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What a game.  Just wanted to pay tribute in some small way to the Bear.  Kid had a rough start but has been an absolute clutch performer for us. Hats off to our celebrated bearded and flow-possessing pla

On Thursday we look ahead to a big showdown... in Nebraska of all places.

In light of all of the mayhem over the weekend, plus a really frantic week of serving as a de facto tour guide for visiting in-laws, I opted to push back the Caption Challenge to next week.  I obviously also wanted to do a piece on the MSU game, so it turned out to be win-win.  I'll present the Caption Challenge next Tuesday in all its confused glo

Those taking part in the first ever Caption Challenge include:  ESPN's Tom Van Haaren aka TomVH (duh!), JustCoverBlog's JamieMac, MLive's Kyle Meinke, The Wolverine's Tim Sullivan, Tremendous's Steve Lorenz (the artist formerly known as Aquaman), MVictor's Greg Dooley, Maize n Brew's Anthony Mammel, The Hoover St. Rag's Craig D. Barker, Maize n Blue Nation's Brad Muckenthaler,  Midnight Maize's own The Shredder, and some guys named Seth and Brian that you might have heard of.

I'll work them all up, and we may even have a poll.  The winner will receive a free
all-inclusive trip with Charlie Blockham to Ms. Katzenmoyer's office. Look for it next week!

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October 23rd, 2012 at 9:49 PM ^

Brendan Gibbons has truly made my life better as a Michigan fan.  The first time I saw Michigna lose in person was the 2005 Rose Bowl, on a game winning kick.  I have been through my share of dissapointments, not only in Football but in Hockey and Basketball.  I have tried to block the whole Rich Rod era from my memory.  But Brendan Gibbons, he truly embodies the attitude of Brady Hoke and the overall superiority of the University of Michigan in both athletics and academics.  In 2010 Gibbons was a disaster, converting 1 of 5 field goals.  It should be noted he had an extremely succesful high school career.  Yet last year, he converted 13 of 17, including the game winner in overtime in the Sugar Bowl.  After seeing Michigan lose in two Rose Bowls, a Gator Bowl, and the NCAA Hockey National Championship Game, winning this game was overwhelming.  From being worse than my high school's kicker, Brendan Gibbons became a hero not only to me but the University of Michigan.  Fast forward to 2012, Gibbons has become almost automatic.  0:09 left on the clock against Michigan State, we have lost four straight years, and have 899 all time wins.  Brendan Gibbons strolls in as if nothing were a big deal.  From fearing an extra point two years ago, I have the utmost confidence in Gibbons.  Glanda hikes the ball, Dileo has a perfect hold, and Gibbons blasts the kick through the uprights for the lead (while surprisingly not thinking of brunette girls.)  No longer do my Sparty fans own me.  I own them.  Brendan Gibbons, you have made my life better as a Michigan fan.  Thank you.  Go Blue!