back from the dead...(likely soon)

Submitted by clarkiefromcanada on November 23rd, 2008 at 11:47 PM

Hello friends,

It's been over a year since I last posted anything bigger than a 1 sentence comment; indeed, what was really to be said about the ridiculous losses to schools like Toledo?

Like most of you, I'm fairly sick of the mainstream media and the cheesy fairweather fans in my section piling on the carcas of the Michigan football program. Then again, a bit of context would tell us that the media have to hate us as even in losing we are the measuring stick...what else is there for Kirk Herbstreit etc. and what else for the old, tired and annoying fans who never cheer, yell at those who do and just come for the "occasion".

When I read the diaries and comments I notice too many of the same people piling on RR who piled on Lloyd at the end of his tenure. It seems RR has changed much of the culture in the team and the recruiting (apparently we mostly recruited kickers from Florida in past), has modernized the S&C (eee...Barwis), has limited pizza consumption by linemen and somehow made Canada's own Renaldo Segasse moderately relevant (if only by default).

I don't see national championship next year...but I see a return to success in the Big 10. Unlike ND we actually have a good coach who is capable of recruiting. I'm going to remember these days in a couple years when RR hangs 60 on tOSU.

Best wishes all...



November 24th, 2008 at 10:43 AM ^

CW has been to date a gangbuster recruiter and a bad coach. RR did not set any positive coaching achievements this year. RR's recruiting to date has been meh. He has landed no "game changer." I'm not suggesting he won't just that he hasn't so far. But the talent level on the team now is as low as its ever been and we still have not been able to attract a top 50 player who would be an instant starter. Watch the All Big Ten show tonight to underscore how low the UM talent is. There is no way this team is a top level Big 10 team in 2009. Frosh QB, iffy OL, sucky WRs who can't run routes or block (except Mathews), rebuilding DL, sucky LBs who hit the wrong gap and get run over and no safeties who could start for MSU.

UM has a looooooong rebuilding road ahead. O$U will be favored to win the Bgg 10 in 2009 after losing a host of NFL bound players. O$U has the highest rated recruting class for 2009. They have had no decommits or player defections. The programs are in 2 diffeent universes and that will not change in '09.