Alumni Game Rosters

Submitted by Tim on April 15th, 2010 at 9:26 PM

From a press release sent out this afternoon by Michigan Athletics. Teams are tentative, but everyone on the roster should be in for at least one play:


Coach: Desmond Howard (1989-91), Wide Receiver

Captain: Vada Murray (1987-90), Defensive Back

Ron Bellamy (1999-02), Wide Receiver

Tom Brigstock (1962-65), Halfback

Gasper Calandrino (1978), Defensive Back

Jim Conley (1961-64), End

Zia Combs (2000-02), Defensive Back/Wide Receiver

B.J. Dickey (1977-81), Quarterback

Don Dufek (1972-75), Defensive Back

Chris Floyd (1994-97), Tailback/Fullback

Jermaine Gonzales (2000-04), Wide Receiver

Livetius Johnson (1988-91), Running Back

Rich Leach (1975-78), Quarterback

Triando Markray (1982-84), Wide Receiver

Ben Mast (1997-01), Offensive Line

Chris Matsos (2002-04), Wide Receiver

Zoltan Mesko (2006-09), Punter

Anthony Mitchell (1985-88), Defensive Back

Ohene Opong-Owusu (2007-09), Linebacker

Darren Petterson (1995-98), Wide Receiver

Marcus Ray (1995-98), Safety

LaTerryal Savoy (2006-09), Wide Receiver

Lasker Smith (1992), Defensive Back

Phil Webb (1983-87), Tailback

Josh Williams (1995-99), Defensive Tackle

Chuck Winters (1992-96), Safety

Pierre Woods (2002-05), Defensive End


Coach: LaMarr Woodley (2003-06), Defensive End

Captain: Phil Brabbs (2000-03), Kicker

Tony Blackenship (1989-93), Safety

Alijah Bradley (2003-06), Running Back

Jason Carr (1991-95), Quarterback

Will Carr (1993-96), Defensive Tackle

Bob Cernak (1984-87), Quarterback/Tight End

Bill Dufek (1974-77), Offensive Line

Dan Jokisch (1987-90), Wide Receiver/Tight End

Brian Lafer (2001-03), Wide Receiver

Andy Mignery (1999-03), Quarterback/Tight End/Punter

John Navarre (1999-03), Quarterback

Troy Nienberg (2001-04), Kicker

B.J. Opong-Owusu (2003-06), Safety

Tom Parkhill (1962-65), End

Marc Ramirez (1986-89), Offensive Line

Aaron Richards (1998-01), Wide Receiver

Todd Richards (1992-95), Wide Receiver

Jim Sinclair (1988), Fullback

Walter Smith (1990-94), Wide Receiver

Dorian Taylor (1992), Linebacker

Michael Taylor (1985-89), Quarterback

Anthony Thomas (1997-00), Tailback

John Thompson (2004-08), Linebacker

Dwayne Ware (1988-92), Wide Receiver/Defensive Back

Gerald White (1983-86), Tailback/Fullback

Very nice touch to have Murray and Brabbs as the team captains. I think we all know why that is. My money's on team Howard.



April 17th, 2010 at 6:26 PM ^

Fast enough to play WR in the Big Ten, big enough to play basketball in the Big Ten, and he had a great arm. He had 28 TD passes in his senior year of high school against 0 ints. He would have been perfect for RR's system...