The Blockhams in "COPING SKILLS"

Submitted by Six Zero on September 4th, 2012 at 3:06 PM


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It was sometime around 11pm on Saturday night that I suggested on Twitter that someone try to turn Brian off, the way Princess Leia did to C3PO in the second movie. And even then, in his barely coherent ramblings, he was still the voice of the fan base. There are no words to describe how bad of a woodsheddin' that was.  Or are there? Perhaps the most accurate description I read was in the live blog when BIGOZZY86 stated that it "feels like I'm watching a pet die."

Yep, that will definitely be how I remember it, with Musberger's cloyingly saccharine voice reading it back to me for the rest of eternity...


As for the Blockhams, they'll move on.  Just as we will.  I'm over this, to the point that having to draw this dug back up bones that I'd since buried sometime in the wee Sunday morning hours.  We're moving on, and so will the Blockhams.  Probably by about, ahh, Thursday.

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September 4th, 2012 at 4:48 PM ^

I find Glenn's choice of "Hogan's Heroes" fitting somehow as the show itself was undoubtedly cathartic for several of its castmembers who themselves had suffered (or their families had) due to WWII. If there is a show that can get you to laugh in the face of something that was not funny at all, that would be one of them. "Not funny at all" would indeed describe Saturday night. 

Great comic this week, and congratulations to JeepinBen for his quasi-cameo. An honor indeed.