big Bay Rogers's good or bad weeks).

I'll tell you something: I would love to see this game actually played. Love it!


October 26th, 2010 at 1:44 PM ^

You know, I've had this argument for years with my friends...No one could put together a team of alumni better than UM.  Offensively we are unstoppable and defensively we could shut down any number of teams.  I would move Woodson to safety though because thats mostly what he plays with the Packers and even ran it a bit with the Raidah's.    I say take the elite qb's first and work your way through O-line, wr's and tb.  Although that Oklahoma team would be tough.


October 27th, 2010 at 12:02 PM ^

Note the paucity of safeties as compared to every other position.

Here's the safeties recruited at Michigan from 1994 (36-year-old) through 2007 (eligible for 2010 draft). Guys in bold are in the NFL as safeties. Guys in itals are in the NFL. Note: Jamar Adams is currently an NFL free agent, but was on a team last year.

I plan to make this into something of more length later, by the way.

1994: Marcus Ray

1995: Daydrion Taylor, Brent Washington

1996: Tommy Hendricks
--Washington moved to CB

1997: DeWayne Patmon
--So/Jr Diallo Johnson (WR) moved to safety
--Jr/Jr Taylor career ended by injury

1998: Cato June, Julius Curry
--Johnson moved back to WR

1999: Phil Brackins (we hates nasty Brackenses)

2000: None.
--So/Jr Jon Shaw (RB) moved to safety
--So/So Charles Drake (RB) moved to safety
--Brackins (WHNB) moved to LB

2001: Ernest Shazor

2002: Jacob Stewart

2003: Prescott Burgess, Ryan Mundy, Brandent Englemon
--Jr/Jr Marlin Jackson (CB) moved to safety

2004: Jamar Adams, Keston Cheathem, Charles Stewart
--Burgess moved to LB
--Jackson moved back to CB
--So/Jr Willis Barringer (CB) moved to safety
--So/So Anton Campbell (RB) moved to safety

2005: None.
--Sr/5th Shazor leaves for NFL draft
--Cheathem moved to WR

2006: Stevie Brown, Jonas Mouton
--Mundy transfers (enrolls at W.Va. as grad student)

2007: Michael Williams, Artis Chambers
--Mouton moved to LB