The Blockhams in "THE AGONY OF... VICTORY?"

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Today, on September 11, it's appropriate to celebrate some of the many of the things America does right.  Fast food. Trucks.  Big budget Hollywood epics full of explosions and ridiculous violence. God Bless the USA.

One of the things we're also great at is raising up heroes... and tearing them down. At least since the rise of Elvis, our nation, and particularly the national media, has had a knack for elevating our heroes to impossible standards, and then lambasting them when then they fail to live up to those expectations. But it's not just the media. We, the public, buy into the hype. It's dangerously easy to feel entitled to the type of expectations that arise from public perception. We defend the frantic need to be more entertained than we had been by the previous outing.  Think Iron Man 2.  Nucky Thompson.  The Green Album.

Team 133 did not vote themselves #8 in the country. They did not write the team preview and send it to Athlon Sports. And they most certainly can't be faulted for trying their best yet not performing the way we wanted them too.  For not picking up where a somewhat  lucky and over-achieving team left off.  We're AAAAAWWWLLL guilty of it, myself included-- but maybe that's a positive thing to emerge this week, the idea that whatever we expect from this team this year may very well not be what we receive.

I'm currently working on several strips right now, so on Thursday we'll either see how Tom likes to rant about the team's perceived shortcomings or Desmond will meet a famous singer/songwriter.


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September 11th, 2012 at 1:08 PM ^

Where will the dicks go in this one?  Will certainly take some creativity, as there are no frames with characters shown below their waist. 

Edit:  How did I miss the perfect opportunity subbing out the lady's drinking glass in the first cel for a, well, you know.