ACE: An Interview With Courtney Love

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Courtney Love (no, not that Courtney Love) is a 6'2", 222-pound linebacker from Youngstown (OH) Cardinal Mooney who currently holds offers from Indiana, Michigan State, and Nebraska to go along with interest from several big-name schools including Michigan, Ohio State, and Notre Dame. As a junior, he helped lead Cardinal Mooney to a state title while putting up some pretty impressive numbers. I caught up with Courtney this evening to discuss his recruitment, his junior year, and his interest in Michigan.

ACE: How is your recruitment going so far, and which schools are showing the most interest in you?

COURTNEY: Right now everything is going great. I've got Nebraska, they're showing a lot of interest, West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan State, and Michigan—those are the top ones so far.

ACE: Do you have any early favorites out of the teams that have been recruiting you?

COURTNEY: Not really. I'm just keeping an open mind with all of them.

ACE: Who's your recruiting contact from Michigan?

COURTNEY: Coach Montgomery.

ACE: Looking at your junior year, obviously you guys won the state championship. What was that like for you, and how do you feel you performed in your junior year?

COURTNEY: Bringing home the state title was great, because ever since we were little we all wanted to do that ourselves. The team that I played with this year, the juniors and seniors and sophomores, we were all basically on the same team as seventh- and eighth-graders, and we've been playing together since seventh grade through now. It's been great with them, the chemistry is great. This year I think I did okay. This was my first year really starting, because I didn't get a chance to start when I was a sophomore until around the playoffs.

ACE: Do you know your stats off the top of your head?

COURTNEY: I'm not too sure but I know I had 160-plus tackles, seven forced fumbles, and a fumble recovery for a touchdown.

ACE: If you had to scout yourself, what would you say are your biggest strengths as a player, and where are you looking to improve?

COURTNEY: My biggest strengths would be reading the play and reacting to it, getting downhill. The biggest thing I've got to work on is my pass coverage [and also] blitzing, getting the linemen off me.

ACE: Looking ahead to the offseason and the summer, do you have any plans in terms of going to camps or junior days and taking visits to certain schools? Do you have any visits in mind, or are you waiting to set those up?

COURTNEY: I have a few visits in mind, but I'm still really just waiting to set everything up. I'm dealing with taking the ACT right now, this is my first time taking that, so I'm going to get focused on that, and then after that's over with I'll get ready to see what I'm going to do in terms of taking visits and everything.

ACE: In terms of your recruitment in general, do you have an idea in terms of a timeline?

COURTNEY: It's kinda early, but most likely I want to get it done and chosen by the beginning of my [senior] season.

ACE: When you're looking at these schools right now, and I know it's pretty early, but when you're looking to commit to a program and a school, what are you looking for there?

COURTNEY: I'm looking for a great program as far as educationally as well as what's going to be best for my family to be able to come down and visit and come watch me wherever I go. Wherever best fits me, what can help me out as far as earning a scholarship, getting that education, and playing time, that's basically about it.

ACE: I know people would be curious to hear what your thoughts are about Michigan right now. What are your feelings about Michigan?

COURTNEY: I definitely like Michigan. It's a great program. I'm good friends with Fitzgerald Toussaint, I've been talking to my dad about how Michigan is, and one of my teachers on the staff at my school also talks to me a little bit about it and tells me he can give me some information whenever I need it. I'm really keeping an open mind to every program so far, because right now there's really the elite programs [recruiting me], and Michigan is right with them. They looked great this year, and the coaches they had this year did really amazing. They're starting to make a great program out of Michigan and [bringing it back to] what it has been before.



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aquaman + ace = aquace? but in all seriousness the recruting interviews and news on this wonderful site has got me considering canceling my "premium" recruting site subscription

Victor Hale II

January 17th, 2012 at 7:51 PM ^

He said "my family to be able to COME DOWN and visit".

He's in Youngstown, as his family presumably is.  So is it fair to say that the colloquialism of his family coming "down" to visit indicates he wasn't really thinking of Ann Arbor, home of "that school 'up' north"?


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I know I'm biased but his statement "because right now there's really the elite programs [recruiting me], and Michigan is right with them." confuses me. Among the list of schools he gave earlier in the interview, it's hard to imagine Michigan not being "elite" in his eyes.


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Ace has a series of questions he asks that he keeps for himself as well:


1.  Boxers or Briefs?

2.  What do you do in your free time?

3.  Do you enjoy long walks on the beach?

4.  Can I call you sometime?


etc etc etc...