The Bama Thing

Submitted by formerlyanonymous on July 11th, 2008 at 10:17 AM

I'm going to air my displeasure with the "Cut" article.  I realize Brian is no rock of journalistic integrity, and is open to express his opinion and presumptions about a certain topic.  What irks me in this whole debacle is how willing many of the commenters are to just trust that when Brian titles the article "Cut," people believe that is what happened without reading the article or investigating it at all.  No where in the linked article is the word "cut," "asked to leave the team," or "let go."  For all we know he was told he really doesn't work into the starting line up any time soon, and rather than working to improve himself, he pulled a Mallett and decided to transfer.  Claiming this kid was cut is just as factual as those claiming RichRod told Mallett he wouldn't fit in his system and would be finding other options.  Neither are fact based.  Both wild speculation. 

From what I have seen, this kid was recruited out of Texas by Major Applewhite (now gone).  He never stepped foot on the campus before signing with the Tide (leading me to believe he didn't think through much else), citing he just wanted to play for a great coach in Nick Saban.  He couldn't make the field at his primary position (WR IIRC), then was transfered to a DB (again, IIRC) where he just wasn't cutting it there either.  The kid was going to be relegated to the scout team for the rest of his time in college.  I wouldn't blame him for being upset.  The kid just wasted 2 years in a program he will never see the field for. Having already burned a redshirt year, he may have to waste another year on the bench if he wants to stay in the FBS.  I wouldn't want to talk with the media either. 

I'm interested to see what does come out in the media in the next 3-4 weeks.  Whatever happened, it will be addressed somewhere, if by anything at least accident.  I just don't think you can flat out blame Saban for this one.  Things like this happen. 

Disclaimer:  I do think he did oversign, which I find morally wrong.  I do not question that, but I will defend the premise that he is not necessarily the guilty party here.