Big Ten Recruiting Class Rankings 2-6-11

Submitted by Tim on February 6th, 2011 at 11:17 AM

New Michigan commit(s), and this bad boy hits the front page. It was a hectic Signing Day in the Big Ten, so all the action won't be listed here. Last rankings. Barring any unforeseen developments, this will be the last set of rankings for the 2011 class. New rankings:

Big Ten+ Recruiting Class Rankings
Rank School # Commits Rivals Avg Scout Avg ESPN Avg
1 Ohio State 24 5.75 3.71 78.96
2 Notre Dame 23 5.75 3.61 79.09
3 Nebraska 19 5.72 3.42 78.47**
4 Michigan State 21 5.64 3.19 76.80*
5 Michigan 20 5.63 3.30 77.45
6 Iowa 23 5.57 3.00 73.09*
7 Wisconsin 20 5.58 2.85 72.15
8 Penn State 16 5.61 3.25 76.50
9 Illinois 27 5.54 2.70 73.37
10 Northwestern 17 5.54 2.88 76.59
11 Minnesota 22 5.53 2.45 66.26***
12 Indiana 20 5.50 2.62 69.48
13 Purdue 15 5.47 2.60 71.17***

Rivals rankings are on the "RR" scale, which is on a scale from about 5 to about 6.1. Unrated prospects are given a 5.1 rating, on par with the worst of any Big Ten commit last year. Scout is on the 5-star system (unranked players earn 1 star), and ESPN uses grades out of 100 (unranked is 40 or 45, except JuCo players, who aren't included in the average).

#1 Ohio State - 24 Commits
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Curtis Grant LB VA 6.1 5 81
Braxton Miller QB OH 6.0 5 81
Doran Grant CB OH 6.0 4 81
Michael Bennett DT OH 6.0 4 80
Kenny Hayes DE OH 5.9 4 79
Steve Miller DE OH 5.8 5 82
Ryan Shazier LB FL 5.8 4 81
Nick Vannett TE OH 5.8 4 80
Chase Farris DE OH 5.8 4 79
Brian Bobek OL IL 5.8 4 79
Evan Spencer WR IL 5.7 4 81
Ron Tanner S OH 5.7 4 78
Devin Smith WR OH 5.7 4 78
DerJuan Gambrell CB OH 5.7 4 77
Jeremy Cash S FL 5.7 3 80
Jeff Heuerman TE FL 5.7 3 80
Joel Hale DT IN 5.7 3 79
Chris Carter OL OH 5.7 3 78
Conner Crowell LB MD 5.7 3 78
Cardale Jones QB OH 5.7 3 78
Tommy Brown OL OH 5.6 3 78
Antonio Underwood OL OH 5.6 3 75
Ejuan Price LB PA 5.5 4 79
Bryce Haynes LS GA 5.2 2 73

Ohio State takes the recruiting crown with a good-sized cass of quality players. They're slightly behind Notre Dame in ESPN average, but a big part of that is having a long snapper commit. It sounds like OH OL Chris Carter will sign with Ohio State after all, so I've left him in the chart.

#2 Notre Dame - 23 Commits
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Ishaq Williams DE NY 6.1 5 82
Stephon Tuitt DE GA 6.1 5 81
Aaron Lynch DE FL 6.0 5 84
Ben Koyack TE PA 5.9 5 81
Matt Hegarty OL NM 5.9 4 82
DaVaris Daniels WR IL 5.8 4 81
Eilar Hardy S OH 5.8 4 79
George Atkinson III S CA 5.8 3 79
Ben Councell DE NC 5.8 3 79
Troy Niklas OL CA 5.8 4 79
Everett Golson QB NC 5.7 4 80
Jarrett Grace LB OH 5.7 4 78
Anthony Rabasa DE FL 5.7 3 80
Tony Springmann OL IN 5.7 3 78
Josh Atkinson CB CA 5.7 3 78
Chase Hounshell OL FL 5.7 3 76
Nick Martin OL IN 5.6 3 78
Brad Carrico OL OH 5.6 3 77
Cam McDaniel RB TX 5.6 3 77
Conor Hanratty OL CT 5.6 3 76
Jalen Brown CB TX 5.5 3 78
Matthias Farley CB NC 5.5 3 77
Kyle Brindza K MI 5.4 3 79

The Irish picked up Troy Niklas on Signing Day.

#3 Nebraska - 19 Commits
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Aaron Green RB FL 5.9 5 85
Tyler Moore OL FL 5.9 4 78
Todd Peat DT AZ 5.8 4 79
Charles Jackson CB TX 5.8 4 81
Bubba Starling QB KS 5.8 4 81
Jamal Turner QB TX 5.8 4 81
Ryne Reeves OL NE 5.8 4 79
Ryan Klachko OL IL 5.8 4 78
Daimion Stafford S CA 5.8 4 JC
David Santos LB TX 5.8 3 79
Zach Sterup OL NE 5.8 3 78
Kevin Williams DT OH 5.7 3 79
Ameer Abdullah RB OH 5.7 3 74
Joseph Carter DE CA 5.7 3 JC
Max Pirman LB OH 5.6 3 78
Daniel Davie S NE 5.5 3 75
Givens Price OL TX 5.5 3 75
Taariq Allen WR TX 5.5 2 75
Mauro Bondi K FL 5.4 2 79

The Huskers' class is a small-ish but solid one. A couple of their signees might play minor league baseball instead of enrolling at school.

#4 Michigan State - 21 Commits
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Lawrence Thomas LB MI 5.9 5 80
Brandon Clemons OL PA 5.8 3 76
Donavon Clark OL OH 5.7 4 78
Darien Harris LB MD 5.7 3 79
Juwan Caesar WR FL 5.7 3 79
Taiwan Jones LB MI 5.7 3 78
Roger Williamson CB OH 5.7 3 78
AJ Sims CB GA 5.7 3 78
Ed Davis LB MI 5.7 3 77
Arjen Colquhoun S ON 5.7 3 76
Fou Fonuti DT CA 5.7 3 JC
Connor Cook QB OH 5.7 2 76
Onaje Miller RB MI 5.6 4 78
Joel Heath DE OH 5.6 4 76
Jack Allen OL IL 5.6 3 78
Nick Ramondo DT GA 5.6 3 77
Shilique Calhoun DE NJ 5.5 3 77
Mark Scarpinato DT WI 5.5 3 76
Damon Knox DE MI 5.5 3 76
Trae Waynes CB WI 5.4 3 75
Paul Lang TE PA 5.4 3 68

Michigan State's class is high-variance, with a couple highly rated guys (though 5 stars for Lawrence Thomas is an exaggeration for sure), and some low-end guys as well. I have Sparty just a hair ahead of their in-state rivals, and the extra commit for MSU was the tiebreaker.

#5 Michigan - 20 Commits
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Justice Hayes RB MI 5.9 4 79
Blake Countess CB MD 5.8 4 80
Brennen Beyer DE MI 5.8 4 79
Chris Barnett TE TX 5.8 4 78
Raymon Taylor CB MI 5.8 3 77
Chris Bryant OL IL 5.8 3 77
Kellen Jones LB TX 5.7 4 79
Antonio Poole LB OH 5.7 4 78
Delonte Hollowell CB MI 5.7 3 79
Chris Rock DE OH 5.6 3 78
Frank Clark LB OH 5.6 3 77
Thomas Rawls RB MI 5.6 3 76
Jack Miller OL OH 5.5 3 78
Tony Posada OL FL 5.5 3 78
Desmond Morgan LB MI 5.5 3 78
Russell Bellomy QB TX 5.5 3 78
Greg Brown CB OH 5.5 3 77
Keith Heitzman DE OH 5.5 3 75
Tamani Carter CB OH 5.5 3 74
Matt Wile K CA 5.3 3 73

Wolverines picked up a few new commits, including a big time tight end in Chris Barnett. However, they also missed on a couple prospects of need in MI OL Jake Fisher (Oregon) and MD DT Darian Cooper (Iowa).

#6 Iowa - 23 Commits
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Jordan Walsh OL IL 5.8 4 79
Rodney Coe RB IL 5.8 4 79
Austin Blythe OL IA 5.8 3 79
Ray Hamilton TE OH 5.8 3 79
Darian Cooper DT MD 5.7 4 79
Quinton Alston LB PA 5.7 3 79
John Raymon DE PA 5.7 3 78
Mika'il McCall RB IL 5.7 3 77
Dan Heiar OL IA 5.7 2 JC
Torrey Campbell RB FL 5.6 3 78
Jake Rudock QB FL 5.6 3 78
Riley McMinn DE IL 5.6 3 77
Marcus Grant WR MA 5.6 3 76
Nick Law CB MD 5.5 4 77
Melvin Spears LB TX 5.5 3 79
Henry Krieger-Coble TE IA 5.5 3 78
Jordan Lomax CB MD 5.5 3 78
Jacob Hillyer WR TX 5.5 3 76
Cole Fisher LB NE 5.5 3 74
Jake Duzey TE MI 5.5 3 73
Jordan Canzeri RB NY 5.2 3 NR
Marcus Collins LB PA 5.2 2 NR
Damon Bullock RB TX 5.2 2 NR

Iowa dropped a couple commits and picked up a couple new ones on Signing Day. The headliner among newcomers is MD DT Darian Cooper.

#7 Wisconsin - 20 Commits
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Jake Keefer LB WI 5.8 4 78
Melvin Gordon RB WI 5.8 3 79
Austin Traylor DE OH 5.8 3 78
Sam Arneson TE WI 5.7 3 78
Jesse Hayes DE OH 5.7 3 78
James Adeyanju DE IL 5.7 3 77
AJ Jordan WR OH 5.6 3 79
Mike Caputo LB PA 5.6 3 77
Derek Watt LB WI 5.6 3 77
Austin Maly TE WI 5.6 3 76
Terrance Floyd CB FL 5.6 2 77
Devin Gaulden CB FL 5.5 3 78
Ray Ball OL OH 5.5 3 77
Jordan Frederick LB WI 5.5 3 75
Darius Hillary CB OH 5.5 3 75
Derek Landisch LB WI 5.5 3 74
Frederick Willis WR WI 5.5 3 NR
Tyler Marz OL MN 5.5 2 NR
Kenzel Doe WR NC 5.4 3 75
Nate Hammon QB WI 5.2 NR NR

An okay class for Wisconsin, but nothing special. [Ed-M: Hello, I'm Wisconsin.] As usual, success in Madison will be based upon developing the 3-star types.

#8 Penn State - 16 Commits
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Anthony Zettel DE MI 5.9 4 80
Bill Belton WR PA 5.8 4 80
Donovan Smith OL MD 5.8 4 79
Shawn Oakman DE PA 5.8 4 77
Deion Barnes DE PA 5.8 3 78
Angelo Mangiro OL NJ 5.7 4 81
Ben Kline LB PA 5.7 3 78
Ryan Nowicki OL AZ 5.7 3 77
Shyquan Pullium WR PA 5.6 3 74
Anthony Alosi OL NJ 5.6 2 70
Jordan Kerner DE PA 5.5 3 77
Allen Robinson WR MI 5.5 3 72
Adrian Amos S MD 5.5 3 76
Kyle Carter TE DE 5.4 3 76
Matt Zanellato WR VA 5.3 4 76
Sam Ficken K PA 5.3 2 73

A small class for the Nittany Lions. It's got a couple top-end guys, but top-to-bottom is just okay.

#9 Illinois - 27 Commits
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Dondi Kirby S PA 5.8 3 79
Jon Davis TE KY 5.7 4 80
Clint Tucker DT IL 5.7 3 79
Darrius Caldwell DE GA 5.7 3 79
Reilly O'Toole QB IL 5.7 3 76
Patrick Flavin OL IL 5.7 3 75
Matt LaCosse ATH IL 5.6 3 78
Zeph Grimes S SC 5.6 3 77
Chris Boles OL OH 5.6 3 77
Kenny Knight WR MI 5.6 3 76
Ralph Cooper LB SC 5.5 3 78
Josh Ferguson RB IL 5.5 3 75
Chris O'Connor DE IL 5.5 3 75
Donavonn Young RB TX 5.5 3 75
Scott McDowell OL IL 5.5 3 75
Tony Durkin OL IL 5.5 3 74
Chris Jones DT FL 5.5 3 NR
Ted Karras OL IN 5.5 2 77
Willie Beavers OL MI 5.5 2 76
Henry Dickinson LB TN 5.5 2 75
Jeremy Whitlow WR OH 5.5 2 74
Valdon Cooper CB GA 5.5 2 67
Nick North CB FL 5.4 3 76
Kenny Nelson DE MI 5.4 2 75
Justin DuVernois K FL 5.4 2 70
Jordan Frysinger WR NY 5.3 2 73
Eaton Spence CB FL 5.3 2 NR

An enormous class for Ron Zook. Can quantity trump quality and help Zook win enough games to stick around another couple years?

#10 Northwestern - 17 Commits
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Christian Jones WR TX 5.7 3 81
Shane Mertz OL NJ 5.6 3 79
Jack Konopka OL IL 5.6 3 79
Zack Oliver QB LA 5.6 3 78
Jarrell Williams CB IL 5.6 3 76
Deonte Gibson DE OH 5.6 3 76
Matt Frazier OL IL 5.6 3 75
Jordan Perkins RB CA 5.5 2 70
Max Chapman DE FL 5.6 2 78
Andrew Smith LB OH 5.5 3 78
Mark Szott TE IL 5.5 3 77
Geoff Mogus OL OH 5.5 3 75
CJ Robbins DE IL 5.5 3 75
Cameron Dickerson WR NJ 5.5 2 73
Xavier Youngblood WR TX 5.5 2 76
Nick VanHoose DB OH 5.4 3 74
Treyvon Green RB TX 5.3 3 77

Northwestern has their traditional small recruiting class. They're likely to redshirt most of these guys, and focus on development in the system.

#11 Minnesota - 22 Commits
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Tommy Olson OL MN 5.7 3 79
Peter Westerhaus TE MN 5.6 3 76
Quentin Gardener WR TX 5.6 3 76
Steven Montgomery WR FL 5.6 3 76
Max Shortell QB KS 5.6 3 74
Quinn Bauducco LB CA 5.6 3 74
Drew Goodger TE KS 5.6 2 74
Josh Campion OL VA 5.6 2 73
Drayquan Crawford S TX 5.6 2 JC
Kyle McAvoy OL IL 5.5 3 79
Luke McAvoy OL IL 5.5 3 75
Foster Bush OL WI 5.5 3 70
Michael Amaefula DE TX 5.5 3 NR
Jephete Matilus LB FL 5.5 2 77
Grayson Levine S MN 5.5 2 73
Joe Bjorklund OL MN 5.5 2 75
Ge'Shun Harris WR CA 5.5 2 JC
Devin Crawford-Tufts WR MN 5.5 2 74
Marcus Jones CB NC 5.4 2 74
Thieran Cockran DE FL 5.4 2 NR
Derrick Wells CB FL 5.4 2 NR
John Rabe TE IA 5.4 2 JC

I am wholly unimpressed by Minnesota's recruiting class, a hybrid of Tim Brewster and Jerry Kill. They have more JuCo guys than any other school, and a number of guys they have to hope pan out as sleepers. Note former Wolverine Tim McAvoy's brothers are bound for Minneapolis.

#12 Indiana - 21 Commits
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Zack Shaw LB OH 5.8 3 76
Shane Wynn WR OH 5.7 3 79
Cody Latimer WR OH 5.7 3 73
D'Angelo Roberts RB IN 5.6 3 77
Jake Reed TE IN 5.6 3 77
Tre Roberson QB IN 5.6 3 76
Ralston Evans OL IN 5.6 3 74
Forisse Hardin S KY 5.6 3 74
Bernard Taylor DT MI 5.5 3 76
Mark Murphy S OH 5.5 3 75
Nick Stoner S IN 5.5 3 74
Michael Hunter CB LA 5.5 3 74
Kyle Kennedy LB IN 5.5 2 76
Jay McCants WR OH 5.4 3 75
Kenny Mullen CB IN 5.4 3 74
Mike Replogle LB OH 5.4 3 74
Peyton Eckert OL IL 5.4 3 75
Gregory Lewis OL FL 5.4 2 NR
Bobby Richardson DT FL 5.4 2 NR
David Kaminsky OL OH 5.2 2 NR
Adarius Rayner DT FL 5.2 NR NR

Indiana loads up on the lines on Signing Day.

#13 Purdue - 15 Commits
Name Position State Rivals Scout ESPN
Frankie Williams WR FL 5.7 3 77
Taylor Richards CB FL 5.6 3 77
Raheem Mostert WR FL 5.6 2 79
Robert Kugler TE PA 5.5 3 78
Armstead Williams LB PA 5.5 3 78
Brandon Cottom LB PA 5.5 3 76
Akeem Hunt RB GA 5.5 3 75
Michael Rouse DT IL 5.5 2 73
Randy Gregory DE IN NR 2 NR
Doug Gentry RB TX 5.5 2 76
Shane Mikesky WR IN 5.5 2 73
Sterling Carter TE CA 5.4 2 JC
Akeem Shavers RB TX 5.4 2 JC
Kaulana Judd LB CA 5.2 2 JC
Jalani Phillips LB GA 5.2 2 NR

No sugarcoat, this is a terrible recruiting class. It could spell the beginning of the end for Danny Hope.



February 6th, 2011 at 12:47 PM ^

when it comes to rankings.  They go through the trouble of assigning value of 5.1 to 6.1 to the athletes:

6.1= 5 Star Top 25
6.0= 4 Star 25-50
5.9= 4 Star 50-100
5.8= 4 Star 100-250
5.7= 3 Star High Level
5.6= 3 Star Moderate Level
5.5= 3 Star Low Level
5.4= 2 Star High Level
5.3= 2 Star Moderate Level
5.2= 2 Star Low Level
5.1 or lower= 1 Star

But  then they treat all players of the same star value as equal in calculating their total points.

Michigan is higher than MSU in Rivals' total ratings because our average star value is higher and we have a similar number of recruits.

Tim bases his opinion on the rivals assigned point values, which probably makes more sense, and he has MSU higher than Michigan because their average is slightly higher than Michigan (5.638 to 5.63) and because they have one more recruit.  Even if you take out our kicker, we would only be at 5.647.

He probably could have put Michigan ahead of MSU just as easily, but does that really matter?  We are basically tied with MSU.




February 6th, 2011 at 1:32 PM ^

Perhaps Tim values the ratings of Rivals more than the other services?  Regardless, it's Tim's ranking.  If you can do better, have at it.

Secondly, I agree that Michigan should always be ranked higher but, for this class, they are virtually equal.  It doesn't make me feel all that much better to say, "Yeah.  We are 4A and not 4B."

Blue in Seattle

February 7th, 2011 at 9:16 AM ^

I would also like to understand the difference in Tim's ranking compared to Rivals ranking.  It's a question, not a statement equal to saying "Tim you suck".

In contrast to the explanation provided by the poster that Rivals ranks on the star average they assign, versus the points, that's not correct.  Look at the Rivals ranking of Wisconsin and Utah.  Utah's average based on stars is lower, but the Rivals total points is higher than Wisconsin's, thus Utah is one position ahead of Wisconsin.

Now the only thing I can guess is that the publicly available Rivals ranking I can get to on the internet is behind on the LOI's of MSU's targets.  Since I'm looking at and it's giving Michigan 6 - 4 star recruits and MSU only 2 - 4 star recruits.  Did MSU just not get the recruits Tim has in the list to sign?  Did their ranking change from what Tim has?

The Rivals points for Michigan are 1314 to MSU's 1028, a significant difference.

So I'm not critiquing Tim, just curious to understand what he knows that I can't find through googling up Rivals Rankings?

Which is kind of the point of coming to MGoBlog, to get different information that I can't get my self just by typing in keywords.


The Borg

February 6th, 2011 at 4:08 PM ^

what do you think the reason is that Rivals averages the star ratings of the players and not their RR score when determining team average? Logically, Rivals should know the correct method to determine how to use their numbers. Seems like we should take direction from them and rely less on our "expertise".

One reason Rivals may not use the RR average is the variance one encounters when there are several different (regionally-based) analysts do the evaluating. For example, hypothetical analyst Brian from the upper midwest region assigns hypothetical player Bosch a 5.7, whereas hypothetical analyst Tim from the upper Pacific coast  assigns a player who (on tape and via measurables) is identical to Bosch a 5.9. This phenomena creates a subjective fissure that has a disparate impact on the overall team ratings. To adjust for evaluator variance on how they assign the numerical values to players, Rivals likely looks to the star grouping, which flattens analysts error. 

In any event, in the UM v MSU ranking, again it seems like Tim still doesn't see the folly of his reasoning. In the instance of explaining OSU v ND, the Buckeyes lead in the Scout average and in number of commitments, a draw in the Rivals rankings, but trail the Irish in ESPN. Comparatively, the Wolverines lead in the Scout and ESPN ratings, a statistical draw in Rivals, but trail the Spartans by one in commitments. Given that Michigan only trails State in the number of commitments, and that by just one, and wins recruiting services war, the only logical conclusion is that the Wolverines should be ranked ahead of the Spartans. OSU and ND can't break serve according to the recruiting services, but are given the nod because of the one additional recruit. 

Bottom line, one additional recruit by State should not tip the scales in their favor since UM players rate higher than the Spartans. 


February 6th, 2011 at 7:49 PM ^

In any event, in the UM v MSU ranking, again it seems like Tim still doesn't see the folly of his reasoning.

The ratings are there for comparison purposes and are not the complete measure for what Tim bases his rankings.  He's made it clear on many occasions that his opinion carries some weight on his list.  Disagreeing is one thing, but criticizing him based on his opinion is ridiculous.

As far as rivals methodology, I know they have their reasons but I'm not sure that your theory presents that strong of a case.  A 5.9 would be a 4 star.  A 5.7 would be a 3 star.   Using the star rating to assign points to these hypothetically equal players actually creates a bigger disparity than if the point values would have been used.



February 6th, 2011 at 11:41 AM ^

Everything being equal, and ignoring the fact that Wiscy and Iowa somehow manage to periodically field good teams  with less than stellar recruiting, how in the world can we expect to beat OSU with lesser quality talent?  Unless Hoke turns recruiting around next year, and he might, the future won't be bright.  Add Nebraska and ND to the list of potential problem schools due to the caliber of their recruits.  With Weis, even with good talent, coaching was inept, but that won't be the case with Kelly.


February 6th, 2011 at 11:47 AM ^

Thanks for the list and doing this all year Tim. Your in-person evals throughout the season are especially valuable
<br>OSU gets an exception for a LS rated 5.2, 2, 73 - which I agree with. But M's avg star ranking is also brought down by our kicker rated 5.3, 3, 73 (by far our lowest recruit). This penalty doesn't seem appropriate given kickers are always rated lowly, and it's a position of desperate need. We'd look better without him or replacing him with a so-so LB, but he's one of the best adds in the class. Maybe he shouldn't bump us up, but the #4 kicker to Scout shouldn't hurt us.


February 6th, 2011 at 12:07 PM ^

ranges from what is frankly a gold-colored-glasses perspective of "you can't tell by recruiting rankings, look at such-and-such class from years gone by" to the more common "wtf? srsly?"

By most accounts so far, Hope is completely overmatched at this level, and this class does nothing to disprove that. The mishandling of the A.J. King situation didn't help either ... given the issues Purdue has had with knee injuries in football, men's and women's basketball, and women's volleyball, I find it hard to understand why Hope and his staff waited so long to drop King.


February 6th, 2011 at 2:47 PM ^

but I'm pretty surprised that Purdue only brought in two kids from Indiana. You don't want to turn off HS programs in-state, and given the kind of ratings of the out of state kids they got, surely they could have found some Hoosiers. Lots of Jucos, so Hope obviously must feel he has to win now, and needs bodies. 


February 6th, 2011 at 2:39 PM ^

Gonna have to disagree with you on putting State in front of michigan in the rankings. Rivals has state at 31 and Michigan at 21. Also Scouts also has state at 29 and Michigan at 31. Not only that but Michigan also has a Higher average star per recruit, and that is with a Kicker in the class when state does not have a kicker in theres. Other then that it looks great.


February 6th, 2011 at 3:21 PM ^

Yeah seriously, WTF.

Everyone who read the NSD liveblog knew Tim was negative about this class, but State ahead of Michigan? On a Michigan blog? When Rivals, Scout and ESPN all have Michigan as the better class?




February 6th, 2011 at 4:20 PM ^

MSU ahead of us. Nice. This will be on RCMB just like the the last time Tim ranked them ahead of us. Well, someone has to believe they had the better class I guess. Bizarre ranking to put them in front of us. I'd say I agree it's fits with the blog agenda.


February 6th, 2011 at 7:02 PM ^

"I'd say I agree it's fits with the blog agenda."

You know, if that's true, it's sad. It's already sad that it's easy to think that, let alone say it. And what is the agenda exactly? That Hoke isn't worthy of enthusiasm (perhaps in no small part because his hiring made this blog look very, very dumb) and that anything even approaching favortism will now be eschewed?

In the aforementioned NSD chat, Tim actually echoed Brian's WTKA comment that Rodriguez gave Michigan a "decided schematic advantage." All I could think was "how stubborn are these guys?" The answer I'd suspect is not a whole lot less stubborn than all the Old Guard jerks who couldn't let go of the Michigan Man crap, that is for sure.





February 6th, 2011 at 4:37 PM ^

or at least theres no overwhelming reason why they shouldn't be.  I'm surprised people want to call the outcomes of a such a subjective process "bizarre".

I'm not sure they have a better class, but Rivals is the only service I've seen that puts M's class in the top 25 - so they're probably overrating our class a bit.

I haven't seen MSU in many top 25s either, but Maxpreps has MSU in theirs (and not UofMs).

Getting too caught up on the average rank is a little silly because adding a couple 3-stars at the end of your class shouldn't cost you.  Drop the lowest guy from MSU's class and their average star rank and totals would be right next to Michigans.   Do you really want to ding a team for having an extra recruit?  No, you want to reward them.  I agree with Tim's ranking from an objective standpoint.


The Borg

February 6th, 2011 at 4:55 PM ^

What's silly is the observation that Tim was objective. I find it amusing you ignore the three most respectable recruiting services team rankings and justify Tim's weak reasoning by citing MaxPreps. Brilliant! Let's hope Tim rids us of Rivals, ESPN and Scout and simply rely on MaxPreps henceforth since they got the rankings right this year!.


February 6th, 2011 at 5:07 PM ^

Rivals is the only site that ranked M ahead of MSU (that I'm aware of).  MaxPreps had the opposite opinion.

The logic for M over MSU is average rank, which is of limited usefulness.  A 6 person household making $240K has a per capita income of 60K.  Meanwhile a single person making 70K would have a higher average income but by most common sense standards would have less wealth.


February 6th, 2011 at 4:49 PM ^

at least for final rankings would be

  • # of consensus 4 or less star players
  • # of consensus 2 or less star players
  • average rank of top 15 players

I think the average star ranks are really misleading when comparing classes of different sizes, so some supporting metrics that show how much high-end talent is being brought in would be informative.  Most schools in the Big10 can land a class full of 3-stars, so the differentiators is how many higher ranked players you get (and for the lower tier schools, how often they fail to get 3 stars)


February 6th, 2011 at 7:00 PM ^

Considering some have a real concern that their favorite blog is now going to be run by guys who are not going to be fair to the new coaching staff, I'd say this is about more than just one spot on these rankings.

Fact is, when Rivals, Scout and ESPN all say UM > MSU (and even the scale Tim uses for Rivals has MSU favored by just 0.01) and a UM blog, using those three services as barometers, says MSU > UM, it smells a little funny.


February 7th, 2011 at 12:08 AM ^

This is not a conspiracy.  Tim isn't revising the average ratings of the major services to fit some agenda.  His opinion is also a factor in his ranking.

I often disagree with Irish but he's spot on here.  Getting your panties twisted up over this is absolutely mind numbing.






February 6th, 2011 at 7:32 PM ^

Maybe it's not reflective of an agenda, but how do you account for it? You can't.

Analyze the chart for just a minute or two, starting with the RR scale. Classes that are rated slightly lower using that metric (even if by 0.01) are placed higher on these rankings if Scout and ESPN both place them higher, as is the case with UM and MSU. It's not consistent and it's not going unnoticed.

You can't blame people for being hyper-sensitive to the possibility of institutions (yes, I consider MGoBlog an institution) being less than fair to a new coach after what transpired with our last one. Brian and Tim have both acted a little butthurt in the latest transition.





03 Blue 07

February 6th, 2011 at 7:34 PM ^

I guess I just think this reeks of tinfoilhat-ness, frankly, for people to really give this much of a shit about a wholly subjective ranking (Tim's), where, to my eyes, the teams are pretty much equal in recruiting classes after having looked at the numbers again as you requested. And you've got people like DesmondBraylonWoodsonness or whatever his name is linking to comments where he is essentially accusing the blog of having some sort of vast conspiratorial bias, etc., when, after having read this blog since 2006, I think he should shut the fuck up, go somewhere else, and stop polluting this blog with his complaints about this blog. The WLA guys did it. Magnus has his own blog, etc. I guess this is just where this blog has come by becoming so popular, which kind of sucks. But then again, that's kind of the life cycle of anything that gains popularity, be it a band, a movie, a news source, an online community, etc.


February 6th, 2011 at 7:48 PM ^

I know exactly what you mean, dude. And you're right, which is why I called MGoBlog an institution. For those who like places where everyone thinks like you, this probably isn't the place anymore. The spectrum is too wide for that now.

I've never been in the tinfoil-hat crowd, I'm just in the "WTF" crowd when things make me say "WTF" (Brian's appearance on WTKA the day after the Hoke hire certainly qualified). I'm certainly not accusing the blog of some kind of wild conspiracy theories. Just pointing out that it is curious and yes, some people are going to say it stinks.

Desmonlon Edwoodson

February 6th, 2011 at 11:16 PM ^

Because lately the non-user generated content has pretty much made me want to puke.  If you haven't noticed the bias, you are either absolutely blind or utterly incapable of thinking for yourself.  [see ]  Exactly which part of my argument is "stupid" or suggests a "tin foil hat"?  You honestly think Brian and Tim are giving Hoke a fair shake?


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I can't believe any self-respecting poster would put MSU's class over Michigan's... If you can't see that 3/4ths of MSU's class doesn't have a chance to make an impact at the next level, then you're not analyzing very well.


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I have a couple problems with these rankings:

1.  You should just exclude ST players from the average ratings b/c even if they are the best K/P/LS in the country they will be no higher than a 3 star.  You shouldn't have your rating hurt b/c you decided to give a scholarship to a ST player.

2.  Figure out the actual positions these players are slated to play at their school.  It will give a more accurate picture of how a school did recruiting various positions.  All the recruiting services project the players based on a 4-3 defensive scheme when more and more schools are using 3-4 schemes (ND in particular in these rankings).

A team could have a ton of talent in one class but miss at a crucial need position like QB or or along the OL and in reality the recruiting class isn't as good because it doesn't address a team's needs.


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think Coach Hoke and the rest of the staff did a very good job in less then 2 weeks.Now i can't wait to see what the 2012 class looks like.GO BLUE!!!


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Hoke did a great job with the time he had, imagine what he could have done if he had a lot more time.  For 2011 I see Michigan winning 7-9 games and only improving. I would say the Wolverines first 6 games are winnable before they play rival Michigan St on the road. Check out  Built by fans. Builf for fans. Diehards welcome.  GO BLUE!!!


Date Opponent Time TV Score
September 3 Western Michigan TBA TBA  
September 10 Notre Dame 8:00 PM ESPN/2  
September 17 Eastern Michigan TBA TBA  
September 24 San Diego State TBA TBA  
October 1 Minnesota TBA TBA  
October 8 @ Northwestern TBA TBA  
October 15 @ Michigan State TBA TBA  
October 29 Purdue TBA TBA  
November 5 @ Iowa TBA TBA  
November 12 @ Illinois TBA TBA  
November 19 Nebraska TBA TBA  
November 26 Ohio State TBA TBA