Beating Alum96 to the Punch: 1/27 Recruiting Swim Lanes

Submitted by LSA Superstar on January 27th, 2016 at 10:12 AM

EDITED after McDoom's commitment.

Hello.  MGoBoard Crazy Person LSA Superstar here.  Because Alum96 is evidently a person who sleeps sometimes, I'm starting today's recruiting diary for obsessives.

We have 24 25 commits. Based on the "dark web," one is unlikely to qualify. Two others, Elliott and N. Johnson, are admittedly shaky. That puts us at 21 22 firmly committed spots, leaving nine eight potentially vacant spots absent any surprise flip losses. We supposedly can go up to 30, but Lorenz seems to think the number is more likely 28 or 29.

Based on those spots, I think the board looks like so:

  2. CB
  3. Non-Gary DT
  4. TE
  5. BPA
  6. BPA
  7. BPA(?)
  8. BPA(?)

Then you pool the players we remain in for. As you can see from the board above, it's worth designating five of these guys as "takes no matter what" - the four BPA slots plus Gary. I think, based on announcement timing, Michigan's evident interest, and a variety of other factors, that those guys are sorted as follows:


  1. Gary
  2. Hudson
  3. Asiasi
  4. Hill
  5. Fuller

Then you have the other dudes we're in on, in no particular order:

  1. Tagaloa
  2. Elliott
  3. Murphy
  4. Stewart
  5. Allen
  6. Nordin
  7. Young
  8. Viramontes

And the players with whom our position is mysterious:

  1. Eubanks
  2. Simmons
  3. J. Jones
  4. Price, I guess

And the players who might be left out in the cold because of recent commitments:

  1. N. Johnson

Next, you look at the announced order of committments. Although Lorenz walked it back to a degree (as is his right), he reported that the coaches may have tried to "time" some of these announcements. It's my theory that some commits have been told to announce sooner because they're takes right now, whereas others have been told to announce on signing day because they're still-coveted backup plans (Gary is an obvious exception). Once players get the pitch from the coaches to play this game, they're either doing what they want ("no thanks, I'll announce when I want, coach") or playing along

If I'm right (it happens occasionally), the following "rules" emerge:

1.) Hudson is announcing today. I think that means that Hudson one of the coaches' two BPAs because Hudson is widely expected to commit to Michigan.  Hudson takes a spot.

2.) McDoom is rumored to be announcing tomorrow. If McDoom commits as expected, he takes the slot spot and Johnson gets in only as a BPA. Lorenz has suggested that Johnson may be out of luck entirely if McDoom commits. Young's only chance becomes as a CB or BPA.  McDoom's commitment may mean the end of Nate Johnson's recruitment/commitment (commuitment?) because I don't think he's rumored to be able to play any other position than slot.  I think Pie Young is still in the mix as either a CB or a BPA.  But McDoom's pledge isn't great news for Pie.

3.) Fuller announces next Monday. Fuller would fill a CB spot. If he commits elsewhere, we put the full court on Hill, who's probably a "must take" anyway. If Hill commits elsewhere as well, Young gets the spot as a CB. I think this is Young's best shot at being in the class.

4.) If Asiasi commits (I do think there's a chance), I think we may not take Allen or Eubanks's commitments. I could very well be wrong about Allen, and I hope I am because I love his tape.

5.) I think we'll take both non-Gary DTs if we have room, although neither seems very likely to commit.  I think our only chance at Tagaloa is if Asiasi commits.  I'm more optimistic on Elliott than some, but not very optimistic.

6.) I think we lead for Murphy, Young, Nordin, and Stewart, and I think all of them would commit today if they were given the green light. I personally think that we should have given the green light to Murphy months ago, but I don't think the coaches feel that way based on the progression of his recruitment.

DISCLAIMERS: This is all my opinion, synthesized from a bunch of stuff I've read that might be made up. I don't have any insider connections. I don't have any coaching connections, and I'm not a coach myself.


Mr Miggle

January 27th, 2016 at 2:50 PM ^

We know some announcement dates, but we can assume that some of these recruits have already told the coaches that they are in or out. It's reported that certain recruits have been asked to wait until we're sure there's a spot for them. How long are they willing to wait?.It's interesting to speculate what every new visit means.

I find the TE recruiting the most interesting now and think knowing Asiasi and Tagaloa's timeline would make things a lot clearer.