Submitted by Six Zero on July 24th, 2012 at 2:17 PM

For those of you that weren't following along... Thursday's strip saw the Blockhams patriarch Glenn literally DIE when his youngest son delivered the news that he had fallen for the unthinkable.... a Buckeye girl.

He awoke beside pearly gates, among the clouds, and in the presence of a familiar and legendary man....


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The old man himself.  Bo.

I really enjoyed putting this one together, as lengthy and wordy as it is.  Obviously it was pretty easy to see where this strip was going, but I felt a real need to pay honor to the man who made the program what it is.  And in light of, well, yesterday, especially here in PA, I thought about him in ways I never thought I would.  But for better or worse, Bo never pretended to be perfect... he only inspired perfection.


On Thursday, Glenn returns to his earthly form and gets like the last ten pages of 'A Christmas Carol.'

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