Dear Steven Threet......A cautionary tale

Submitted by Ellipses Man on September 7th, 2008 at 12:18 AM

Hey Man,


  • So today I went and watched you play at a football game in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I have to say that after the first drive I thought,"wow this could be a blow out." All week long from various people I heard about this quarterback battle thing. Being a fan, reading the blogs, and listening to the radio shows I was interested to see who may emerge. I was basically told that you and this other guy were of the same but yet different skill sets. It was as if, to me the fan, the decision to play you both was even symbolic of the choice to run a pro set versus a spread. And that you were basically a pro set quarterback. Some very knowledgeable football types said this and that but yet the coach basically said nothing. We all have our little,"CSI detective," that lives inside of us all. If we did not, that tv show would not do commercial advertising business on par with the budget that governs your football program. And since every detective show since Hill Street Blues has had the same script format and same modus operandi. So it goes with QB battles and football in general.
  • I figured I would come and see who is in line to maintain and operate the spread offense this year for Michigan. I might add it is a tough year to do that from a Quarterback position. With the loss of starters and new staff one begins to wonder,"Why play Quarterback at Michigan anyways Steve?" If it was me I would have transfered. In the business world I know when a new hire happens that your days are numbered. And I would've left. But I am not you. I mean even the spread type QB recruits are committing and decommiting. So why are you staying? I mean I am sure other schools call you or write to you. Probably to further the agenda of their schools interests. I am sure today THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES would give you a full ride just to say,"Hey he transferred to us as well. Wow. Who would've thought that? Thanks Again Michigan, Jim Tressel." But yet you stay. I guess I as a fan am beginning to wonder why? Actually if I hated Michigan Football, and I know you know a lot of people do. I would beg you to leave Steve. Just for the ripple effect. Just up and quit because it is obvious your coach wants to play the other guy more. It took a fumble and an interception for him to be pulled. It took you some incompletions. Your coach said he had hoped someone played really good so the choice would be obvious. My question to him is does playing really bad also a distinguisher? See your own teams fans say you run,"Like so slow and it's so ugly." But yet there isn't a column in the Box Score for,"Style Points." As if running a certain way garnished more love. However you do have a running TD and a throwing one. 
  • The other thing is that you are up against the perennial walk on. Oh wait I mean coaches son. I get them confused. So he's a walk on but yet his dad used to coach for Michigan correct? So he's one of THOSE walk ons. Yeah, get used to those types of walk ons in life for they are everywhere. Anyone who plays sports has met THOSE types of walkons since we played little league. Those coaches kids have some savvy dont they buddy. I would imagine it helps that his dad coaches in the NFL as well. I mean if you are going to network, network it out right. It's too bad your roommate is not on the offensive line as well Steve. You could run over to him every time you feel insecure for,"back up." See Steve let me break it to you, the guy your in competition against, has no real backing. So far to date from a statistical standpoint you are the winner. I mean your competition does have a throwing touchdown of 8 yards. Although it was more or less yards after catch and Michael Shaw also happens to be super fast. Also at the Illinois game last year even Adrian Arrington threw a pass of 11 yards for a td. And that was all 11 on the pass. I think your competition td pass was for 8 yards. So you even have him beat there. So see Steve no matter what you do, whether it be a running td or a throwing td, your very physical presence represents something that people subconsciously want to see go away. I'm no trial lawyer and many who read this rant will try to break it down and use this very sentence I am sure. But I would love to argue your case. It becomes more fun to ask the question every week of,"Jeez guys where can see what Steve screwed up again this week? Another incomplete without an interception and only one rushing touchdown??? Put Nick in! Where's Nick." 
  • But let me tell you something Steve for this year. Nick Sheridan knows in his heart he cannot do it. Sorry. It's easy to see people who don't really believe in themselves. So you will be called on when the games get ugly and yet you won't even be wanted! As the season progress's onward and your stats rise no one will be able to argue against you. When the chips are down, you are the only QB who seems to make plays. And let me also say this, I want Nick Sheridan to succeed. I do. But I don't see it in him. You see it's about the games and real life. It's not about who your dad is, or what your backstory is in real life. Or if you are the bomb in practice! It's about the game. So here it is man. Over the next few weeks, wow, things are going to get ugly. UGLY. You looked at your schedule? I'll be honest, the team needs you, except I don't think they think they need you. I know you really love Michigan, otherwise you'd of done what all the rest of the QB's did and transfer. So I know you love your school. But my question to you is do you love it even though it does not want to love you back?



Ellipses Man...... 



Ellipses Man

September 7th, 2008 at 12:31 AM ^

I dont care cbus, go read something else, like how were going to CRUSH Notre Dame next week. Or how Charlie Weis is an idiot. Or how were back and ready for some ND! Haven't you been reading my "paragraphs" long enough. People want to pay me to shut up! Just go read some fluff about how were gonna beat Notre Dame.

Ellipses Man

September 7th, 2008 at 1:57 AM ^

yeah well you know what? no matter how I write it on here, I was right about it all along. I said Sheridan would start and struggle and Threet would come in. And then I said I hoped I was wrong. Threet is invited and unwanted. I'd transfer today and say Tate and Mr. Beaver have at it! Because Sheridan is over after this year as well. Why Threet, besides the degree, is sticking around I do not know. He should do himself a favor(And RR and Sheridan) and just quit on MI. Steve bail on Michigan.....quit BRO........let them have their offense! QUIT! Let it cycle through with one whole year of Sheridan. No one wants you anyways after this year. They'll all save face and write you off. QUIT on MI they just bitch about you anyhow. 

chitownblue (not verified)

September 7th, 2008 at 8:25 AM ^

Ellipses, no one knows you're rigjt (and congratulations on being "right" about something like "Sheridan won't be good" - what were the odds of that happening!!!???) because no one has been able to divine a thing you've attempted to say.

Finally, now that you wrote something shorter than 2000 words, I bothered to try again. And Threet doesn't transfer because he was essentially handed the starting job at U of M when Mallett left. If he played well, he would keep it. If he plays poorly, he doesn't get a chance to start anywhere.


September 7th, 2008 at 9:17 AM ^

The more I read your comments, the more I realize that you really have no clue what you're talking about.

Bill Sheridan coaches for the Giants now, meaning he has no control over whether his son plays or not. I don't even know why you brought up the fact that Nick is a coach's son.

It's not like Threet had a great game or anything. He was 6-for-13. He had a couple nice runs early, but his throwing was subpar. Sheridan was 4-for-5 and even though he didn't throw the ball downfield, he still led a TD drive.

You act as if Threet is totally blowing Sheridan out of the water right now. Yes, Threet has better arm strength. But he's 14-for-32 and has airmailed a bunch of open receivers.


September 7th, 2008 at 9:45 AM ^



sign up, name it something wacky, and watch your vast popularity lead you to internet fame! I'm sure the "controversy" you create and your prophetic views like "the walk-on QB will have trouble being good" will cause many people to follow you there!

chitownblue (not verified)

September 7th, 2008 at 10:33 AM ^

I like the implication here that Nick Sheridan = nepotism. If they were kissing his ass so much because his father is a world-renowned NFL position coach who was forced out of Michigan, maybe they would have given the kid a scholarship.

Accept the fact that he is what he is - a marginally talented walk-on QB. That doesn't mean he's the sniveling undeserving suck-up you want to paint him ass.


September 7th, 2008 at 8:21 PM ^

E-man, I don't see where you are finding all of this overwhelming Sheridan love because it certainly isn't here or with anyone with whom I have spoken.
Threet seems to have a stronger arm and be able to make throws than Sheridan simply cannot. His only problem is that he consistently (not in the Joe Morgan, universal-best-quality ever in an athlete / team sense--that's cosistency) throws uncatchable passes to wide open receivers. I hope he fixes that. Also, as others have already noted, he's transferred once and could only plausibly transfer to a I-AA (FCS) school from here.