CTK Scrimmage Footage UFR type thing

Submitted by reshp1 on August 18th, 2013 at 9:12 PM

I hope this is okay that I'm making a new thread for this, the other one was getting quite long and bogged down in Derrick Green weight Chicken Littles vs Polly Annas.

Since I've already spent an embarrasingly long amount of time this Sunday watching the CTK scrimmage footage, I figure I'd write down some of my observations. Let me know if I missed something or got something wrong and I'll try to edit the OP. Mr. tight cam definitely makes this pretty tough to get 100% right.

EDIT: Here's the link to the video


Play 1

Hand off to Fitz

Glasgow and Miller block Washington. Williams also seals off Heitzman to the inside. Kalis pulls around him and nails Ross (?) in the hole. Darboh tries to block Gordon but gets there late. Gordon makes initial contact with Fitz. Big pile of bodies converge and brings him down. Funchess comes into the screen tied up with Cam Gordon, looks to be holding his own.

Play 2

Hand off to Fitz

Glasgow and Miller block Washington, <camera pans to Handoff to Fitz>, the line is already a clusterfuck as he gets there and is buried. Looks like Morgan and Washington combine to make the tackle. Kalis is up to the next level but doesn't seem to have found his target.

Play 3

Pass to Chesson

Nose tackle seems offsides? Almost looked as if Miller snaps the ball to catch him as the rest of the line is a beat slow off the ball. Fitz does a good job to pick up the rusher off the edge, giving Devin time to find Chesson on the right boundary. Ball is thrown beautifully where only the receiver has a play. Countess is right there but can do nothing about the height advantage. Avery comes in just in time to lay a hit on Chesson had he kept his feet, may even have been in position to light him up in the air but held up on a defenseless receiver.

Play 4

Hand off to Fitz

Willie Henry in at 3 Tech. Hand off to Fitz, Kerridge is lead blocker and Fitz follows him through a nice hole by the time the camera pans back. Actually Schofield is just losing his man but Fitz is by in time. Not really sure what happens here, lots of motion blur. Looks like Kerridge thumps someone at the LOS. I can tell Millar and also Glasgow has gotten to the next level on Morgan,  Countess comes up in run support for the tackle. Lewan looked to pulling to fwiw.

Play 5

Hand off to Fitz

Funchess motions (?) next to Lewan. C Gordon gets into the backfield but gets juked. Fitz gets the left edge but C Gordon doesn't give up and weaves through traffic to track him down. Fitz meanwhile jukes a DB out of his shoes. Funchess is in great position here to lay a mean crack back block on C Gordon, but is too busy watching Fitz. Probably a tough ask to have awareness that C Gordon is in pursuit. Taylor comes in to mop up.

Play 6

Hand off to Hayes

Glasgow pulls around and gets a nice block on Morgan but it's all for naught as C Gordon slips his blocker (Funchess?) and makes the tackle. Lewan is sealing the backside against Ojemudia. Matt Godin sighting at DE. Ball comes out but I think he was down.

Play 7

Hand off to Green

Ojemudia shoots through the gap inside Schofield and draws both Schofield's and Kerridge's attention. Meanwhile Henry has stunted around and meets Green in the backfield. Kalis arrives late as Ross beats Funchess (?) and, along with a helpful shove from Countess, swarm Green.

Play 8

Screen pass to Hayes

Heitzman (?) eats a screen as he breaks through the line and by Hayes. Devin lobs over him and on the money to Hayes. D Thomas impressively diagnoses the play and slices in to get Hayes by the ankles, looks like Dileo was assigned to block him. Ojemudia also looks to have beat Glasgow, but falls down. RJS was in the area too. This one probably wasn't going to work

Play 9


Devin in shotgun with what looks to be an empty backfield. C Gordon and Avery come free and Devin is barely able to get rid of it, hopefully past the line of scrimmage and out of bounds, like a ceiling fan. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH THE GUY IN THE ORANGE JERSEY, K THANKS. Also, get that damn golf cart out of there.

Play 10

Play action pass to Reynolds, TD

Braden is your LG. Oline is zoning towards the left, Gardner fakes the handoff to Green (?) and rolls right. He has good protection, nice blocking by Willams, and he has time to find Joe Reynolds beating Taylor by a step. Avery in the area as the safety. Gunderson sighting at the end.

Play 11

Play action to Dileo

Similar to previous play but reversed. Ash at DT, Magnuson at LT. C Gordon takes a step laterally to the inside and comes screaming through this time just as Devin fakes the handoff to Smith. This diverts C Gordon a bit or else he was in position for the sack (probably by design), then gets shoved to the ground from behind. Looks like Henry is also in the backfield but Devin has just enough time to find Dileo all alone underneath. Taylor and Avery make the tackle after Dileo picks up another 5 YAC. DILEO!!!!

Play 12

Hand off to Rawls

Ash at NT. Defense reads the play and converge. Rawls hits the wall of bodies and gets nothing. Braden appears to have lost his man there. Ross appears to have put Miller on his ass and he's not happy. Willie Henry and Ash are your nominal tacklers but the whole front 7 is there a split second later.

Play 13

Play action pass Reynolds, TD

Devin drops back and fakes the handoff to Hayes and fires the ball downfield, caught by Reynolds. Delonte Hollowell makes a break on the reciever but over runs it. He manages to wrap his hands on Reynolds but can't keep him out of the endzone. There is much singing and rejoicing.

Play 14

Hand off to Hayes

Looks like a nice hole between RT GUnderson and RG Kalis but Hayes sees something he doesn't like and hesitates. That something is James Ross, who makes a great diving tackle on Hayes, as Ojemudia slips Gunderson's block and comes from the outside to assist. Looks like it was Miller's job to get out and block Ross here, judging by body language. James Ross is probably not getting a Christmas card from Jack Miller this year.

Play 15

Pass to Hayes

Looks to be stacked recievers to the right. Devin takes the ball from shotgun. Lots of time initially, but Devin's 1st/2nd reads seem to be covered. Eventually a trio of defenders (Henry, Wormley,???) and breaks through and flush Devin to the right. Devin throws a nice touch pass on the move over Countess to find Hayes who walks in the endzone before Countess can bring him down

Play 16

Hand off to Rawls at the goal line

Glasgow pulls nicely, almost too nicely as he seemed to tip it off. He nails Gordon in the hole as Magnuson also pushes his man upfield. Kerridge kicks out someone too, if only momentarily. Braden loses Heitzman as they both move laterally behind the LOS and Heitzman is able to grab Rawls from behind as he hits the gap, preventing Rawls from being able bring his feet to truck Taylor for the TD. Heitzman looks a bit shaken up.

Not to pick on the kid, but the OL probably does enough there for Rawls to pound it in and he shows you why he's not a very good short yardage back despite his size. Hard to tell from the tight angle, but it seems he was slow getting to the hole and doesn't keep his legs pushing much after contact.

Play 17

Hand off to Smith, TD

Glasgow seals his man to the ground and falls on top of him. Braden has also kicked his guy, Wormley, outside for a huge hole. Miller gets downfield but maybe picks up the wrong guy. Doesn't matter though as Smith weaves around a couple diving arm tackles into the endzone.

Heros: James Ross was everywhere, his instincts appear to be the genuine article. Devin looked great too, but I'm guessing the footage was selected based on his best throwing plays. Fitz looked fantastic, someone is still looking for his jock strap out there. Ojemudia and Henry also both had moments to shine, hopefully we see some contributions from these two from the rotation.

Goats: Rawls still didn't really impress on his two carries. I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that his plays were selected to show off the defense, but it certainly fits his MO. The goal line play really showed this IMO. There was a visible hole there and he doesn't get there in time and doesn't do anything after contact. Miller struggled in a few plays, including getting rag dolled by James Ross once, and was visibly frustrated on a number of occasions. Funchess is still a liability in blocking, but maybe improving?



Hugh Jass

August 18th, 2013 at 9:31 PM ^

for all of the hard work you did.....the bottom line is we did not really learn much from the film.  Coaches may have told defense - here comes four plays on the ground right at you - let's see what you've got  - Oline vs Dline etc.  As a coach you work on certain things simply to get them on film for later analysis - we just do not know.........


August 18th, 2013 at 10:28 PM ^


Speculaiton is actually quite fun, but we really have no freaking clue about why a particular play was run (or selected for the video) and if it was deemed a success by the coaches or not.


August 18th, 2013 at 10:02 PM ^

Nice analysis. I never know who to root for in these things. I'd like to think that any offensive struggles were due to the fact that this is one of the best defenses we'll see all year and that any defensive lapses were due to facing one of the best offenses we'll see all year. The plays look impressive, and Devin may be impossible to stop when he's having a good day (EEEEEEEEEE).


August 18th, 2013 at 10:29 PM ^

Here is MLive's writeup on the same footage, if anyone is interested in another perspective - the link is HERE.

Granted, Nick Baumgardner did not say much that hasn't already been noticed here, but some key points:

"However, from what we're able to see, fifth-year senior Fitz Toussaint was the clear winner. Toussaint showed no signs of an ailing leg, making all the proper cuts with plenty of burst. He didn't break any long runs on the video, but he was basically the only back that had consistent downhill success in the run game."

As well as something I thought was notable:

"Defensively, Countess appeared to be working with Ray Taylor at corner. Though Courtney Avery was on the field quite a bit with the first team as well. Avery said Friday he's working more and more at free safety alongside senior strong safety Thomas Gordon."



August 18th, 2013 at 10:45 PM ^

I hear it's pretty nice there this time of year, albeit hot. You deserve it after seeing this. It's too bad Brian is apparently too busy to improve his site. It's threads like this that demand neg bangs.


August 18th, 2013 at 11:27 PM ^

Ditto.  I think reshp1 did a nice job writing it up.  Just because it's based on a few highlights from a scrimmage doesn't make a difference.  The spirit of the thing was spot on:  combing over any bit of information in the final lead up to the season is fun.

These kinds of things fuel the anticipation for the start of the season.

So I applaud reshp1's intention and effort.  It was a nice anticipatory diversion on this Sunday evening.


August 18th, 2013 at 11:00 PM ^

To be fair, have we really ever gotten a clear explanation why he hasn't fixed the voting issues? Especially when he/other employees basically promised that it would be repaired this off season.


August 19th, 2013 at 10:12 AM ^

I spent most of my morning yesterday poring over the footage anyway, trying to figure out why each play worked or didn't work, it really wasn't too much extra work to write it all down. I was probably just trying to ease my anxiety about the OL honestly. :) (FWIW, I think Kalis and Glasgow are the best of the interior, IMO. We'll be fine with those two. If Bryant is really an upgrade over Glasgow at LG as Heiko suggests, I think Glasgow should slide over to center since Miller really seemed pretty shaky. Based on limited sample size of course).

Glad some people are enjoying it.


August 19th, 2013 at 12:29 AM ^

If you don't like it, don't click on it (and then comment about how you don't like it). I think it is kind of crazy to do a UFR on that footage, but hey, to each his own. I actually only clicked on it because 1) wanted to see if it was just a joke and 2) wanted to see how well a UFR could be done on footage of a scrimmage. I have to say, he did a hell of a job on it. Such a good job, that I actually went through and read the whole thing. lol

Moonlight Graham

August 19th, 2013 at 9:52 AM ^

I was impressed that he could even tell what was going on and who was blocking or tackling. The most astute observation that I totally agree with is get that golf cart out of the way!

steve sharik

August 19th, 2013 at 12:16 PM ^

...I think it's a bad idea to have "heroes" and "goats" sections when you have 17 out of probably 100 or so plays, especially when (as you pointed out) the film is a close-up on the ball.

That said, quality effort that you can hopefully repeat with full data and better camera angles.