Back in M Land!

Submitted by Casa Grande on July 27th, 2008 at 11:04 PM

Got home to the land of the Blue Water for a few days!  Whew!  I needed some sun and boating and fishing and all that is the glory of Michigan in the Summer.  Hey, if you haven't taken a little time off, call in sick.  Hit the water.  Enjoy your surroundings.  You won't know how much you miss it if you ever have to leave!   

A few observations: I was surprised at the lack of Media Days coverage on some of the TV newscasts I saw.  It was there it was just short.  Even one local daily paper I read had an AP story from the event instead of a byline from a local writer.  I assume that since it wasn't the Freep or Det News that it was mainly a cost thing. 

I did wonder though if it's really been decided in newsrooms that there are tons of college football websites and stations like BTN and ESPN and any other number of speciality publications so we got to see the simple 45 second story with a soundbite.  Seriously, if I'm a daily with maybe 20,000 readers and I have like 2-3 sports people - do I want to waste time going head to head with MGoBlog?  Nope.  Grab the wire copy and roll the presses! 

Then again the Tigers had a huge series with the Pale Hose and there was a lot of coverage on that.  Too bad they blew it in at least the first two games.  (Haven't checked the scores yet on the Sun game).  I guess that really is a big story.  So much for good pitching beats good hitting all the time.  And of course that's when sports gets ANY time in between Mayor K2's flashbacks to his football days, tossing deputies around like freshman quarterbacks. 

Looking around my part of the Mitten (SE) I saw plenty of Tigers shirts and hats.  Hey, it's baseball season.  I saw one Spartan T-shirt on a kid in a store but any other football stuff I saw was clearly Wolverines material.  To be expected I suppose.  I knew a LOT of State people growing up but they just never seemed to be as rabid and never did any one of them ever "reach out" as in "come to our games!"  "Join us!"  M fans sure did!  Probably why I am the way I am. 

In the meantime I have to say that the roads are as bad as I recall.  I think when the defense stops everything coming it's way we should call it "an I-75 job."  The closures make NO sense.  I guess that shouldn't be a big surprise either.  They direct you on a detour of one Interstate that puts you into a construction zone on another Interstate and the traffic reports on radio "on the 8s" are saying: "Smooth sailing out there."  WTF? 

Drove right through C-Bus on the way back to the Land of Rich, right past their vaunted "horseshoe" which is more like a donut with cracks.  Despite getting a cold chill up the back of my neck, it did send a wave of anticpation across the old brain.  Football is almost here.

Thank goodness I can afford a trip to my homeland every now & then.  Hopefully some time soon it will be with M tix in hand!  :)




July 28th, 2008 at 5:16 PM ^

In Southeast Michigan, we've always had the fan advantage. But I was recently in Grand Rapids and was taken aback by the amount of Sparty crap I saw. Apparently, the average Joe over there grows up a State fan. I find that incomprehensible.


July 28th, 2008 at 5:34 PM ^

That's pretty accurate - I grew up in GR and it's pretty 50-50 between us and Sparty.  I think the fact that it's a lot closer to EL than it is to AA plays a big part.  There are a lot more Sparty grads that head to GR after graduation than UM grads.  And my graduating class from high school sent about 30 kids to UM, as opposed to about 90 to MSU.