Behind enemy lines, pt.1

Submitted by Goblue49120 on June 30th, 2008 at 10:38 PM

Well, here I go trying to make my own mini-blog space. Hopefully it will be a version of the former MZone's know your foe.

First about me. I am a long time wolverine fan (circa 1978) living just across the border from South Bend, Indiana. You know, "those guys". The "Fighting Irish". I drive by the campus twice a day, too and from work. It's not as bad now, I used to drive by staduim before they rerouted traffic. My friend, a ND fan, lives in one of the few houses that you can see the Golden Dome from the state of Michigan. You get the picture.

Enough about me, here is what is going on behind enemy lines....

Well Notre Dame had their fantasy football camp where rich white guys can pay big bucks to pretend to be Rudy.

The South Bend Tribune runs the typical college town articles, unless your name is Ann Arbor News (Zing!). One of the more recent ones was the meh recruiting so far this year.

"It's shaping up as a good year, but not a great year, like last year," Lemming said. "This is going to be more of a complementary class. And that's all Notre Dame needs, really, but they need to finish strong. I think they've been slow to pull the trigger on some guys (in terms of offering scholarships). And that has hurt them."

Other than that, kids comming in for conditioning workouts like everywhere else.

I am already starting my mojo to try and score some tickets for this year's game.