The Battle for Brionte

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Disclaimer: I am a die-hard Michigan fan. I am also a J-School graduate. I try to work both sides of the coin. If you cannot read something that doesn’t widely slant towards Michigan, I wouldn’t suggest reading this. My diaries will always have a news feel to them because, dammit, it’s all I know. Furthermore, I'm not a recruiting expert and all the information I've delineated has been from info talked about on this blog. So, thanks to everyone. I hope you enjoy.

P.S. The lede is buried. DEAL WITH IT.

The Beauty of the Beast

He was a freak and a rare combination of speed and size. We all watched as he sprinted gracefully down the sidelines, enamored with his every move, gasping at the highlight reel level jukes, spins and stiff arms. He was an athlete unparalleled, and he was going to help turn the program around. When he ran, it seemed like he was gliding rather than sprinting. Everyone wanted him, but only two truly contended.

Of course, the player referred to here is Terrelle Pryor, the disgraced Ohio State quarterback who, during his tenure as starting quarterback, went 31-4 and helped Ohio State to three wins over Michigan.

For all of his exploits on and off the field, his recruitment was equally bizarre. A consensus 5-star athlete with offers from all of the major programs. Ultimately, the battle for Pryor came down to the bitterest rivals in all of college sports.

This month, the battle for a top-prospect torn between Michigan and Ohio State may not grab the same headlines as the Terrelle Pryor saga, but it is just as important, if not more important, for the Wolverines to score a victory.

Current Buckeye commit Brionte Dunn also has that rare combination of speed and size. He is the type of prospect that can help propel a program to years of success. In Al Borges’ offense, Dunn can be the type of powerful downhill runner that Michigan currently lacks. And since the day Tressel stepped down as head coach, Dunn has slowly been wavering towards the Wolverines. Before we dive deep into the recruitment of Brionte Dunn, let’s take a walk down memory lane.


In 2007, Michigan was going through and identity and culture change with the hiring of Rich Rodriguez as its new head coach. Rodriguez and his staff hit the recruiting trail hard, attempting to mold graduating a wealth of NFL talent in Jake Long, Chad Henne and Mario Manningham. The cupboard was empty, primed for restocking with talent that could run the spread offense Rodriguez had helped master at West Virginia. There was one glaring problem; Michigan lacked a quarterback to run the system. Urged by many, including those within the school, traditional drop-back passer Ryan Mallett transferred to Arkansas. Rodriguez had three quarterbacks on the roster, and none with the skill set necessary to run the spread. So Rodriguez bet the house, and pushed all in on the quarterback prospect being hailed as “The Next Vince Young”.

Torn between Michigan and Ohio State, Pryor prolonged his recruitment turning it into media frenzy with its fair share of Internet stalking and mass speculation as to where the top prospect would decide.

What ensued was another loss to its arch nemesis, this time on the recruiting trail with Ohio State receiving a commitment from Pryor weeks after National Signing Day had come and gone.

The bitter pill most Wolverines fans had to swallow the day Pryor signed with the Buckeyes seems perfect today considering the person Pryor became on and off the field. In the long run, and of course with gleeful hindsight, Pryor selecting the Buckeyes was the best thing to happen to Michigan. He is one of the main focal points in the Buckeyes ongoing NCAA investigation, having accepted inappropriate gifts and allegedly trading school equipment for goods and services. 

Fortunate Fool

Had Pryor chosen Michigan over Ohio State, Rodriguez possibly would still be the coach and potential NCAA sanctions could be looming for Michigan. For his talents, his on-the-field prima donna behavior and off-the-field arrogance ultimately brought down the most successful coach in Columbus since Woody Hayes.

Rodriguez was not the right coach for Michigan. From the start, Rodriguez brought a ton of baggage with him to Ann Arbor. His divorce from West Virginia was tabloid worthy, he allowed “Stretchgate”, and led Michigan to three of its worst seasons in the programs history.

The shortcomings of both Rodriguez and the university itself are well documented in John U. Bacon’s Three and Out.  There was failure from the top down and in order to right the ship, a great cleansing had to take place.

'A New Hoke'

Since Tressels departure, Michigan has seen a rapid resurgence. Brady Hoke has helped turn Michigan into a potential national title contender in one season. He has a Top-5 recruiting class this season after closing last season’s recruiting season with a bang. He is every bit deserving of his Big 10 Coach of the Year honors and should be the front-runner for National Coach of the Year. He led the Wolverines to a 10-2 record and its first BCS bowl since 2006, but most importantly, he beat Ohio State.

One of Hokes greatest attributes, and something frequented on this blog, is that Hoke “Gets It”. He understands the rivalry and how it’s a year round battle. Every action, every plan, every move from here on out should be with the intent to “Beat Ohio”. Hoke is out in front early and continues to win battles off the field. He snuck into Ohio and pulled 5-star offensive lineman Kyle Kalis from Ohio State. Nine of Hokes current commitments hail from the State of Ohio, and they’re not done.

The Cold War

Recruiting can be akin to The Cold War. The lies, secrecy and blatant piracy that take place around the country to secure the top recruits. Rodriguez was called a “Snake-Oil Salesman” after pilfering recruits from Purdue. Coaches are continuously dishonest with recruits about their potential roles with the team.

Ohio State fans are crying foul regarding the recruitment of Kalis stating Hoke and his staff lied about the severity of Ohio State’s potential sanctions. Kalis himself was quoted as saying "I can't go to (Ohio State) and take penalties for something I never did. I'm just not sure how long it will take them to recover."

The current recruiting pitch to Dunn by new Buckeye coach Urban Meyer is that he’s never had a 1,000 yard rusher because he never had a running back with his size and speed. While its not true, it apparently has given Dunn enough pause to consider sticking with the Buckeyes despite his lack of desire to play in the spread offense.

Hoke and company had two thousand yard rushers this season, a likely pitch being thrown at Dunn by Hoke and company. Whatever they’ve done up to this point as worked as well, as many on this blog and in other media outlets are reporting that Hoke will be in-house with Dunn Thursday. If they can convince Dunn to bring his family with him for a official visit on top of that, Hoke will have accomplished both on the field and off the field what Rodriquez and his staff could never do: Beat the Buckeyes.


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Buzz Your Girlfriend

December 6th, 2011 at 2:12 PM ^

I think we'll know within a couple of months how Hoke vs. Meyer recruiting will go. I'm hoping Meyer will recruit Florida big time. Hoke came in here and immediately recruiting Ohio well and I think that is attributable to coaching in the area longer than Urban did, and also being only two years removed from the fertile Ohio recruiting grounds. Meyer is almost 10 years removed from Ohio, which means a lot of new coaches, different school powers, etc.

Meyer has a much better pedigree than Hoke coming in, but Hoke already proved he can win in the Big 10 and has a huge head start on Meyer. I'm thinking Meyer goes after almost all of the 4 or 5 star talent in Ohio but doesn't pay them the same attention Hoke will. He'll think that he can replace them with faster athletes from Florida who have played in a spread their whole HS careers. Let's not kid ourselves, Ohio will always reel in big name talent from their state, but our success will depend a lot on if Meyer makes his #1 priority to attempt to shut down the border.


December 6th, 2011 at 3:19 PM ^

As Rich Rodriguez was our John Cooper, as in, one who was enough of a deviant from the mean of our Michigan-OSU, Bo-Woody power offense done with midwest recruits....

it stands to say in sucession, that....

Meyer will be OSU's Rodriguez.....   simply because now it is their turn to deviate from the norm, and go with the spread offense with Florida players.

Thus....  please refer to him as Urban Rodriguez.

Drew Sharp

December 6th, 2011 at 2:16 PM ^

If Dunn makes this just as much of a media frenzy as TP did, then we will need to look out.  TP had trouble maker written all  over him.  Should Dunn choose Michigan let's hope he has the personality that Hoke can mold and prevent from becoming a huge prima donna.  Prima donnas are what get you in trouble.  If Dunn is that, I don't want him.


December 6th, 2011 at 2:18 PM ^

I should have included in the diary that these two guys seem like polar opposites. Dunn is very reserved and keeps things close to the vest. Pryor was flashy and wanted the spotlight. I'm not trying to compare the two personality wise, I just think this battle is as important as the battle for Pryor was at the time. 

Drew Sharp

December 6th, 2011 at 2:26 PM ^

 that it's pretty much just as important and that the two stories are quite similar.  Pryor wasn't already commited to Ohio State, so I don't know that him going there would constitute that much of a loss because he's already committed.  What I mean is that we aren't fighting over someone who has yet to commit, like TP.  Dunn has already commited, so this would be a straight-up theft.  If we get him, awesome.  If not, well, we never had him to begin with.  While disappointing, it won't feel the same as losing TP.

True Blue Grit

December 6th, 2011 at 3:50 PM ^

were to commit to Michigan.  First, Dunn made the choice to talk to other schools, not the other way around.  Second, both the scandal and coaching change at TSIO are pretty good justification for any athlete to reconsider their options.  Dunn has been smart to do that. 

In the bigger picture, recruiting today has shown that verbal commitments aren't worth much.  Signatures on LOI's are the only thing that matters.  As long as coaches are honest, upfront, don't negative recruit, and don't coerce kids into making the wrong decision, all's fair in the recruiting wars.  If a player like Dunn made a commitment early on but has talked to other schools since then, it obviously was a very soft commit.


December 7th, 2011 at 1:11 AM ^

Amen to this.

Especially these days wherein football talent is spread across SO MANY schools (note the dearth of traditional football powerhouses represented in the BCS) and no longer concentrated among a small handful of programs, the competition for talent has gotten brutally cutthroat.

If the commitments aren't in writing, then don't consider them set in stone.

That said, I have a lot of enthusiasm for the ability of Michigan to continue to successfully do the Hokey-Pokey across the Ohio border.


December 6th, 2011 at 4:50 PM ^

Personality isn't necessarily  a big factor to whether or not some poor kid from the inner city will take money or not. It comes down to making the right decision when approached.

Look at Webber/Rose there personality are completely different. Webber took money, but it wasn't his personality, he was a shy kid coming into college and even after. It comes down to attitude and desperation.  The arrogance of Rose didn't mean that he would take money, it was just his personality. Rose had opportunities to take money and didn't. It comes down to decision making and doing what's right.

I agree that Pryor is completely different when it comes to attitude and personality than Dunn. But that doesn't mean when Dunn is presented with $10,000 cash he'll make the right decision. Hopefully he will, but when it comes down to it personality means little when cash is knocking on the door (or car door...)


December 6th, 2011 at 2:28 PM ^

I don't think Dunn is a prima donna. I think it comes down to what he thinks is right. He loves Ohio but probably knows Michigan is the better choice for him football wise. I have no problem with him loving Ohio and then deciding to come to Michigan (obviously). Elliot Mealer grew up a huge Ohio fan, but look at where he is now. I think after Hoke visits with Dunn and his family, we will have a better idea of where he stands. 

Just remember, he is making a life changing decision, don't be too hard on the kid.


December 6th, 2011 at 2:35 PM ^

so far Dunn has beent the opposite of a Prima Donna--he has been private and quite-- and we are trying to steal him away from the school he committed to.  Would hate to see him in the scarlet and grey but this is a kid and I hope he goes to the best school for him and that is clearly the one to the North West.

By the way, we actually haven't produced a ton of heisman trophy/NFL running back legends. OSU has actually had better success at that.   However, never under a spread guy. 

The fact that Brady Hoke is going to his house is not a great sign.  It may have a great a result but I think it means that he was a lean, is leaning back to columbus and we need to pull in the head coach to pull this off.

My guess is that he'll still be luke warm on Michigan and Brady will say good luck to you and leave him alone until he makes a decision.

We know what the right one is. 





December 6th, 2011 at 2:43 PM ^

I agree that it may not be a great sign initially that Hoke is going to visit him (because of what you said, whether it is right or not), but I think it shows that Michigan and Coach Hoke really want Dunn to be a Wolverine. Coach Jackson met up with Dunn last week, IIRC, but maybe Dunn just wanted to meet up with Hoke again to discuss the issue. If Dunn still comes up with Kalis for an official soon, that will be a great sign.


December 6th, 2011 at 5:29 PM ^

The injury sapped his conditioning. For the last time, they had him go one on one against an OL during a camp.

He was gassed after the third rep.

Of course he shaped up at Ohio. He "shaped up" during his football season since he recovered from his injury. Staff said we'd like to evaluate you during  your season (as a result of your bad showing at camp). They watched. They offered like they said they would.

Cannot forget about the individual "guiding" him through the process who kept whispering sour nothings into his ear during his entire recruitment ("see they're offering late because they don't think you're worthy" "see, other teams offered you - OSU offered, why can't Michigan offer you?").

He was never coming to Michigan regardless; that's the absolute last place that MSU advocate wanted him to go in spite of MSU not extending Hankins an offer.


December 6th, 2011 at 2:53 PM ^

I feel a personal need for Hoke to steal a recruit not just from Ohio but from Urban Meyer's Ohio. This may be just one recruit but for Hoke to steal one of their crown jewel's after the Meyer hire sends the message that the fence is down and it's not coming back up.

Picktown GoBlue

December 6th, 2011 at 3:18 PM ^

this weekend and those folks are positive Pryor's final two choice were between Penn State and OSU.  Perspective.  Probably never know for sure without talking to TP himself...

Like others said above, don't see Dunn as anything similar to Pryor at this point.  Also, not sure that I'd report hearsay about Michigan coaches doing negative recruiting of Kalis without researching to get corroboration (from a journalism perspective).

And one small nit - it's lede...


December 6th, 2011 at 3:21 PM ^

I have always agreed with the premise that RR would still be the coach if he had landed TP.  (We now know that there was never any real chance of this given his "mentor"'s relationship with Tressel.)

I am not sure TP would have gotten into trouble at Michigan - at least not as much or as bad - but I AM sure we would have been stuck for 4 years defending his moronic behavior to non-UM fans.

Think about it:

  • Bowl streak never ends (maybe only 6-6 year 1)
  • Shaver gets enough time to field a defense and maybe pick a few of his own assistnats.  (Gerg never happens).
  • Recruiting improves with less turnoil and coaching turnover
  • Maybe a reciever stays knowing TP is incoming (not sure if this fits the timeline of TP announcing and the NFL draft deadline.)
  • Media scrutiny lessens or at least people are less likely to revolt against a winning coach when Rosenberg et. al. go muckraking

RR - Still had some major flaws, which hopefully he has learned during the M fiasco, but I think getting TP and off to a faster start would have at least bought him a few more years.


Disclaimer - As big a RR supporter as I was - I am still pretty sure in hindsight that I would NOT take TP (=sell my soul) to get the chance of more years of RR.


Hugh Jass

December 6th, 2011 at 3:28 PM ^

Dunn - that said , we still have Fitz for two more years plus there are going to be others who want to join the Hoke-revolution.....we will be fine it he joins and fine if he does not.

a2 fighting pugs

December 6th, 2011 at 7:22 PM ^

I agree. Altho Dunn would be a great addition and slap in oHIOs face ][V][ has very solid RBs on the roster now. Fitz, the 2 freshman Rawls and Justice Hayes who look to have potential and Drake Johnson coming in next year who seems to me a dark horse and could be a beast.


December 6th, 2011 at 3:31 PM ^

You said "Recruiting can be akin to The Cold War. The lies, secrecy and blatant piracy that take place around the country to secure the top recruits. Rodriquez was called a “Snake-Oil Salesman” after pilfering recruits from Purdue. Coaches are continuously dishonest with recruits about their potential roles with the team.  As I recall there was only one recruit during that time frame with Tiller making the comment.  followed by  getting the quarter back from Purdue during Hopes watch.

 Sam Webb already has said on several occassions his family is okay with him going to Michigan------If they can convince Dunn to bring his family with him for a official visit on top of that,

Is it really pertinent to this diary to mention this twice if so why?-----His divorce from West Virginia was tabloid worthy, he allowed “Stretchgate”, and led Michigan to three of its worst seasons in the programs history.

I never got that impression that he was actually torn btw Mich and OSU------Torn between Michigan and Ohio State, Pryor prolonged his recruitment turning it into media frenzy with its fair share of Internet stalking and mass speculation as to where the top prospect would decide.

 Brady Hoke has helped turn Michigan into a potential national title contender in one season. We need to win our conference first and that probably includes beating one of our three rivals State no?

Lastly,  I think Dunn would already have decommited if he had clear cut evidence the Mich's offense is less spready and more Iback Prostyle


December 6th, 2011 at 4:46 PM ^

Big difference with Dunn and OSU is that Warren Ball is going to OSU and is just as highly rated if not higher. It isn't a one off int he same sense.

D.C. Dave

December 6th, 2011 at 5:28 PM ^

Not only would RR have gotten fired even if Pryor had come to Michigan, more likely is that the firing would have come after we found ourselves in serious trouble for all the stuff Pryor would have pulled. Sleaze is sleaze, and we should not pretend it would not have happened to us just because of the change of scenery. This guy has been taking handouts his entire life. I've never been happier to see such a great athlete in an Ohio uniform; it matched his character.

We'd be facing far more serious sanctions in addition to the silly ones Rodriguez brought our way, and because of that, he'd be fired anyway. He should've taken some of the time he spent on Pryor and given Hankins a call, and an offer.

Pryor was never coming here. We got played the entire time. His mentor was being wined and dined by Tressel and his cronies the whole time, and believe me, they took care of the mentor. I think the Ohio coaches LOVED IT that RR put all his eggs in the Pryor basket, instead of having a Plan B, because they knew how it was going to go and knew RR would be screwed. He got fooled by a con man being recruited by a corrupt coaching staff. We had as much a chance of landing Pryor as we did Maurice Clarett, who hung out on the Ohio sideline during his official visit to Michigan for 'The Game.' Reprehensible.

I think I hold the opposite view of most on here: I'd recruit Dunn, but I would not go overboard trying to land him, I don't think it's crucial that we get him, and I'd be recruiting another big back to take that slot. Hoke is smart enough to not heavily invest himself here if Dunn is not really open to switching.

I believe Dunn is a huge Buckeyes fan, not a casual fan, and in his heart that's the place he wants to go and he might even look back with regret if he changes his mind. This is not like Hankins, who was a Michigan fan but did not hold an offer. Dunn has an offer and they want him badly. It's only natural that the kid will attach the most optimistic view to whatever Meyer tells him, and Meyer does not think twice about lying. He's been doing it for years. Look up some of his characterizations of the incidents his Florida players were involved in, in which he explained away arrest reports. He'll tell Dunn anything Dunn wants to hear, because by the time Dunn see what his role really will be in the 'spread and shit-the-bed-with-a-turnover,' he's stuck in Columbus.

Here is what is interesting, and surprising so soon into Hoke's tenure: Landing Dunn means more to Meyer than it does to Hoke. Ohio fans are nervous and they know Hoke is an unstoppable force who is going to beat them regularly. They are looking for anything that gives them hope.

My concern is if we devote too much energy into landing a guy who I believe has been headed to Ohio all along, we look no better than RR did in his first year, when it appeared he was practically begging Pryor to come to Ann Arbor.

There are plenty of great running backs out there. We'd do quite nicely with Greg Garmon, who also is a big back, is rated almost exactly the same as Dunn, and also has better speed.


December 6th, 2011 at 5:36 PM ^

Ohio fans are nervous and they know Hoke is an unstoppable force who is going to beat them regularly. They are looking for anything that gives them hope.

I mean ... wow. That's a keeper right there for people who want to believe MGoBlog is somehow a step above the mouth-breathing masses on OSU/MSU boards.



December 6th, 2011 at 6:22 PM ^

I want Dunn to take his time. If he decides to come, and signs a LOI, there's no going back. If he winds up unhappy in Ann Arbor, he can always transfer, but not to Ohio; and nobody wants to go somewhere if they wonder if they will be happy anyway.

Dunn wanted to go to Ohio. Now he has strong reasons to go to his hated rival instead. That can't be easy. If he comes, he needs to be wholey committed. I'd give him all the time he needs to make a decision he can live with.

Webber's Pimp

December 6th, 2011 at 6:30 PM ^

I admire the way Dunn has handled his recruitment. He committed to Ohio State early and has kept his word all along. By doing so he is protecting himself and his family from the unstable Ohio fanbase. He's doing the smart thing by looking around due to the NCAA issues the school is facing and he's been quite open about this fact. For the most part he's kept his cards close to the vest and he doesn't seem to be a publicity hound. Who knows how this one will turn out but either way I can't fault the kid if he decides to honor a commitment to his childhood favorite. Hopefully this decision is made with his head and not his heart though...

Indiana Blue

December 6th, 2011 at 8:23 PM ^

the University and the program.  Meyer is all about himself.  He grew up in ohio  -  but in the past he never said tsio was what he wanted.  His first break was with Lou Holtz at nd - and he has been quoted as wanting to return to nd.  At his tsio presser - he flat out said that Florida was his "dream job" .... sucks to be tsio as an also ran.

The kicker here is the tsio QB.  This is what brought Meyer to a "yes" decision.  He sees himself being able to run HIS spread offense with the new QB.  That's it pure and simple  -  Meyer wants national attention, while Hoke wants to return Michigan to what is was in 1997.

Meyer's only interest in Bri'onte Dunn ... is keeping him away from Michigan.  It is obvious that Dunn's running style is built for a Pro Set offense (hello 2013) ... and Dunn could actually be the "star" of Michigan's offense.  At tsio ... Meyer has already named his "star" ... and is isn't Bri'onte Dunn.

Go Blue!


December 6th, 2011 at 8:35 PM ^

I hate to be a downer, but if Dunn goes to UM, then great; if not, then I wish him the best.  But every year there are kids who seem like the "defining" program kid, or the one you need to take from a rival to prove something, and yet every year the recruits just keep coming.  Last year it was Dee Hart, this year Dunn, years before it was Pryor or one of the DTs from Mississippi. 

This staff will win or lose based on its ability to develop talent; even when RR was losing 9 games the UM brand still attracted good athletes.  And without getting into a rant about the OP's views on RR (man do I hate the "get it" trope), Hoke is continuing a good recruiting kick while developing the talent already at hand.  UM went 10-2 this season, and if they can repeat the feat next year (and I think they'll be close, but losing the experience on the defensive line and at center will be tough to overcome), then they'll be well on their way to returing to national contention, and the equivalent of Dunn and Kalis will be available year in/year out.

Section 1

December 6th, 2011 at 9:22 PM ^

You wrote that "Rodriguez... allowed 'Stretchgate'..."

What does that mean; that Rodriguez "allowed" it?

The newspaper story was a concoction, as we now know, and Rodriguez knew nothing about those details at the time because nobody told him.  Rosenberg quite deliberately never asked Coach Rodriguez about anything, in the hope that Rodriguez would be blind-sided by the publication.  (A Friday meeting with Bruce Madej a few hours before publication notwithstanding.) 

So what did Rodriguez "allow"?  I think your terminology was deliberately vague, because you didn't know quite what to write and yet still be accurate.

You then go on to write that things were "well documented in John U. Bacon's Three and Out."  I agree; things were pretty well documented in the book, and really almost nothing was better documented, than the depredations of Michael Rosenberg and the Free Press.  The book (and more than anything, the University's formal response to the Notice of Allegations in case M-324) demonstrated that there was virtually nothing in terms of serious NCAA allegations that had been "allowed" by Rich Rodriguez.

Similarly, but only slightly less dramatically, you make an oblique reference to Rodriguez's WVU "divorce."  The one in which, according to Three and Out, Rodriguez was instructed to hold to a superhuman degree of restraint while Bill Martin and Mary Sue Coleman pulled the levers on the buyout litigation.  After which, Michigan paid a big chunk of buyout, just like the University did with Brady Hoke and before Hoke and Rodriguez, Jim Beilein.  (Smaller amounts admittedly and, in the cases of the two former WVU coaches, ,,, shared liabilities having mostly to do with personal tax consequences.)

So despite having cited Three and Out, you seem to have not learned two of its most important lessons; how Rodriguez was dramatically screwed, by (1) the coverage of the buyout litigation, and (2) by the wholly concocted Free Press story which led directly to the poisonous atmosphere that surrounded the NCAA investigation.

Finally, I see you using the word "led" at the top, and I presume that you meant "lede" or the less archaic "lead."


December 7th, 2011 at 7:40 AM ^

Professor Miller, 

Is that you?

Sorry, after reading your post I was having flashbacks from the critiques I used to receive from my professors. 

Thanks for the breakdown. I'm new to writing the diaries and will admit to rushing through portions of the article. I'm sure as I keep writing them things will smooth out but I won't be able to shed the rust of not writing for 5+ years without constructive criticism. So for that, I thank you. 




December 7th, 2011 at 1:33 AM ^

Getting Dunn is MORE than simply about landing a capable RB.

It's about talent clearly and publicly demonstrating a PREFERENCE for us over Ohio.

That's why landing a commit from another school is such a big deal. It's not just that they're saying YES to Michigan/Hoke: it's that they're also saying NO to Ohio/Meyer.


The potential for a snowball effect with OTHER recruits is what makes it remarkable, in that context.

Someone earlier correctly pointed out that even if we don't land Dunn, there are many other quality RBs out there that would step up for the opportunity to play here.

I agree. But there aren't many other quality players out there who give us the opportunity to play here and simultaneously PUBLICLY REJECT our biggest local recruiting competitor.

That's big.

That's why losing TP hurt more than just losing a quality qb. It meant that at least to the Pryors, our competition's house was more the place to win than our house... making further recruiting that much more difficult.

In the recruiting game, nothing brings success like success.

If we land Dunn, then suddenly Meyer has lost the war for Ohio before he's coached a single game in the state.


December 7th, 2011 at 9:44 AM ^

He was obviously a headcase, but I don't know if anyone can assume he would've been the same player/person in Ann Arbor that he was in Columbus.  People tend to react based on the culture that they are a part of.  Look at the Stanford it possible that in Ann Arbor, he would not have been trading memorabilia or getting free tattoos because there weren't those longstanding relationships with players from outsiders?  Not saying he would have been Tim tebow, but Michigan alums wouldn't have taken him to the tattoo parlor, like I'm sure some the former Ohio players would have.  IMO


December 7th, 2011 at 9:50 AM ^

Urban is a hell of a coach but negative recruiters have one thing on him: Will he stick around? The way he left Florida was about as disgraceful as you can get without commiting infractions.  I do believe he will only go after the 5* talent in Ohio while pursuing his old stomping grounds hard. 

Hoke is going the Bo route, win Ohio and you will be playing for B1G championships. 


December 7th, 2011 at 10:47 AM ^

You've written a lot of the same stuff in 'Scorned' as in 'Fortunate Fool', guessing you moved it in a late edit and didn't delete the original.

As for Dunn, dude stood on the M sideline for the Ohio game, when everyone knew that Urban Meyer was going to be their coach. Meyer must be able to talk his way into Jill St. John's bed if Dunns stays a Buckeye after that.


December 7th, 2011 at 7:27 PM ^

on a running back. There are many good running back and all can do the job so long as there is a decent offensive line. This differs from a top notch QB. A good QB can make a huge difference even with an average offensive line.

If Dunn decides on OSU no big deal. There are too many good running backs to be concerned over the loss of Dunn.