College Football 101

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College Football 101

Welcome to the College Football 101 series. For those who are counting down the days, college football kicks off in 101 days. Every day until then, I will write about one topic per day. As the days get closer, the topics will get better and better until we get to #1 on August 29th, which is one day away from kickoff.

The series will consist of:

  • Top 25 Programs
  • Top 15 Rivalries
  • Top 15 Bands
  • Top 15 Stadiums
  • Top 10 Coaches
  • Top 10 Plays
  • Top 5 Heisman Trophy Winners
  • Top 6 Miscellaneous


In addition, I will do a very similar series starting Wednesday called Michigan Football 101. Both of these series will hopefully get all of you college football fans, specifically Michigan fans, excited for the season. So here it is!! 101 days until College Football Kickoff...


101. Boise State

(25th Program)


A quick look at Boise State:

  • Founded: 1932
  • Nickname: Broncos
  • Location: Boise, Idaho
  • School Size: 19,664
  • Stadium: Bronco Stadium
  • Conference: Mountain West (subject to change anytime soon with the realignments)
  • Conference Titles: 16
  • National Titles: 0
  • Overall Record: 377-145-2 (.721)
  • Mascot: Buster Bronco
  • Interesting Facts: The field, Lyle Smith Field, has blue turf.


Boise State is an interesting school. It is one of the few schools that is not in a BCS conference but is a threat. It is not a big school, but Boise State has made a name of itself since it defeated Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. Ever since Chris Petersen called a Hook-n'-Lateral to send the game to overtime and a Half Back Pass for a Touchdown followed up by a Statue of Liberty for the 2 Point Conversion to win the game-- and a proposal from Ian Johnson to his cheerleading girlfriend-- Boise State has attracted many college football fans.

Since 2006, the Broncos are 73-6 (.924). There are two people who hold almost all of the credit for that-- Chris Petersen and Kellen Moore. It just so happens to be that 2006 is the year Chris Petersen took over at head coach. Not only do they have a winning percentage of 92.4% under Petersen, but they are 4-2 in bowl games. This proves that Boise State has not only won all these games, but it can win the tough ones, too. This makes you wonder why they haven't played in the national championship game. They have had three undefeated seasons in the past five years, yet haven't played in the big game. Hopefully, the BCS can fix its problem, form whatever superconferences it needs, and give a team like this a chance to win a championship in a playoff.

Kellen Moore has the most wins as a starting quarterback in college football history. That is saying something! You think of all the great QBs-- Peyton Manning, Doug Floutie, Tim Tebow, Vince Young-- and Kellen Moore has more wins than any of them. His record at Boise State was 50-3 (.943). The lefty QB graduated this year and hopes to make the Detroit Lions this summer. Where does that leave Boise State? The Broncos have lost 14 starters-- six on offense and eight on defense. Junior Quarterback Joe Southwick is likely going to be the starter in 2012. He completed 15 passes on 19 attempts in the Spring Game and has taken over the leadership role. Boise not only lost its passing game, but senior Chandler Koch takes over for Doug Martin at Running Back. They are expected to fill the shoes of their predecessors according to Chris Petersen. They are definitely in a rebuilding year. Also, it doesn't help that they open up with Michigan State in East Lansing on a Friday night. Although many analysts are putting that game on upset alert, I don't think Boise State has a chance against the Spartans. It should be very interesting to see how Boise State does this year without its best player in program history.

Although they may be in some trouble this year, any team with a blue field has to be interesting. Personally, I find it interesting to watch them on TV because the players somewhat blend in with the field. My Dad says it hurts his eyes, but he's getting old :) but most people love it! How can you not like it? The stadium only seats 37,000 people, it's a relatively small school, and it's not a school full of much tradition. The Smurf Turf defines Boise State football. The first thing you think about when someone says "Boise State" is the blue field.

Boise State is not a well-known program simply because it has not won a single national championship. The Broncos are one of my Top 25 Programs because they do have a good winning percentage, they have a blue field and they have proven themselves over the years. They aren't scared to schedule tough teams-- they beat Georgia in Atlanta to open the season last year. The Broncos can prove themselves once again by beating Michigan State on the road to open up the season this year. Chris Petersen has certainly done an excellent job at Boise State, and it is going to be very interesting to see how well he does with his Broncos in this rebuilding year.

Boise State 2012 Schedule with predictions

  • @Michigan State L
  • Miami (OH) W
  • Brigham Young W
  • @New Mexico W
  • @Southern Miss L
  • Fresno State W
  • UNLV W
  • @Wyoming W
  • San Diego State L
  • @Hawaii W
  • Colorado State W
  • @Nevada L

My Regular Season Presiction: 8-4


Check back tomorrow to see what #100 (#6 Miscellaneous) is on College Football 101.

The Countdown begins... Only 101 days until college football! Hang in there!



May 21st, 2012 at 12:19 AM ^

Friendly suggestion: write about the 2012 team they will be fielding to shed some light on your schedule predictions. I look forward to reading the rest of these


May 21st, 2012 at 12:26 AM ^

You mention blue turf a million times but can't give me the name of the new starting qb or anyone except the coach? Athlons, lindys and Phil Steele are all right around the corner. Good luck on this, but I need some more meat on stuff like this.

oriental andrew

May 21st, 2012 at 12:29 PM ^

Stadiums with an E-W orientation include:

  • UGA - Sanford Stadium
  • Kentucky - Commonwealth Stadium
  • Miami of Florida - Sun Life (when set up for football)
  • ECU - whatever their stadium is called
  • Okie State - Boone Pickens Stadium

It appears all except boone pickens are more of an ESE-WNW orientation; boone pickens is dead-on E-W. 

Incidentally, the Georgia Dome (Atlanta Falcons) and Cleveland Browns Stadium (some team in ohio) are also E-W. 




May 21st, 2012 at 9:29 AM ^

This is going to sound get off my lawn-ish, and it is, to an extent, but I have two questions:

1. Given the amount of content you're planning, why not start your own blog? You could certainly publicize it here via the board, but, even in the off-season, this seems both like a lot of diary content from one poster and an attempt to piggy back off this blog's popularity.

2. What's the value added here? All of these lists, based on very general and surface impressions (necessarily, no one can be an in depth expert on every team in college football) are something I'd expect to see on Bleacher Report, not here, where the best diaries have generally focused  on in depth statistical analysis or explication of a particular issue within the sport.



May 21st, 2012 at 9:35 AM ^

This is fine stuff for the late spring thru the end of summer. We continually rehash ever old thing or minor tidbit of uniform/number change. This seems to be appropriate content for this time of year. Lighten up a bit, normally I am the first one to yell at the kids to get off my grass, but in this case the OP can meander across my lawn all summer.



May 21st, 2012 at 11:07 AM ^

I'll be the first to admit that it may just be me. It just seems like a lot of content to locate on someone else's blog, particulary by a relatively new member. It's also not in line with the general tenor of the best stuff that gets posted as diaries. I just wonder why he doesn't start his own thing.

But it is a very slow part of the year.


May 21st, 2012 at 10:36 AM ^

(a) I like the composite graphic ... that's pretty cool.

(b) I've been to Boise Stadium and have been down on the blue turf.  It's pretty cool.

(c) If ever in Boise, do not miss the Table Rock Brewpub ... awesome selection of beers

(d) A little more analysis of the 2012 team would be nice

(e) Re: here on a blog of your own ... meh, whatever ... here seems fine.  I'm not sure what the harm is ... it's only a link under "Diaries" ... and wasn't there a call for more diaries?

(f) Apropos of nothing having to do with this diary post ... Chris over at "Smart Football" has a book out -- "The Essential Smart Football" ... so for those who like to dig into the X's and O's.  I've ordered it ... at less than $10 it seems like a good off-season read.


May 21st, 2012 at 11:35 AM ^

I like your intentions here, but I disagree about BSU; they have not deserved to play for a "national championship."  They play one or two elite teams a year, one or two fairly tough teams, and eight tomato cans.  Michigan plays eight teams a year that are tougher than any of BSU's tomato cans, and so do most teams in power conferences.

BSU has been great at getting "sky-high" for one or two "big games" per year and beating opponents that didn't take them seriously enough.  They are also great at TCB against tomato cans.  However, that does not make them a great team, nor does it mean they were every worthy of a shot at a "national championship."

I agree on one thing though: Sparty should mop the floor with this team.  If they somehow win in EL, I will be more than happy to be wrong, though.  What's really funny is that MSU and BYU are probably the toughest teams they will play this season.  That doesn't make much of a case for them deserving any kind of BCS consideration.


May 21st, 2012 at 11:59 AM ^

In the Sugar don't you. Lets see they send a single class of 13 into the NFL and you with all your brillance think they never deserved a shot. Whens the last time Michigan had 13 of a single class in the NFL? whens the last Time Michigan had 2 #1 picks. Hate won't get you far in life .


May 21st, 2012 at 12:13 PM ^

Thats all you got .. ownership of haters like you is easy I must admit facts go right over your head. Kets conside some more shall we Boise State player suppior Duck teams the one of Michigans most recent highly alcaimed team did 06-07 while the Ducks dominated Michigan , Boise did the oposite by dominating the Ducks in O and on the Blue.


May 21st, 2012 at 12:57 PM ^


Thanks for your extensive (if very homer-ish) post below: you provide a lot more information about next year's BSU team, which is a valuable contribution to this thread.

That being said, talking about "ownership of haters like you" isn't going to get you very far on this blog. From the sum of your posts so far, I can't tell if you're trying to become an informed part of a conversation about Boise football, or if you're just here to troll. If it's the first, slow down, re-read what you've written before posting, and leave the juvenile stuff at home, and we'll be very interested to hear what you have to say. OTOH, if you're just here to call Michigan cowards... well, you can probably guess how well that's going to go over.


May 21st, 2012 at 12:10 PM ^


First off let’s make a couple correction, 1 Boise State has won 2 National Championships a JC national Championship and a FCS national Championship, no doubt Boise State will be the first school ever to win a National Championship in all three levels before the next decade is out. Second Boise States Win Percentage is actually higher if you start at 2001 instead of 2006 but I'm sure the anxious blog writer just didn’t have the time to get all his facts right like who the starting RB will be, Koch is a TE not a RB!  I believe who you are actual thinking of is Drew Wright he’s a third stringer, D.J Harper is the starter and Jay Ajayi will be the backup. Though Boise State has all but 3 of last year’s starters in NFL camps today under contract those three being Chuck Hayes, Byrb, & Hunter White everyone else from the 2011 senior class is getting paid to play. It should be noted this class of Bronco’s was rank 54th in recruiting classes, so either Coach Pete knows how to pick’em or he coaches them up like no one else, either way doesn’t matter it’s the results that count! I’ll admit I didn’t read much beyond seeing his projection for next year once I saw that I clear knew they write despite his early errors knows nothing about Boise State. So allow me to help you out, yes Boise State lost many to the NFL but they are returning all but 1 OL starter, they are returning all but 1 Wide out who I dare say though I love (Tyler Shoemaker) he wasn’t even near the top of this current group of WR With D.J and Ajayi the back field is solid with Gabe Linehan and our depth at TE the loss to the Raiders of Efaw is migrated

On Defense our LB core might just be the best ever at Boise State same goes for our D Back field returning Gavins, Hightower, and Taylor leaving a big competition for the other Safety spot where Ioane looks to have the lead. So if you are looking for a weak spot on this team this year it’s DL or QB, lets talk DL to start like every year Boise State seems to get the cream of the JC transfers, (Tyrone Dallas Cowboys, Venerable Chicago Bears) and has picked up two dominating DE’ss this year but even so what seems to get missed with this Boise team is just how much playing time the backups get not just in blow out games either. Coach Pete plays everyone and the names to watch in 2012 on Boise's DL are Bacon(Michael Atkinson) 320lbs of destruction you might remember him for the second to last play in the first half against Georgia when he destroyed their 240lbs HB. Greg Grimes, other names are Ricky Tiong-A-Tjoe one of our Dutchmen. Make no mistake Boise States DL will be just as dominate as the one that put 5 this year into the NFL 1 in the first round 1 in the 3rd & one in 4th The others Jarred Root (Miami, and Chase Backer (Vikings) signed as free agents, Chase after camp was giving a 3 year deal. So we are left with QB, first allow me to link an article to help expand on this.

No doubt at this point Joe Southwick is the odd’s on favorite, but not declared if you read the above link you now know Boise State has 4 QB's in camp one of them for sure will get playing time in real game moments Grant Hedrick ,of the others are looking to take over where Kellen Moore left off. For me the dark horse in this race the one that can really upset the apple cart is Jimmy Laughrea he has everything Kellen didn’t the Arm the legs and the size. The question to be answered is does he have the Brain? summer camp will tell all but I think for any objective person knowing who and what Boise state is facing this 2012 season BYU is the real road block but that’s in Boise, no doubt Cougar fans are looking for revenge after being beaten two years in a row once in Provo by these Bronco's and their team does have depth and experience , however MSU at worst it's a reply of the Boise State VS Oregon 2009 game low scoring defensive game(whens the last time someone held Oregon to no first downs in half ? 2009 Boise State.  MSU LB core is special but the rest of the team is junk, as for the other projected losses well hey the guy thought a 6’2” 250lb TE was the starting RB so yeah he don’t know football.

But fear not Michigan fans the Bronco’s will send Sparty packing August 31 and you can all all join in and be a member of Bronco Nation for  a day.


May 21st, 2012 at 12:34 PM ^

So lets talk content oh wait you can't you know nothing.. 

So what part realy has you but sick all the winning all the NFL players? just what is it that you think makes you better? it's lunch time I'm not currently doing a million things like correcting a thread here of some very basic facts. I mean I was being nice considering, If you really want to know I feel you could always read this.

I should say Both Denard and Brady proved to be good sports about it and have even Freind me. Gallon on the other well he's the censitive type. and Yes I posting from my phone so with this old blog setup there is not alot of option..... 

oriental andrew

May 21st, 2012 at 12:51 PM ^

i am now stupider for having read your blog post.  clearly you shouldn't be blaming your phone for the barely elementary-grade dreck which spews forth from your mind to your keyboard. 

note to all mgodenizens - do NOT give this guy page hits.  the blog and content are a waste of time.  for decent BSU commentary and analysis, check out One Bronco Nation Under God or Blue Turf Nation.  unless you really like the sort of content you'd find on RCMB and MLive, that is.  in that case, this guy's site is right up your alley.


May 21st, 2012 at 1:46 PM ^

In this country, Standard Written English is perceived as the dialect of education and intelligence and power and prestige, and anybody of any race, ethnicity, religion, or gender who wants to succeed in American culture has got to be able to use SWE. This is just How It Is. You can be glad about it or sad about it or deeply pissed off. You can believe it’s racist and unfair and decide right here and now to spend every waking minute of your adult life arguing against it, and maybe you should, but I’ll tell you something—if you ever want those arguments to get listened to and taken seriously, you’re going to have to communicate them in SWE, because SWE is the dialect our nation uses to talk to itself.

from DFW, "Authority and American Usage," in Consider the Lobster, Back Bay Books, New York 2007. Another way of putting it is that, if you wish to discuss content and all anyone focuses on is your grammar, the problem may not lie with everyone else.


May 22nd, 2012 at 11:45 AM ^

Too obscure of a reference, Blue; I don't think he understands Greek literary references. I'd put it to him more like this

1) Be an annoying troll

2) Get banned from this forum

3) ????



May 21st, 2012 at 9:44 PM ^

A few things about your ignorant blog post:

1) Jim Delany is not an employee of the University of Michigan.  I've not seen any articles validating your claim about Delany asking for UM not to play BSU, but let's assume it is true.  It still doesn't necessarily implicate Michigan under your accusations at all.

2) What is the right thing for a Va Tech fan to do in this situation?  Not go to the bowl game for circumstances outside of his/her control?  Stop rooting for Va Tech and support BSU during the bowl season? 

3) Obama?  Are you kidding me?

4) Look at your own schedule last year.  You played one (!) top 25 team in Georgia.  Congratulations on the win, but I would argue that YOU are the cowards in only scheduling one difficult game non-conference per year and then whining about perennially getting left out of the championship conversation.

5) You think we're afraid to play you?  Then why do you think we scheduled Ala-fucking-bama for our first game next year? 

Clean up your posts, and stop aggravating the Michigan fans on the Michigan blog, or leave.


May 21st, 2012 at 3:22 PM ^

"Greg Grimes, other names are Ricky Tiong-A-Tjoe one of our Dutchmen" - Darthprophet

I take it then that Boise State has made some recruiting inroads in the Netherlands, or at least that's all I was able to get out of this response. If so, I find this "vrij interessant".


May 21st, 2012 at 6:05 PM ^

While I applaud the effort, the execution leaves something to be desired. People come to MGoBlog for depth, not the surface analysis and regurgitation of records that they can find elsewhere, like ESPN.

Also, you fail to define the criteria for your categories. Boise State is a Top 25 program... currently? of the decade? Hopefully you're not implying of all time. If you're going to continue this series, I suggest putting a little more explanation into it; otherwise it seems like you're just rattling of a list of your Top X whatevers.