On this episode of B10 Recruiting Wars..

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B10 Recruiting Wars  -  Season 13 - Episode 1

"Hoke Leaves B10 'Heartbroke' ";

Premise: A new day, a new season. The battles to be waged will be fierce, as Ohio has employed the mercenary  to replace the fallen icon, and those Spartans have started to turn on field success into off-field mediocrity. Against the tide stands Michigans Man, Brady Hoke.


Brady Hoke: I just want you young men to understand, this is a commitment to both your future and the Teams future. We as a coaching staff will give our  blood, sweat, and tears to make you the best Michigan Man you can be;  on and off the field.  We will not hand you anything, we will not take anything less than your best day in and day out. Earn every accolade you receive.  Work hard, play harder, and you will win at life and football."



Commits: "WE ARE IN."


Dantonio: *stomping around in cape and Sparta helmet screaming in Gerard Butler voice*

"I.. win ....ALL THE GAMES. This... is... MY STATE. This... is.... MY RECRUITING CLIN...   *whiny child voice* WHAT! This is my junior weekend!"


Hoke: *consoling petulant child voice*

 "Shhhhh.. there there... Keep it down, I'm busy taking your 'leans'.. you'll get some guys once my class is full. I promise."




Meyer: *kicks open door and somersaults into room throwing national championship-ring ninja stars*

"See my guns! I will run spread-n-shredd. I will  take ALL THE RECRUITS."


Hoke: "Oh you need offensive linemen…  I'll take Fox and Bosch."






And so ends the opening episode of B10 Recruiting. Hoke has resurrected the proudest program in sports, and put the conference on notice that Michigan is MICHIGAN... fergodsakes.



February 25th, 2012 at 1:32 PM ^

While the entire 11-2 2011 season of resurrection will always be a fond memory, especially for its senior class redemption theme, this February will always be remembered as a significant turning point. Michigan's recruiting accomplishments this month have exceeded all bounds of logic and reason. A National Championship is no longer a question of if, but when. Last year Hoke proved he can win games without having all the best individual athletes on his side of the field. In the coming years he and his magnificent staff will show he can win all the games with the most talented individual athletes on his team. Only hubris can defeat the Wolverine juggernaut.


February 26th, 2012 at 3:54 PM ^

Morris, plus, Fuller, Isaac and Levenberry will all end up to be 5-star players on one of the 4 major lists of the 2013 recruiting class.  As for our current commits, Fox, Thomas and Bosch have the greatest potential to be 5-stars by 2/1/2013.  Odds of Michigan ending up with 3 5-stars is 50-50.  With our current numbers of 4-stars, we're pretty much of a lock for a top 5 class.  With 3 or more 5-stars, we're number 1 or 2.