Athletic department recruiting budgets on the rise

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There are a lot of stories this morning about an article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed about the trend of soaring recruiting budgets throughout all of college sports. I figured some of you might be interested in reading it and examining the data yourselves.


Nearly half of the nation's largest athletics programs have doubled or tripled their recruitment spending over the past decade, as their pursuit of elite athletes intensifies and becomes more national in scope.

Forty-eight percent of NCAA Division I athletics departments at least doubled their recruiting budgets from 1997 to 2007, according to a Chronicle analysis of financial data reported to the U.S. Department of Education. Of the 300 Division I institutions for which data were available, 21 each spent more than $1-million chasing talented players in the 2007 academic year.

On the whole, the 65 biggest spenders shelled out a total of more than $61-million in 2007, an 86-percent increase from 10 years before. That amount does not include salaries for recruiting coordinators or construction and operating costs of the gleaming multimillion-dollar facilities that help lure prospects.

Rising travel costs account for much of the increase. But the budget growth also reflects a widespread shift in how and where coaches recruit, compared with a decade ago.

Driven by geographic constraints or a desire to bolster the competitiveness of their teams — or both — many more coaches now look far beyond homegrown talent, sometimes even crossing continents to court top prospects. For now, the increased price of recruiting is one that many administrators say they can tolerate. But the high-stakes chase for elite athletes can test even the most generous budgets.[/quote]

Budget-wise, Notre Dame comes in at #2 for the 2006-2007 season in terms of overall recruiting budget for their entire athletic department. Ohio State comes in at #10. Unsurprisingly, SEC recruiting budgets far outpace the rest of I-A.



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I'm actually somewhat surprised the SEC budgets are so high. Since there is so much talent in the SE they shouldn't have to travel as far as some of the other schools in less talent rich areas. Also, when home football games bring in millions of dollars, and there is also revenue from tv coverage, spending about a million a year for recruiting for every sport doesn't seem like that much.

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Of course Notre Dame is going to be up there at the top with their budget, Charlie Weis has to have a stand bye team at all times with samplings from all of the favorite fast food joints ZING!