Brian on WTKA Recap, 9/1/11

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[Ed-M: Semi-official 'cause we asked him to do this after he provided a great recap last week on the board]

This is just me listening to the podcasts and typing up what I find interesting; it's not a word-for-word transcript.

First segment:

Offense.  Wondering how little the offense will show Saturday.  Will they stay just I-form all day?  Last year's offense is not new so it's not like they need to practice that.  Maybe that's the "vanilla" offense and they will save the I-form power play till ND.  Hoke: First play will probably power!  Brian sighs.  Brian doesn't like "here it is, try and stop it" mentality.

Brian's tradition the first week is to watch Miss St. play a team with a horrid pass defense and still throw 6 INTs (but won't happen this year with Mullen).  Talking about Michigan playing its first game during the week (App St on Thursday, for instance).  Brian opposed because Michigan can get Saturday ABC time even when it's not a marquee game.

Jordan Jefferson bar fight.  What are players doing in a bar during fall camp?  Brian says we dodged bullet by not hiring Miles.  Miami suspensions; some guys only out 1 game.  Penalties fair vs. Ohio St. five game suspensions?  NCAA has set list of number of games suspended vs. amount of money taken.  Miami players had to talk in order to maintain eligibility.  No one pulling a Dez Bryant and not talking; doesn't bode well for Miami's long-term future.

Brian's article on home-and-home matchups with marquee teams, and how it doesn't cost much to do it.  Two bodybag games vs. home-and-home; $2.60 per ticket would cover it.  Maybe Michigan shouldn't do it right now due to roster stability, but future would be good to see them play teams they usually don't see.  Mention of next year's challenging schedule with Bama and Air Force.  Brian would much rather have a home-and-home with Bama instead of a one-off in JerryWorld.  Brian wants to see real games against opponents we don't see.  Remembering the 90s with playing Colorado, Boston College, etc.  All about the money now.

Second segment:

Craig Ross in now.  Offense question marks.  Shaw/Fitz at RB?  Craig doesn't think it will just be one back and it will still be 4 guys playing.  Really 5 guys including Denard.  RB the one position group that doesn't have a clean slate when new coaches come in?  Some talk about decision process among the new coaches.  Talk about how new coaches making the same wrong decisions that RR did; Gibbons being PK and Gallon being kickoff returner, and how everybody was fed up with Gallon fumbling last year and Gibbons' kicking.  Coaches figuring out who can actually play in games vs. just practice.  Gallon didn't drop any in practice despite balls being kicked all over the place.  Impact of new special team drills.

First call.  Placekicking/Gibbons.  Does he stay on scholarship if he struggles?  Yes; we are not Alabama.  Michigan will commit to him for four years regardless.  Comparison to SEC with how we can have a kid on scholarship that has walk-ons ahead of him, and he can still be on the team despite just practicing and "being a part of the team."  In SEC he would be forced to transfer.    

Second call.  How is Devin Gardner doing?  How many reps will he have?  Will depend a lot on the defense.  Gardner has looked OK, but have to see.  Craig says Gardner is better than last year but Denard obviously unquestioned #1. 

The Hoke Friday walkthrough; Friday practice at 5pm.  Not a hitting practice, just supposed to be an "intense walkthrough," a little more physical, should work up a sweat.  No hitting, though.

Third segment:

Jake Ryan progress.  Was 3-3-5 OLB, in this defense SLB does get to do vertical attacking/blitzing, but he needs to cover better.  Cam Gordon ahead in the coverage department.  Maybe Ryan a designated passing-down blitzer.  Weird 3-man line formation with Martin getting moved to 7-tech Shawn Crable-esque position on passing downs for pass rush.  Not abnormal for Greg Mattison; did it at Baltimore.  Ryan had good camp; potential there if Cam Gordon struggles.  Mattison stressing that he'll play a lot of guys in the front seven.  BWC at NT?  Brian skeptical; should be at 3-tech, but don't need to relieve RVB because RVB plays the whole game.  Hard for Campbell to get playing time.  How close is the defense to having a fully-rotatable two-deep with 22 guys?  Brian says they have 15-16: the starters plus Jake Ryan, JT Floyd, Carvin Johnson, Nate Brink, and maybe Black.  Don't have any solid depth at DT, MIKE, or WILL. Maybe Countess can backup at corner.  Craig says they don't want a lot of rotation in the secondary (aside from nickel package), should just be the front seven rotating.  Brian still big on Avery improving. 

Is Western a good test for the defense?  Should be interesting to see if they can get QB pressure.  Western has two backup guards (and backup center?) playing. 

Game predictions.  Brian: 36-15 (12 FGs!).  Craig thinks we'll cover.  Ira looks back to how 2004 was the last time things went as predicted.  Can't predict which is the hardest of the 3 rivalry games.  USF vs. ND.  Brian thinks BJ Daniels is awful; ND shouldn't have trouble.  Boise St. vs. Georgia, LSU vs.Oregon.  Brian thinks LSU will get crushed, will be in chaos on offense.  Craig thinks Boise St. will win.  Brian thinks Georgia.



September 1st, 2011 at 8:50 PM ^

NCAA has set list of number of games suspended vs. amount of money taken.

Wonder how long it will take Orson to suggest how an enterprising young man looking to rest for mid-season Baby Seal week might be able to make a few bucks on the side.


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I agree with LSU being in disarray on offense. They lost their starting QB who was already barely mediocre and now they have the pick-6 machine

And I think I read that both guards are fresh JuCo transfers and the center was moved from being a guard. The RT is O'Neill and the LT is Some Guy. May be entertaining to see Roh go one-on-one with O'Neill and to see Martin/RVB go against anyone on the interior. If WMU has any sort of running attack then that would concern me a bit