Early Spring Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Submitted by MeanJoe07 on November 6th, 2014 at 2:07 PM

Rhonda Jones is responsible for some balsamic vinegar aged between March and April. It is my personal favorite of mine from when I was looking miserable for dinner tomorrow instead of making sure I was actually pretty reasonable. Brewing balsamic in early spring is a great opportunity to make changes to your favorite thing or something like that. Now be forwarned because my balsamic will not make a difference when choosing the next members of parliament in the rotation for Christmas.

The first step is to make a decision about what happened yesterday when you don't think you can dance with a human. Step two is that of a monkey and some plywood and your grandma. Before venturing to step sevenine you don't wanna watch football in a convenient resealable bag of chips or anything unless otherwise stated on Facebook but I'm pretty reasonable in that. Now cooking balsamic will not only make sure the first person characterized as Sarah has been twitching for a couple more hours everyday people. Remember that. Once you've probably aged between March and April in the oven for about a month anniversary and then put together a good sprinkle of those crumbles, you're obviously gonna get pretty excited to see the results for this project.

Bitter is what you want for this season. Don't forget the plastic containers of knowledge that are presented in this journey of discovery. You might like to add some bergamot to the roasted red potatoes for a while longer than expected in the bathroom or anything else I think of. let me know how it turns out and do not be afraid to say it was awesome aesthetically to see if you want. Turkish government is the only thing worse than depression and Lauren Conrad. Happy Birthday! Rhonda Jones will probably get pissed if you need help building a new dehumidifier! Discuss!

Edit:  To conclude the the Michiganess of when the balsamic lead to me as a fan of this theme per LSA guy.  Now only when brewed In Ann Arbor is complete for the steps in the process. Since Alumni is what is the football makes it enjoyable.  Therefore I decided to stay and be a champion. I like to think Rhonda Jones knows the football team love the balsamic on gameday. Of course!



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Rhonda Jones, Christian Meditation and Affirmation Enthusiast


Rhonda Jones, New York Real Estate Professional


Rhonda Jones, Scottish Association Football Defender


Rhonda Jones, Professional Mime


Rhonda Jones, Customer Account Executive at Comcast



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For some reason, I hope it is the Comcast person only because this is what the responses to my gripes sound like whenever I am on the phone with them. Sometimes, I hang up the phone with a reduced rate or free offer or something along those lines, so the "huhwut" moment can be worth the hassle. 

I will say though - I made a joke about these becoming a diary in Unverified Voracity not expecting that the OP would oblige less than an hour later. I am a bit miffed that there was no real connection made to how balsamic vinegar taught them about Michigan or helped them become a Michigan fan or something more diary-esque.


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Well...first I'd like to thank you all for reading.  I think you did a tremendous job of that. no question. Is Rhonda psychotic? Well...It's a little bit of an upper head injury. I'll say that much without getting to specifics.  Certianly he'd like to be more coherent. Obviously that's something he's working on and been practicing first and foremost. I think he's shown some toughness when it comes to that, certainly. He's had some opportunities there a bit.  He needs to do a better job and that starts with the coherentness of it.  His next post will be a great opportunity for him to show some accountability there I think.  I know he's looking forward to that, no question. But that's his focus right now.


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After careful investigation of his recent posts, it has become obvious to me that MeanJoe07 has been replaced by...the Old Spice Robot-man (who has suffered irrepairable damage from his hot tub incident):

Case closed.  Briefcase tacos.


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My next post on this area will be about hotdog water features of my favorite tastes. What says you people here? Would you like this types of post to be here again in such a way yes?


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Appears to be written by only using the "suggested" words that pop up on your phone when you are texting. For example, my phone always suggests "Brandon" or "Hoke" whenever I type the word "fire." Just let computers write for you.


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That has become a problem for me - I have make sure when I text my mom that I only use "mom" (as in "hi Mom!) because over the course of the last 2 months my phone has started to change "mother" every time to something longer and not at all appropriate 


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"It has thus become used as a way of criticizing very incoherent or irrational statements by rival political leaders."

Who is MeanJoe07's rival political leader?

Your explanation makes more sense than mine - that he was transcribing something from badlipreading.com mashed with mad libs.

Moonlight Graham

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I figured Rhonda Jones was in charge of the University's Freedom of Information Act Department and these mentions were simply a way of honoring her for her service to America. And I spend a lot of time between here, the cornfields and Heaven.