Cheers to Mike Hart!

Submitted by sportjunkee on October 13th, 2008 at 4:17 PM

Mike Hart is the leading rusher in Michigan football history. This is quite an achievement considering how storied a program Michigan is. In his career, Hart rushed 1,015 times for 5,040 yards. In 2004, he set a record for most yards ever by a Freshman with 1,455 yards. These are rediculous numbers. Mike Hart is and will always be an icon to Michigan Football. This season has been hard for Michigan, expecially coming off a stunning upset loss to Toledo. Who? What? It is at times like this the Mike Hart must be rememberd. A day after Michigan got beat by Toledo, Mike Hart got his second touch as an NFL football player (first touch since week 1) on the Indianapolis Colts. Be it that it only went for 2 yards and he actually fumbled on the play, it was still a large step in Mike Harts profesional football career. Don’t worry about the fumble the Colts recovered. The Colts went on to crush the Baltimore Ravens 31–3. I have been following Mike Hart on his journy from the college ranks to the NFL. I have been reading his blog. He has been fighting hard on special teams for 5 weeks now and it is good to see him get another touch, no matter the situation it was in (being that Jo Addai went down). He is still searching for his first special teams tackle. I know Michigan fans take pride in their history and their players and Mike Hart is certaintly someone worth taking pride in. So, on this weekend when Michigan is down in the dumps because they lost to some team from Toledo, lets give a shout out to Mike Hart. I am encouraging all of you to give him a shout out on his blog and tell him how much you appreicated his time at Michigan and that on weekends like this he is missed. Here is to Mike! Cheers!



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woops, you are right, he did get a carry week one. on his blog hez been talking about making plays on the field and how he hadent gotten a tackle yet on special teams and he would love to get a carry. i guess i interpreted that as he hadent gotten one yet. My bad. I guess now we gota stick to rooting for him to get a tackle on special teams, i am prety sure that hasent done that yet. With Addai down, maybe he get more touches, we will see.... good call on week 1

DC Dave

October 13th, 2008 at 7:39 PM ^

His two yard run picked up a first down. He shed a defensive lineman behind the line of scrimmage and then squirmed between two other defenders to pick up an extra yard and the first down. It was so vintage Hart that I thought of him before I knew he had the ball. The fumble came on the 18 yard screen pass. A defender knocked him out of bounds and jarred the ball loose. I think it just rolled out rather than being recovered by anyone. This was the same play that he got injured on.

UofM Snowboarder

October 14th, 2008 at 2:09 AM ^

Fred Jackson will retire in less than 5 years.

Mike Hart will coach here in an equal amount of time.

I love Fred Jackson, but having THE Michigan Man (of the last, say, 10 years) here coaching + THE greatest RB at MI all time (back here on the sideline, coaching), will be fantastic. I (almost, but not really) want Hart to leave the NFL now so we can take him sooner, and he can learn from FJ (more how to coach, not how to be an amazing RB).

He belongs here. I miss him. Can wait to see him back on the sidelines yelling at players more than anyone to get up and get going.