All we need is a little patience...

Submitted by BIG_HOUSE on August 31st, 2009 at 4:43 PM
It's time to leave Rich Rod alone and let him do his job. Yes Michigan is a historic program but when Lloyd Carr left so did many players. To have Nick Sheridan and Threet as your quarterbacks in your first year is terrible luck, even Urban Meyer wouldn't be able to salvage that season. College Football is not like pro sports where trades can be made, every new coach deserves at least four years to get his troops on the team and to groom them into champions.

It's easy for the media and fans to take shots at Michigan and Rich Rod right now, but the true fans to support him will be laughing all the way to BCS bowls in the future. Rich Rod is taking a program who was so stuck in their old ways, that became so predictable and arrogant. RR is trying to turn it around, and transform big blue into a lean, lightning fast team full of athletes. I'm excited to see the progression over the next few years, that's the best part of being a sports fan, feeling the lows of the team and then rising/improving every year to get back on top. 

I can only hope that the team rallies together this week and has big time practices. I envision this team filtering their rage from last season and using these allegations to come together this weekend and destroy WMU.  I'm looking forward to seeing the speed and agility I've been reading about all summer, I want to be able to silence my friends who talk smack about the team I love so much.  I was listening to David Bowie the other day and there's a line in the song Changes that struck me. "time may change me, but I can't change time." That's the truth, with patience and support we will be back on top.

Those who stay will be champions.



August 31st, 2009 at 5:39 PM ^

but i disagree with one thing:
had urban meyer inherited a team with sheridan and threet as qbs, i think he could have salvaged the season -- he would have whined his way into another national championship game (a la 2006).


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don't forget the Axl snake dance. Patience and the dance (and maybe this chair, and this blog and that's all I need).

PS - couldn't resist with the patience line - not intended as a slight to your diary in any way.