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Submitted by I Blue Myself on August 28th, 2008 at 3:15 PM

Sorry if this is already widely known, but I hadn't seen it. 

The BTN has posted its coverage map for this week's games:

(The map shows you which will be the "featured game" in your area.  The other games will be available to you either on overflow channels or not at all.)

The most interesting feature is that you can type in your zip code and cable system, and it will tell you whether your system is showing games on overflow channels and whether they'll be in SD or HD.

For example, if you are living in Atlanta (zip code 30301) and subscribe to Comcast, at noon on Saturday you only see OSU vs. Youngstown State, and not in HD.  So you will be deprived of watching the glory of Penn State vs. Coastal Carolina in HD on your plasma screen.

On the other hand, if you're living in DC (zip code 20006) and subscribe to Comcast, you get all five noon games on overflow channels, albeit only in SD.  (I remember someone was concerned about whether Comcast would show overflow games in DC, so hopefully this is some reassurance.)

This may not seem that important right now because Michigan isn't on the BTN this week, but if you're a cable subscriber outside the Big Ten footprint, it's worth looking into.  Presumably, the cable companies that have overflow channels this week will do the same in the future. 

Michigan is a big national draw and will often be BTN's featured game, the way OSU vs. YSU is this week.  But it's very possible that at some point this season, Michigan will be on BTN as a non-featured game.  You'll want to know if you'll get that game at home and whether it's in HD, or whether you need to switch to DirecTV or Dish Network.



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I do live in Atlanta and just signed up for Comcast's Sports Pkg (Includes BTN, Fox College regionals and more) at $5.00 per month. I had been planning to sign up for ESPN's Game Plan but learned on this site today that ESPN's GP won't be carrying any Big Ten games this year.

The good news is you guys saved me some money and the heartbreak of psoriasis. The bad news is if Michigan's ever on a BTN overflow channel, it looks as if I'm headed to smokey Sportsbar City, once again to be surrounded by rednecks.

I'm new to these Boards. Love Brian's objectivity and creativity. Rare qualities in an apparent computer maven.

I Blue Myself

August 29th, 2008 at 12:56 AM ^

Possibly the best thing about this website is the impossibly nerdy little jokes involving Michigan football that no one anywhere else would understand.

For example, right now my mood could be best expressed by the "I Want to Believe" poster from the X-Files, except with Rich Rod's head in the place of the flying saucer.  I don't think I have the Photoshop skills or time to actually make that happen, but I take comfort in the idea that, if I did, someone reading this site would appreciate it.