E.J. Levenberry Scouting Report (UM 2013 Offer)

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(Note: I originally emailed this to Ace for his use in his weekly scouting report.  He encouraged me to post it here as a separate thread - so here it is.)

E.J. Levenberry, Jr. (Class of 2013 Michigan Offer)

Player Profile:

- Position: OLB for C.D. Hylton High School, Woodbridge, VA (record 9-0)

- Personal Info:  Listed as 6'3", Looked more like 6'2" with cleats on.  His weight is listed as 230.  He might be that big but looked leaner to me. I'm guessing closer to 210-215.  Definitely has the frame to put on more weight/muscle.

- Current Offers: Everyone. Michigan, Alabama, LSU, Florida, Florida State, Auburn, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, et al.

- Profile Pages: ESPN , Scout, Rivals

Game Notes:

- Game: 28 OCT 11 played versus Potomac High School, Woodbridge, VA (record 3-6)

- Outcome: Levenberry's Hylton High won 19-7.

- Weather: Game day was miserable.  Drizzly rain for the entire game with temps in the mid- to low-forties.

- Levenberry Stats for Game: ~8-9 solo tackles, ~4 assists (a lot in traffic), 1 sack, 1 interception, 2 dropped interceptions, 2 other pass breakups (one was probably not catchable), 1 incomplete pass thrown to him on offense (got a hand on it but was a bad pass).

- Story on the game: http://www2.insidenova.com/sports/2011/oct/29/hylton-improves-9-0-win-over-potomac-ar-1419235/

On Defense:

- Played the SAM linebacker in their base 4-3 set.  Played as one of two up linebackers when they went to 5 down linemen.

- Was the leader of the defense and took the play calls from the sideline.  That said, he didn't show consistent enthusiasm and I wouldn't say he was a vocal leader on either side of the ball.

- Showed good lateral movement and was usually around the ball even when he wasn't making a tackle.  Had good but not great speed vertically.

- Was very good in coverage and primarily dropped into zone coverage on passing downs.  He had one interception and dropped two others - should have had at least one of those two.  Very rarely blitzed. 

- Seemed to work his way through traffic well and was usually able to shed blocks when anyone got to him.  When there was a tackle made, he was usually in the mix.  Potomac didn't have any designed runs toward his side of the field but did have a few cut backs that went toward him.

- Showed good tackling technique.  He didn't miss any tackles that he had a chance on.  Wrapped up well in tackling but no big hits on running plays.

- In pass defense, he did have a few big hits.  One tackle sent the receiver about five yards out of bounds.

- Seemed to slow up on some running plays when they didn't go toward him.  However, made a lot of stops between the tackles from his OLB position.

On Offense:
- They used him as a blocking tight end for rushing downs (which, given the weather, was about two thirds of the time). No stats on offense with exception of the one pass that he didn't/couldn't catch.

Game Recap:
- Neither team played particularly well on offense.  The weather was horrible and the offenses couldn't put anything together.

- Game was very chippy.  I counted about 10 personal fouls spread out over the game.  One memorable set included three personal/unsportsmanlike conduct fouls against Hylton on one play - one on the players, then one on the sideline for protesting, then another one on the players when they protested the first two (45 yards total).  Added to this were a whole host of holding and offsides plays on both teams.  Both teams had multiple long runs called back due to holds.  During the post-game handshakes, a brawl broke out.  In fact, the police were summoned but nothing came of it.  Levenberry was in the mix (whole team was) but I don't think he was one of the instigators.

- A defensive game throughout. The score, such as it was, implies more offense than what actually occurred.  In fact, there was really only one touchdown (from Hylton) that was primarily the result of the offense.  One Hylton touchdown was the result of two back-to-back personal fouls that got them deep into Potomac territory. Another Hylton touchdown was the result of a pick six.  The only Potomac touchdown was the result of a recovered fumble on the Hylton 1-yard line after the three personal foul escapade drove Hylton back inside their five.  

Player Impact:
Levenberry made big plays when his team needed it most.  His two biggest plays - the interception and sack - both stopped likely scoring chances for Potomac.  The sack came when Potomac was on the Hylton five yard line and looking like it might actually score a touchdown.  Levenberry came on a rare blitz that got home for about a ten yard loss.  One of his teammates then got another sack which drove them back seven more yards.  The drive ended with an interception. No points.

Levenberry's interception came late in the game when it looked like Potomac might actually string a drive  together and make it close.  Obviously, no points on that drive.

He was just okay on offense.  Didn't really block particularly well but was serviceable.  Couldn't pull in the only pass thrown to him.  Just seemed kind of disinterested on offense.  He is going to be a linebacker in college and that is where he put in the most consistent effort.


Levenberry was clearly the best player for either team on the field.  He made consistent stops in the running game; played excellent pass defense when he dropped back into the zone; and came up with big plays to stop drives when his team needed it.  He seems to have good instincts for the ball which was displayed in the pass defense and also usually being in the right place during running plays.  He seems to have enormous potential and his game clearly shows why he is generating such early interest.  Has the size, skills, and instincts to develop into an outstanding linebacker at the next level.


A few pictures of Levenberry (#10) (apologies for my crappy camera):

[Disclaimers: Observed the player for only one game, so small sample size applies.  All notes are my thoughts and not drawn from any scouting reports. I have no association with the player or program, either. I'm just a U-M fan in a locale that I know our scouting experts can't normally get to.]



November 2nd, 2011 at 12:21 AM ^

Great post austinte! Thanks for checking out Michigan offerees in areas our scouting experts can't get to, it's always great to hear about what peoples thoughts are on the players U of M is pursuing! Go blue.


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If Michigan pursues Levenberry heavily, be ready for a weird recruitment.  His father seems to have some fairly rigid ideas regarding how teams should approach his son.  Not saying it's like a Seantrel Henderson thing where the dad came off like he was pimping his son out to the highest bidder or whoever would give him a hip-hop contract or whatever, but.... E.J. Sr. seems to like things done a certain way, and he's already crossed quite a few options off for one reason or another.


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I can't really comment on our chances with Levenberry.  I don't know him personally and have zero contacts with the program.  I do know that most of his early offers came from SEC schools as well as Florida State and Oklahoma.  I think I saw something that he took an unofficial to Florida State last month.

Michigan just offered him during the bye week.  I am assuming it happened on one of the recruiting trips the assistant coaches took during that time. So, Michigan is just entering the fray.  There needs to be some time to elapse and the dust to settle somewhat before anyone knows where his interest lies and who has a legitimate shot.  Probably start to get some ideas in the Spring and Summer.

Historically speaking, most recruits from Virginia head south but there are exceptions. 


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takes plays off. doesn't take all aspects of the game seriously. maybe it's weather related but that doesn't have me jumping out of my chair.

Blue boy johnson

November 2nd, 2011 at 11:54 AM ^

Of course like the rest of you, when I see a recruit from Woodbridge Virginia, I always harken back to Bob Ufer and Ufe commenting on "Russell Davis from Woodbridge Virginia".  Davis had to be one of the most heralded Full Back recruits in Michigan football history. They were writing articles in the Detroit papers about the great running back from Virginia that Bo Schembechler had convinced to come to Michigan.

"Huckleby deep, Davis close, two tight ends and a balanced line, Ricky the peach Leach under center, the ball resting 18 yards in, from this, the western sideline."

Bull Dog

November 6th, 2011 at 10:20 AM ^

Austente- This is EJ's dad.  You did a very good scouting report on EJ's strengths and weaknesses.  You were right on point.  He is 6’3 220 right now down from 226.  He does need to get stronger and he has the frame to put on the size. 

He is by far not a finished product but he is only a junior.  I tell him weekly that Reuben Foster is the top linebacker for 2013.  He is humble and a hard worker. 

EJ is actually a very good blocker at H Back on offense. The night you scouted him his team mate scored after running behind him as they have done all season.  I think if you watch the film you will see #36 for the opposition was intentionally trying to take out his knees when he was on offense.  Therefore, he had to block and worry about a kid running full speed from the corner position trying to injure him.

EJ is not a rah rah type of player as it relates to your assessment of his demeanor on the field.  He just does his job and gets to the football.  You are a very good scout and someone should employ you at the collegiate level.  Thank you for pointing out what he has to get better at.  Your assessment was unbiased and things that I have pointed out to him myself when we watch film together.

Maizeandbluewahoo "Fairly rigid ideas regarding how to approach his son."  

If rigid ideas are programs that place an emphasis on academic success for their players, 2. Compete for a Conference Championship each of his four years and 3. compete for a National Championship then I guess I fit the box you have placed me in without having any facts.

denardogasm- "Type of guys that will put up with garbage like that." "kids will view it as a privilege to come to Michigan."

I am not sure what you mean but to the reader it sounds like you are saying you will play the music and the kids who want to come to Michigan will dance. 

We were going to come up for the Ohio State game at the request of the Michigan coaching staff but I am not sure this is a good idea after reading your post.  I prefer to take him to visit schools where we know he is wanted. 

The fans at Florida State, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Florida, Auburn and LSU have made him aware that he is wanted.  We did not knock on your door you knocked on our door. 





March 1st, 2012 at 1:43 AM ^

I certainly hope you are not basing any decisions involved with your son's recruitment on the opinion of one random fan at one University. There are fans at EVERY University that are going to say some things I'm sure you would't be pleased with. Also, I know you cannot honestly tell me there haven't been any UM fans making him aware he's wanted here... Check his twitter, that should give you an idea of how much he's wanted at UM.


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this is the first time im reading this. This kid is a stud. I dont need to be an analyst to understand that a kid in the top 20 is one that should be offered by even universities in Russia. Lol. Go Blue EJ!