Denard Robinson - The Production To Date (In Chart Form)

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If Denard Robinson plays this weekend and in what would likely be the remaining two games of his collegiate career beyond Saturday, then this will definitely get updated (in this diary, to save space). I wanted to take a moment, however, to show folks graphically what Denard’s production on the field has looked like at a high level. What I have done is taken his game-by-game rushing and passing totals as well as rushing and passing touchdowns (data courtesy of MGoBlue’s archive) and charted them below.

One thing that should be pointed out is that what you see here, even if Robinson does not play again, is the production of the Wolverines’ 5thall-time rusher regardless of offensive position, and among quarterbacks, the 4thbest in terms of total passing yards, as well as the 4thbest in passing touchdowns and yards per pass attempt. Even at this juncture, certainly it is a storied career based on these numbers, forgetting how exciting he is to watch for just one second.  

Indeed, if we see him out there on Saturday against Iowa, not only will it add to this data,  but it will be one of the more poignant moments in Michigan football as it will be his last game in Ann Arbor. In looking at these numbers, it gave me a very clear perspective on just how electrifying he has been on the field. Of course, it is not just the numbers that will be missed, or the sheer athleticism, but the leadership and the personality and the fact that he has been the face of our University even to people who have never watched a snap of Wolverine football in their lives.




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I think a lot of people have the impression that Denard took a step back in 2011 compared to 2010 due to the transition from RRs offense to Borges's but his totals for both running and passing are higher.  Although in 2010 Tate probably accounts for the difference between the two years as he was subbed in frequently.


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I wonder if our +7 TO margin in 2011 and our -5 TO margin in 2012 have any significant effect on the numbers.  Drive-killing TOs probably hurt, but how much I wonder.  This is in addition to the obvious effect of not playing 2.5 games in 2012 (so far).

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is that I have but one upvote to give.

Well done sir. 

And to any and all Denard haters that have ever called for him to be benched, just look at the stats.  I'm sorry that you took him for granted.  Be thankful we got to watch the most electrifying player in years don the maize and blue.  Denard will be missed but never forgotten.

Mich Mash

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...very informative and cool to see in graphical format.  My only minor nit-pick is that it would be nice to see the first 4 charts plotted with the same Y-axis range so that the numbers don't look skewed year to year.  Or maybe it would be best to show all 4 seasons on the same chart to alleviate this and to show a more holistic career picture.  Again, well done and I hope to see some positive numbers to finish out the 2012 season.  All Hail Denard.


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I added this to the diary - thanks for the excellent suggestion, by the way. I can always make this larger, but I tried to work within the sidebars of the site, if you will.

I left the numbers on the other charts, but you're right, this provides a nice overall view of Denard Robinson's production in the Michigan offense.


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First off, excellent post!

I might suggest making each of these graphs "click through", especially the last one for those of us with less-than-perfect eyes. That way people could click the images to view the larger original (especially the entire-career Chart[!]) on whereever you're hosting them.

In order to do that, just double-click the image when you're creating/editing the post and just go to "link" along the top. Enter the imgur (or whatever it is) and you're good to go.