The Blockhams in "NOT THAT OHIO"

Submitted by Six Zero on March 13th, 2012 at 10:04 AM


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I have never attempted to hide the fact that I'm just not much of a basketball fan.
Never played it, never watched it, and certainly never followed UM's teams in any
way.  But many of you do, and these are the stories that the fan base is buzzing
about these days... and with good reason.  Michigan Basketball has had a
great season and is certainly deserving of the spotlight.

So this weekend I found myself-- for the first time in my life, mind you-- doing
an online search to discover who Michigan drew in the tournament brackets.  And
as we've all seen, the matchup itself is its own punchline.  So much so that I even
considered discarding the topic and going somewhere else.  But that'd be unfair for
all of the Bball fans, and probably the fan base as a whole-- our little illustrated
family was designed to be representative of all Michigan fans, not just, well, me.

In the end, as it always does and probably should, it came back to the
characters.  It's been fun getting to know the archetypes of each individual
Blockham, and getting inside their heads pretty much writes the story
each time.  Today, the frustration of the blue hair won out.

Look Thursday for another Men's Bball Tourney strip, where I'll get
inside the head of another Blockham who has good reason
to be enthusiastic of his team's chances this March.

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