2015 Recruiting Class Scholarship Allotment

Submitted by Marley Nowell on January 27th, 2014 at 9:04 PM


On the heels of BBrown's massive 2015 Prospect Post I thought it might be good to see how the available scholarship slots will be distributed.

2015 Scholarships Available: 11 - 19


QB: 1

Every class should have a QB and 2015 is no different.  With decent depth now at the position I doubt Michigan will sign a lower rated 2nd prospect.  The only way I see 2 commits is the 2nd prospect is a dual-threat type who could transition to another position.

RB: 1-2

Depth at the position is fairly thin with 3 true RBs and 2 RB/Slot hybrid types.  I would defintely say 2 here but there is a chance that Houma or Shallman become full time RBs and are good enough to stick.

FB: 0

This is a spot that can be filled by a walk-on.  Also likely to be marganlized by the new offensive system.

WR/Slot: 0-1

One of the best position groups with regards to depth with 8-11 options (counting Funchess).  This is a position where the coaches can be very selective and take elite prospects or sit tight with what they have.

TE: 1-2

With only 4 players here at least 1 TE is guaranteed .  I would say that a 2nd commit is possible but the number crunch probably limits that.  Possible position group for attrition could jump this up to 2.

OL: 2-4

I wanted to seperate this out by position group but its hard to tell right now where the current players will fit in.  There is a need for at least 2 OTs and a C.  With J. Runyan Jr. already committed I see them taking 3 more OLs with an eye towards OTs.  Also a possible position group for attrition.

DT/NT: 1

Depth at NT is fairly thin so I would expect that we'll defintely see 1 NT.  Another DT is possible but I don't see how there would be room.

SDE: 1

Depth here is fairly thin as well but potential position switches from DT and TE could help fill out this position group.

WDE: 1

Depth here is pretty good so the coaches can hopefully reel in an elite level prospect at this position.

SLB: 1

This is a young position group and with 2 seniors graduating the staff will take at least 1 prospect here.


Depth here is pretty good for these fairly interchangeable position groups and with limited scholarships I see the coaches holding out for an elite propsect here.  Also a possible position group for attrition.

CB: 1

Fairly stacked position group with freshman who have already played and highly regarded incoming recruits.  With S.Crawford already in the fold I don't see how  the coaches will go after another pure CB.  Likely a position group for attrition which could bump this up.

FS/SS: 2

Defintely a position group in need of players even with T. Kinnel already committed.  Only 4 players here and possibly 1-2 more moving over from CB.

P/K/LS: 0-1

Kicker is taken care of with A.David and so is LS.  Punter is the only open position which may be filled by a walk-on.

Projected Commits: 13 - 19


Defintely had to fiddle around with my original numbers to make this work but I think the final result is fairly accurate.  This exercise has taught my why 85 scholarships seems like such a hinderance.  Certain positions like OL and CB seem stacked but we all watched the OL this year...and we all remember the "Never Forget" banner.


My best guess is 15 Member Recrutiing Class after attrition, graduation, and early entrants.



January 27th, 2014 at 9:37 PM ^

Michigan has 10 seniors graduating and 2 "unused" scholarships (which are probably Kerridge's and Glasgow's), so we've got 10-12 spots for the 2015 class right now (link).

Mercury Hayes

January 28th, 2014 at 9:56 AM ^

Can someone point me to an example where a Michigan player has gone from walk-on, to scholarship player, back to walk on? Generally speaking, if you earn your scholarship, don't you usually keep it (unless of course you screw up in terms of academic ineligibility, off the field issues, or extremely poor play)? Of course, those things are unlikely, because the kids who earn scholarships after walk-on status generally have to work harder/stay out of trouble to earn their free ride.


February 18th, 2014 at 9:18 PM ^

Pretty good speculation here; I imagine things can always look very different a year from now though. Last year had so much potential and ended so anticlimactically ;/