The Big Ten Over The Hump: Your Weekly Review

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Everyone has at least six games in at this point in the conference, so effectively, we’re over the hump for the regular season already. I believe it might be safe to say that, at this point, there are at least a couple teams whose general trajectory could be at least estimated, one of them being Purdue. For Michigan specifically, we’re looking pretty competitive among our conference compatriots for the most part, so we do have that going.


Thanks in part to Saturday, Michigan is right up there in terms of scoring offense at an average of 42 points per game on the season, good for a solid fourth in the conference. Indeed, eight teams are averaging 30 points or more. Further, and again thanks in part to Saturday, Michigan is now eighth in the conference in scoring defense, but on the bright side, we did an Indiana team that is now precariously close to giving up 40 points per game on average.

 photo Week8PointsFor_zps51d0d2ee.png  photo Week8PoinsAgainst_zpsb0a35696.png  photo Week8PointsDiff_zpseaafa42d.png


There was some buzz on my Twitter feed over the weekend about Nebraska’s defense being the worst, and this is not true at all. From a total yards allowed standpoint, it is fourth-worst in the conference, but again, everyone can pile on Indiana in this respect. Offense is not a huge problem for most teams in the Big Ten with nine teams getting 400 yards or more on average per game. That’s pretty good really. In the tempo-free world, the worst performers are Illinois, Minnesota and Purdue.

 photo Week8TotalOff_zpsf8e60b18.png  photo Week8TotalDef_zpse5e72323.png  photo Week8YPPDiff_zps952e1f13.png


So, for another week, there is not a whole lot of shock when you look at the best overall performances in the rushing game for the Big Ten, and as for Michigan, we did get a boost thanks to nearly 300 yards of rushing against Indiana. Even better, despite the Indiana game’s Tecmo numbers, we’re still saddled with the fourth-best rushing defense in the conference, and one of the best in the nation overall.

 photo Week8RushingOff_zps68482bf9.png  photo Week8RushingDef_zps8e7e25ee.png


We played the team with the best passing offense. We experienced the best passing offense in the conference and won. We do have that to our credit. Michigan is in the top four here as well, so despite concerns, it is becoming a very productive aspect of the game. When it comes to defending the pass, much of the conference sits in a fairly narrow band of averages with some good performances on top, which is interesting really.

 photo Week8PassingOff_zpsae28d1f9.png  photo Week8PassingDef_zpse54becf6.png


Interestingly, there is not much movement here from the previous week. The top performances sit clustered around 50% and then you have Penn State and Purdue, both of which struggle mightily to sustain drives. The defensive side of this seems to be a story of good to meh and then Indiana and Purdue.

 photo Week8ThirdDownOff_zpsdc16b406.png  photo Week8ThirdDownDef_zps9598a5fe.png  photo Week8ThirdDownDiff_zpse5f0d75e.png


I think it is fair to say that if you’re giving up more of these than you’re getting, then as is the case with third downs, you definitely have problems. You can see who has some issues definitely in this chart anyway.

 photo Week8FirstDownDiff_zps6d172309.png


 photo Week8PuntRet_zpsfba5561c.png  photo Week8KickRet_zps15d891fd.png



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 Just shows what can happen when a teams not ready to play mentally and losses two of it's best offensive players. Also see Missouri over Georgia. Northwestern let the hangover from Ohio effect their Wisconsin game and the loss to Wisconsin along with the injuries to Colter and Mark broke the team. Hopefully they get back on track.... after Michigan