9/11 Michigan Sports Weekend

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This weekend is a big home weekend for many of the Michigan sports. Volleyball is hosting their first game as this diary is being posted, field hockey hosts a pair of teams, and men's soccer also plays host to a pair of opponents. Golf also opens this weekend on the road, while women's soccer and cross country also hit the road. Paul is also looking to make a few appearances to games this weekend. Hopefully we'll get another solid post from him.


theblock #7 ranking, 6-0 record

  • Friday 12:30p vs Fairfield,
  • Friday 7:30p vs Morehead State,
  • Saturday 12:30 vs VCU,
  • Saturday 7:30p vs Missouri

Volleyball is hosting the Michigan Challenge this weekend (full schedule here), and there will be games starting from 10am to 7:30p both today Friday and tomorrow Saturday. Michigan faces off with the above mentioned teams, none of which are ranked.

Michigan played a bit sloppy against EMU earlier in the week, playing down to the Eagles level. Michigan did allow the subs to finally get in some quality PT during the match, and did well to fight back when behind. That said, they should never have let EMU get ahead. Photo on the right by Eastern Michigan Athletics

Men's Soccer

#26 ranking (also receiving votes section), 2-1-0 record

  • Friday 7:30p vs Lipscomb Wright State
  • Sunday 2:30p vs Wright State Lipscomb

Michigan soccer is also hosting an invitational this weekend. Neither opponent is expected to give Michigan many problems.

Field Hockey

#20 ranking, 1-3 record

  • Saturday 12p vs #5 Connecticut
  • Sunday 1p vs Ball State

Connecticut will be a tough game for Michigan, but it is the home opener, so hopefully Michigan can use a bump from the home football crowd who may show up a bit early and give some extra home field advantage (hint hint). Connecticut is coming off a weekend where they defeated #11 Penn State in State College. They will be tough. Ball State is 2-2 with a loss to #30 Villanova.

Women's Soccer

Unranked, 3-3-0 record

  • Friday 5p (ET) at Cal State-Fullerton
  • Sunday 3p (ET) at Southern California

Cal State-Fullerton is winless thus far in the season (0-4) but will be an interesting road test for Michigan. USC also hasn't been that strong this season, posting a 1-3-0 record, with that one win coming over Cal State-Fullerton.


chasingMBoth rankings not yet released.

  • Men's: Friday 5:30p @ State College, Pa

Michigan is sending 10 runners for the 5.2 mile race. This race is being hosted by Penn State, and the course will approximate the the Nov. 1st BigTen Conference Championship course. Picture on right by Mark Vloet, posted at MGoBlue.


  • Women's: Saturday/Sunday @ East Lansing, MI
  • Men's: Saturday/Sunday @ Zionsville, IN

The women are facing a par 72 and 6,237 yards on the Forest Akers West Golf Course. The match is 54 holes, 36 on day one, 18 on day two. Five players per team will play, with the lowest four scores per round counting. This will be the first tournament for Coach Cheryl Stacy, who was promoted from assistant coach to head coach this year.

    The #21 ranked men's team also faces a par 72, but at 7,465 yards at the Wolf Run Country Club. They too face 54 holes, 36 on day one and 18 on day two. Michigan has had success at Wolf Run, winning the team title last year, and having a now-alumnus medaling as an individual two years ago.


Friday 1:45p: Volleyball Won 3-0, 25-9(!), 25-17, 25-16. Subs and freshmen made it into this game as it was all Michigan, all game. Zimmerman (.727 hitting percentage! on 11 attempts) and Paz each had 8 kills to lead the team. Hunt had plenty of attempts, but just wasn't landing the points. We held Fairfield to a .066 hitting percentage, which is just absolutely ridiculous. They were definitely overmatched.

Friday 11:30p: Everything is done for the night, and the only game Michigan lost was in women's soccer. Michigan lost 0-2 to Cal State-Fullerton, but the game was closer than what it appeared. Michigan put two balls into net, one being called back by an off sides call and another by a foul call.

The game was particularly rough (21 total fouls), leading to a pair of red cards (one per team) and a pair of penalty kicks (also one per team). Amanda Bowery was the red card for Michigan, as she and a CSF player were both ejected at the same time, making me guess there was a women's soccer fight.

Men's soccer went much better with a 3-0 win over Lipscomb Wright State. Mauro Fettuzi doubled his goal total tonight from 2 to 4 with a pair of set play goals. He converted a penalty kick and a free kick for goals. Freshman Kofi Opare had the game winner.

Men's cross country also saw a Michigan victory in less than favorable conditions of mud and wetness. Michigan came in with a final score of 25, with the next closest teams coming in at 40, 81 and 126 (just for perspective). Michigan had five players finish in the top ten, including Bobby Aprill in second place with a time of 26 minutes, 27 seconds.

Correction: I had the men's soccer schedule backwards. It has been corrected there and in the Friday 11:30p update.

Saturday 5:30p: Volleyball won 3-0 over VCU in the early afternoon. Michigan won by scores of 25-11, 25-17, and 26-24. Juliana Paz had a ridiculous 8 service aces. She and Alex Hunt shared the lead with 14 kills a piece. The VCU coach received a yellow card for being a bit too animated.

Field hockey was last seen being down 5-1 with Bryn Bain netting the only goal. Christi Barwick saw some time in goal after Paige Pickett gave up 4 goals on 4 shots on goal against in just the first 28 minutes of play. Barwick only had 2 shots on goal against her, but she also gave up a goal.



September 11th, 2009 at 3:11 PM ^

Really? 5.2 miles?

I ask this because I ran CC in college. I ran 8K (about 5 mi.) and 10K (6.2 mi.) but never that distance. And I've never heard about it being run as a standard race distance...

And yes, I saw that was the distance on mgoblue.com, but that doesn't mean I have to believe it...

Other Chris

September 11th, 2009 at 9:28 PM ^

Three Morehead players went to high school with Sloane Donhoff.

The Zone was out in force tonight, as was UM women's basketball, who had Ben Cronin in tow with them early in the evening.


September 12th, 2009 at 2:08 PM ^

How much confusion there is between the starters and subs. It seems like late in games, our subs come in and throw our rhythm. There were quite a few times the radio announcers said no one was going for blocks. Three+ players just watched a ball fall, or all thought someone else had it. Just a concern of mine.

Also, if you can see Juliana Paz with a radio controller on her serves, maybe touches her temple to use mind control, let me know. Eight aces? Holy cow.

Other Chris

September 12th, 2009 at 10:25 PM ^

They looked like the best of the competition, but heavily beat up. Two girls with their thighs wrapped rotated in and out, and what looked like their best blocker had a knee brace on. No Michigan subs in this one, so no insight on what was going on. An unnatural number of Michigan net violations, though. I think they were tired.

The secret of Juliana's ace that I saw tonight, and what I recall from last night, is that she serves it REALLY HARD, right at player along the sideline who just can't handle it. The ball goes squirting out of bounds. The combination of force and placement is just deadly. I saw no temple touching or radio controller, but who knows what she does when she is bent double dribbling the ball about a dozen times mere inches from the ground.


September 12th, 2009 at 10:36 PM ^

Thanks for the update. I dont have time to mess with an update tonight. The game/CiL drained me. Add a few beers at the padre's birthday dinner and waking up at 5am to go to work tomorrow means I need to hit the hay tomorrow. Woo working for an NFL team? I wouldn't be surprised if I just talked up Michigan athletics all day.