College Football 101 (#100)

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College Football 101

100. Funny Press Conferences

(6th Miscellaneous)

You can't go wrong with funny press conferences. The interesting thing about press conferences is that they are the only time you hear from coaches and players. We fans tend to define coaches and players by their responses in press conferences. Brady Hoke said, "This is Michigan for God's sake!" That made Michigan fans like him right away. Les Miles seems like a funny and crazy guy because that's how he responds in press conferences. We don't know these coaches personally, so we shouldn't assume this is how they are. But anyways, here are my top five press conferences that are guaranteed to make you laugh.

This one's not for content.. Just for laughs.

Honorable mention:

  • John L Smith Slaps Himself
  • Urban Meyer: You're a Bad Man
  • Brendan Gibbons Brunette Girls
  • 5. Have a Great Day

    Les Miles has many funny press conferences, but here is what he had to say about the rumors of him coaching at his alma mater-- Michigan.

    Have a Great Day

    4. John L Smith after Ohio loss

    Not only did John L Smith slap himself after losing to Notre Dame, but he got just a little upset at his coaching staff after this one...

    The Coaches are Screwing it up

    3. I'm a Man; I'm 40

    Although some people think this is not funny, it truly is. What is really happening is OSU coach Mike Gundy stepping up for his player-- or at least his idea of it. He calls out the reporter and says some things that you usually wouldn't hear at a press conference.

    I'm a Man; I'm 40

    2. Steve Spurrier and Ron Morris

    This is just halarious! Steve Spurrier called out Ron Morris and basically said, "I'm going to do individual interviews for everyone except Ron Morris because he sucks." He goes on and on and on. This is a classic.

    Steve Spurrier Calls Out Ron Morris

    1. We Need More Dogs

    NOTHING BEATS THIS! This is awesome! I don't need to say anything. Just watch the video.. Meow

    It's Raining Cats and Dogs

    Hope you all got a good laugh out of this!
    Check back tomorrow for some good content. It's the first rivalry. Also, Michigan Football 101 starts tomorrow. See who or what is #101.



May 22nd, 2012 at 10:19 AM ^

I guess this is more a series of interviews than a press conference per se, but he definitley has some one-liners that make you ask: "did he just say that?"

My favorites:

"I really feel like our team, at this point, is ready to go hit individuals from another institution of higher learning." 

"I want these guys bouncing around today like a pogo stick on viagra."

"Like a homely girl on a honeymoon- busy. Busy. Busy."


May 22nd, 2012 at 11:04 AM ^

If your tag-line suggests anything, you are perhaps the person who should stop commenting.

I know the whole "get off my lawn" meme here, but its really tiring to have people (who don't even have many of their own posts) berating any attempts by others towards creativity.  If you don't like the thread, don't click on it! And where is all this "good other content" that it's crowding out?  There are like 3 diary posts a day.  I know this may be hard, but if you want your diary posts saved for later viewing, perhaps you can "favorite" them, save the URLs, etc. 

/you get off my lawn



May 22nd, 2012 at 11:19 AM ^

This is a tough call.  I think you are both right.  The OP is obviously spending (and going to spend) a tremendous amount of time on this content that many will enjoy reading.  On the other hand, some of it will be fairly superfluous to a Michigan blog.  So what I'm thinking is that we keep the non-Michigan content on the Board and then the Michigan-related stuff in the Diaries.  That way, the OP's content will be properly showcased but will not overwhelm the Diaries section.  For example, yesterday's thread about Boise State would be a Board entry since Michigan is unlikely to ever play them and the fact that Brian will be doing an in-depth analysis before that game if it does, in fact, occur.

User "Needs" made the best suggestion in that the OP create his own blog (on blogspot or whatever) and then the OP can simply make a Board post with a link to the blog when it is updated or something like that.

OP:  What do you think?


May 22nd, 2012 at 4:24 PM ^

While the OP's enthusiasm is laudable, the diaries have always been a place for well researched, well written, thoughtful pieces of some length and substance that required some real effort or special skill to produce.  Over the years a few select participants in this web site have generated consistently solid material and are worth the time to read and the space they take up on the Diary section for a day or three.  If he plans on writing 101 pieces, one a day, what he is communicating is that his content is more important than any of the other diaries.  Right now his two diaries, somewhat thin on content and research and somewhat off topic, occupy two slots of five on the front page diaries list.  Its selfish and rude.  If he wants to write a column a day on miscelaneous college football topics, he can toss them onto the MGoBoard which is a much more ephemeral place and better suited to this sort of material, or he can start his own blog and write to his heart's content.

That said there are many other pieces that waste space in the Diaries, but they are one off works whose front page presence can be endured for a few days befor they are gone.  What raised my ire was the threat or promise of 101 of these pieces of fluff, one a day, every day, until the start of football season.  It brings to mind a scene from the digital cartoon, "Megamind":



May 24th, 2012 at 10:13 PM ^

I never thought I'd be seriously pissed at a Michigan fan for anything. But this is a really dumb post. You haven't been here much longer than him. Perhaps you should rethink why you're here and what we stand for.
Let the guy post and grow into his own. Countless posters have come here and thrown around much worse comments and posts than his and eventually become regular, respected posters.


May 22nd, 2012 at 5:32 PM ^

Oh, I used to post, and make a comment or two, back in the days when you could still neg bang, and lost about 2000 or so points in one flame war and some auto moderator penalizer or some such.  I have been kicking around here since the way back days, have a love/hate relationship with the blog, but in the end, imperfect as it may be, this is still the best place for UM Football news.  I even did the same thing, once, long ago, in a burst of enthusiasm, that the OP did; got chastized for it, saw the truth of what I was doing and stopped.  I used to post and interact more with the board, but it usually takes a bout of extreme boredom or procrastination to get me to even read, let alone comment on anything written in the side bar. 

Always a sucker for expanding my X's and O's knoweldge, I clicked on College Football 101 expecting some sort of look into, you know, actual football.  Being the cranky sort, well, I reacted.  Now I just have burr stuck in my craw about the whole project the OP has started.

Why not just ignore it?  I have work to do, work I don't want to do, and so being irritated at some Diary posting is what is filling my time untill deadline crunch motivates me to do said work...


May 31st, 2012 at 8:16 PM ^

Normally I don't get involved in these things but I wanted to point out that UMFootballcrazy has earned his right to say what he wants. He doesn't post much, but his comments on X's and O's in the past have been of assistance. If he's bothered by something, and he can say it all dignified-like, then whatever: his is an opinion that carries some weight.


May 22nd, 2012 at 10:31 AM ^

If there were a specific category for "Pressers That Will Haunt Coaches For The Remainder Of Their Days", Bennett's would certainly be a great competitor for the top spot. Indeed, it is not at all surprising that he was let go after last season. Nobody wants a head coach that leaves their screen door unrepaired, allowing cats to enter.