Baseball Recruiting: Hello Zach Fish

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Zach Fish via Kalamazoo Gazzette

Image by Erik Holladay (Special to the Kalamazoo Gazette)

Already looking toward next year's recruiting class, Michigan has gotten it's first publically known commit from the class of 2011 in Gull Lake's Zach Fish.

Fish was a Gazette first-team all-area infielder as a sophomore, when he hit .423 with six homers, 31 RBIs and an .880 slugging percentage for the Maroon Giants. He posted a 5-0 pitching record.

As a Blue Devil, he's picked up where he left off. Fish is hitting at a .470 clip with a .909 slugging percentage, 35 runs, 33 RBIs, six doubles and four triples. He's 16-for-17 in stolen bases, and has a 1-0 pitching record and 0.66 ERA.

He's a short stop for Gull Lake, but he's also played outfield for his summer league teams. I wouldn't be surprised if that's where he was slated. The interesting other tidbit:

The junior recently accepted a significant scholarship offer from the University of Michigan, with whom he plans to sign in November.

"It's a lot of money," Fish said without revealing the specifics. "They have an All-American right now, his name is Ryan LaMarre, and he has the highest in-state offer. They said they'd match that in-state offer. For an in-state offer, it just shows a lot of respect coach (U-M's Rich Maloney) has and it's very, very, very, very nice."

North Carolina, Clemson, Louisville, Oregon, Mississippi and Tennessee were other heavy hitters with a close eye on Fish, a 6-foot, 185-pound utility player with good foot speed and a cannon-like arm.

Judging by his numbers, Fish has a pretty solid chance of being drafted, especially if he continues at that pace in his senior year. It's great to see Michigan lock down a local talent over the likes of any of those other power teams also recruiting Fish.



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we've got him - hook, line and sinker!!!!

Welcome Zach!  We're excited to have you!


(lets hope he's a Hammerhead, and not a minnow at the plate - LoL)


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So weird to see baseball videos indoors on a basketball court. At least at my high school, we had a half a basketball gym with Astro turf installed (the other half was a weight room with rubber flooring).


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I always wonder how they divide up the money since there are only 12 scholarships for 30+ players on the roster. Do top recruits get anything close to a full ride or is it divided more evenly? How many guys are paying their own way? 


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Not unless they are an absolute monster. I don't think Ryan LaMarre even gets a full scholarship. It's just too hard to seperate out 11.7 scholarships to 20 or so players, if you're lucky enough to have that many. I think I could technically FOIA that info. Webb over at BuckeyeNine FOIA'd the letters of intent for OSU (long story short, but their coach absolutely will not release the names of players he has soft commitments for, much less ones he has LOI for), and it released how much each was getting. It may be an off season thing I look into.


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Most non-revenue sports have limited scholarship numbers. The only ones that do full scholarships all around are football and basketball for the men. Just an idea of what a D1 team gets by sport:

Sport Men's Women's
11.7 12
Basketball 13 15
Track & Field 12.6 18
Football 85 0
Golf 4.5 6
Gymnastics 6.3 12
Field Hockey 0 12
Ice Hockey 18 18
Lacrosse 12.6 12
Rowing 0 20
S****r 9.9 12
9.9 8.1
Tennis 4.5 8
Volleyball 4.5 12
Water Polo 4.5 8
Wrestling 9.9 0

Not really sure why they censor soccer, but whatever. You'll notice quite a lot of Title IX in that chart. Not that Title IX was a horrible thing, but yeah, it doesn't work so perfectly. I mean, a softball team could run on 12 scholarships a year. Baseball, with pitcihing staffs the way they have to be, no way 11.7 has each of your players covered. It's like trying to play volleyball with 4.5 players.


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I don't know the kid personally, I've just read a lot about in in the Kalamazoo Gazette.  HIs freshman and sophomore years he attended Kalamazoo Central (Derek Jeter), then he transferred to Gull Lake H.S. in Richland for his junior year.


He's a real stud.  He spent part of last summer playing with a top national team out of Cinncinati.    Its a great pickup for Michigan.


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Down here at Coastal, they lost all 3 top incoming pitchers this past MLB draft.  First pick of the Mets, then two others that shocked us because they went relatively late.  One was going to try to play QB and pitch too.

It's a delicate balance, trying to bring in the BEST talent, yet not so good that you lose them to MLB.

Also, FA, I thought that in dividing up the schollie, there were caps.  I'll try to find it.  I know for sure the roster size is limited, and of it you can have 8 walk ons.  Of the rest (19 I think), I think only a couple can, by rule, get full passes.

Kalamazoo Blue

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From a proud Gull Lake Blue Devil (class of '82) to another. I can't think of anyone else from Gull Lake who's become a scholarship athlete at Michigan. Way to go!


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Roster cap is 35 players, of which 27 must receive at least 1/4 schollie.  The best programs therefore use 8 walk-ons, so as to save more schollie $$ for the remaining 27.

6.25 schollies are used by the minimum of 27 x 1/4

Therefore you have 5.5 schollies left to divy up.  Most top schools are only going to give 1 or 2 kids (usually stud pitchers) full rides, as it takes out another 1.5 (2 studs x additional 3/4 schollie over minimum).  In that scenario, only 4 schollies are left to "boost" the other 25 players.

You can see how much a full-ride (or anything close) means in this regards.