Conelius Jones Review - Week Four (name confirmed)

Submitted by Clarence Beeks on September 12th, 2009 at 12:11 AM
First things first:
Tim and Brian, I think we can finally put this name issue to rest.  His name is Conelius (no "r").  It's that way under his profile in the Spartan High program and the home announcer (who has no southern accent) says Conelius.  I think that's as good as we're going to get until he signs a LOI or someone actually asks him.  I'll be glad to scan and send his profile to either (or both) of you, if you aren't willing to just take my word for it, if you can get me your email address.  I'd post it as an attachment/image here, but I don't have a scanner at home and I wanted to get this update posted.  Also, MGoObes, you owe me an apology for what you said during my week one Jones update.  It's not just because I live in the south that I hear Conelius; it's because it's his friggin' name.  Just because I live in the south doesn't mean we are all hillbilly's who talk with the stereotypical southern drawl.  What you said was just ignorant.

A comment about last week's game:
Sorry, I missed it.  I was up north for the holiday weekend.  They won.  Tim posted some comments on it with links to local news stories here:

Game overview:
Bad officiating and bad coaching equals handing a victory to the jaws of defeat.  Spartan High should have won this game.  It was 7-7 at the half and Spartanburg actually lead 14-7 through the third quarter.  Then it went all down hill from there.  Two horribly blown calls lead to two Sumter scores as the defense seemed to totally lose focus and that was pretty much all she wrote, despite a pretty good night from Conelius Jones.  The bad coaching comes in from allowing the lack of discipline to occur, but also some extremely questionable play-calling.  Someone needs to really tell this coach what is blatantly obvious: Conelius Jones is a much better passer than the play-calling gives him credit for.  Designed runs on second and third and long completely disrespects this kid's ability.  Oh yeah, the game... Sumter 34, Spartanburg 21.  The end.

Jones overview:
Conelius Jones continues to impress me with his arm, decision-making, and excellent play-action skills.  As I've said consistently now, Jones is not all that fast (he's not slow, but he's more quick and shifty than fast), but what has become obvious is that this kid really has the potential to develop as a passer.  He shows good presence in the pocket and makes good decisions with where to go with the ball (usually).  However, he does tend to bail out and run sooner than he should sometimes, which indicates that he's not processing multiple reads consistently.  I'm pretty sure this is normal for quarterbacks who are known to be more mobile, at least at this point in their career.  His arm strength continues to impress as does his accuracy.  His two interceptions weren't indicative of accuracy issues.  The first one was a good play by the corner on a slightly under thrown ball and the second one appeared to be a case where he just didn't see the defender.  Interestingly, both picks came at the goal line.  The first one was at a rather key time (it would have tied the game at 28 in the 4th quarter, but the second one really wasn't (it was 34-21 Sumter with about 30 seconds left in the game).  These were his first two interceptions of the season, so I'm not really thinking there's much to take away from it other than interceptions happen sometimes.  He also seemed to hold onto the ball a little two long even when he hung in the pocket (as evidenced by his 3 sacks).  I'll keep this on the list to re-evaluate in future games.  Overall, Jones was very effective through the air and put up his highest passing yard total of the season.  In fact, he's increased his yardage each week this season.  He was also effective on the ground putting up his highest rushing yardage total of the season.  My favorite Jones play of the game also happened to come on the ground when on 4th and 7 in the 4th quarter he absolutely trucked a Sumter defender at the sticks to get the first down to keep a drive alive that resulted in a touchdown with about 4 minutes left to cut the deficit to 7 points.  Unfortunately the defense couldn't stop Sumter on their next possession (see aforementioned defensive meltdown), so it was ultimately for naught.  Jones put up about 70 yards on the ground (72 by my count, but I'll wait until the official numbers tomorrow) which is pretty impressive considering that Sumter played  almost the entire first quarter with all eleven guys within 8 yards of the line of scrimmage.  This changed when Jones torched them through the air on their third possession (5 for 5, 53 yards, TD (19 yards)).  It was obvious that they decided to dare Jones to pass.  He did.  They paid for it.  After that they played it much more traditionally.  The one thing that I can say is that Jones isn't putting up his passing numbers by big plays.  Rather, he's been very effective at making good decisions and finding receivers on underneath or quick routes and putting the ball in the right place at the right time.  All-in-all a good personal performance by Jones, but unfortunately it was not a total team effort tonight.

Drive summary:
(1) Started at own 29 / punt / rush: 4 (15 yards)
(2) Started at own 35 / punt / pass: 0-1
(3) Started at own 32 / TD / rush: 4 (4 yards) / pass: 5/5 (53 yards), TD (19 yards)
(4) Started at own 34 / punt / pass: 1/2 (14 yards)
(5) Started at own 47 / punt / pass: 0/1 / sack: 2 (-13 yards)
(6) Started at own 31 / punt / rush: 3 (15 yards) / pass: 2/2 (5 yards)
(7) Started at own 28 / punt / rush: 3 (22 yards)
(8) Started at own 31 / INT / rush: 2 (-6 yards) / pass: 2/3 (52 yards), INT
(9) Started at own 35 / TD / rush: 3 (16 yards), TD / pass: 5/8 (41 yards)
(10) Started at own 48 / INT / rush: 1 (12 yards / pass: 2/5 (22 yards), INT / sack: 1 (-2 yards)

Statistical summary:
Passing: 17/27, 187 yards, TD, 2 INT
Rushing: 20 carries, 72 yards, TD
Sacks: 3, -15 yards
Note - obviously these are not official stats, but should be in the ballpark

The following are the comments that I wrote down throughout the game:
- Name is Conelius in the program and as pronounced by the PA announcer
- Lofted two short passes - kind of scary
- Bootleg with nice touch and accuracy under pressure
- 11 in box - dare to pass
- Nice accuracy on 17 yard TD pass / nice loft
- Excellent play action fakes (this will be key for running Michigan's offense)
- Nice placement on pass to flat to running back
- Took big hit on run and sprung right back up quickly
- DB undercut ball on INT at goal line
- More athletic and shifty than fast
- Long on deep flag
- 7 yard 4th down fist down - trucked defender for first down
- Really seems to make good decisions despite terrible play-calling

Questions asked last time:
David - What were your impressions on his running ability? Can he be effective carrying the ball 15+ times a game?
Shouldn't be a problem.  He carried 20 times tonight and showed very little fatigue (i.e. just as effective later in the game).  Took some big hits, but took them well.  Even gave a couple good shots to would be defenders.  He's not a small guy.

MGoObes - a solution for the name thing. his nickname is trill, perhaps we can use that in quotation marks until the home opener? just throwing that out there
Unable to verify the nickname, but his real name has been verified.

Next game:
Spartan High hosts Greenwood High.  I should be there, but we also close on our house that day, so there's an outside chance that I won't be there.  Greenwood is 2-1 after getting thumped by Dorman tonight 35-14.  Greenwood is regarded as a tough opponent, so it should be a good test.

Again, as always, if anyone has any questions I will obviously be glad to try to answer them to the best of my ability.  Also, if anyone has anything they would like for me to evaluate in the coming weeks please let me know and I will add them to my list.



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Not a major statistical difference. "Conelius" is slightly more dorky than "Cornelius."

Cornelius Buttcheeks

September 12th, 2009 at 10:03 AM ^

My stars, Clarence, I'm sure the MGoBoard appreciates the update, but why in heaven's name are you such an insufferable asshole? At first, I thought you were merely showing some, ah, spirited support for the Pittsburgh Penguins, but it's become increasingly clear that you're simply a bit of a mean man, a vitriolic individual. "You owe me an apology." Good Lord, man, Michigan plays Notre Dame today. Don't you have more important things on your mind than worthless e-pologies and personal insults? I've yet to read a comment of yours that didn't call someone else on this board out as a loser or an ignoramus or a homer. Cool your jets!

Clarence Beeks

September 12th, 2009 at 2:18 PM ^

If you've really "yet to read a comment of [mine] that didn't call someone else on this board out as a loser or an ignoramus or a homer" you haven't read very many of my posts, especially recently. Were there some heated discussions about non-football subjects in the past (e.g hockey or politics)? Yes. Have I refrained from commenting on subjects that are not football related for quite some time? Yes. This thread was about football, not your personal gripe against me. I directed that comment toward MGoObes because he said something incredibly ignorant and it needed to be called out. If your complaint is solely about that, I suggest you take a look at what he said that I was responding to. If it's about more than that, I suggest you let it go.


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Is my high school. I watched the Dorman game last night, and can give a little bit of analysis:
Greenwood's front seven are really good. Led by Rivals' number two DT in the nation (Kelcy Quarles), the run defense is spectacular. Big plays, mainly passes, hurt us against Dorman, though we did have an interception on Dorman's first drive.

The takeaway us this:
Spartanburg's offense will need to rely on Conelius' passing rather than the running game to win against Greenwood.

Good luck to Conelius, but I have to go with my Eagles.

Clarence Beeks

September 12th, 2009 at 2:27 PM ^

That's for the insight on this. I'll be sure to revisit this post before next Friday's game and also when I do my write-up afterward. From what you say that should give him a good traditional (i.e. normal 7 man front) test in the box, probably his best test since Dorman in week one.