2010 "Preliminary Consensus" Rankings

Submitted by blueloosh on March 24th, 2009 at 11:33 AM

Now that the initial Scout 300 and Rivals 250 have both been released I thought it would be interesting to compare the two sets of early rankings. Below I have recorded both rankings for recruits of interest (if I missed any, help me out). I have also averaged the two to reach a composite ranking for each player, which I'll call the player's "preliminary consensus" ranking.

Disclaimer: I think rankings are imperfect. I know they evolve. I do not think they guarantee success or damn a player to mediocrity; but neither do I think they are worthless or arbitrary. I hope this post invites comments about the rankings themselves, but not another tired back and forth over their general validity, e.g. "rankings don't mean anything" -- "yes they do" -- "what about successful 2/3 star player X?" -- "but look at this NFL draft data" -- etc. SIZE>

2010 "Preliminary Consensus"SIZE>

[1] Seantrel Henderson (S:1; R:1)
[3] Marcus Lattimore (S:2; R:4)
[4.5] Lache Seastrunk (S:7; R:2)
[6] Jackson Jeffcoat (S:6; R:6)
[9.5] Jeff Luc (S:9; R:10)
[14] Kyle Prater (S:10; R:18)
[14] Jordan Hicks (S12: R:16)
[32.5] Robert Crisp (S:36; R:29)
[45.5] Christian Green (S:54; R:37)
[50.5] William Gholston (S:57; R:44)
[54.5] Mack Brown (S:63; R:46)
[77] Chris Dunkley (S:93; R:61)
[91] Tai-ler Jones (S:81; R:101)
[107.5] Dietrich Riley (S:70; R:145)
[118.5] Corey Brown (S:168; R:69)
[119] Ricardo Miller (S:115; R:123)color>
[123.5] Marvin Robinson (S:148; R:99)
[127] Devin Gardner (S:77; R:177)color>
[133.5] Brennan Clay (S:155; R:112)
[135.5] Dior Mathis (S:137; R:134)
[139.5] Latwan Anderson (S:213; R:66)
[141] Chaz Green (S:127; R:155)
[158.5] Robert Bolden (S:83; R:234)
[162] DeJoshua Johnson (S:210; R:114)
[187] A.J. Cann (S:212; R:162)
[195] Nickell Robey (S:265; R:125)
[197.5] Jerald Robinson (S:157; R:238)color>
[199.5] Jeffrey Godfrey (S:215; R:184)
[202.5] Josh Furman (S:105; R:X)
[210.5] Austin White (S:121; R:X)
[220] Jay Guy (S:140; R:X)
[227] Brandon Ifill (S:154; R:X)
[240.5] Torrian Wilson (S:X; R:131)
[251.5] C.J. Olaniyan (S:203; R:X)
[257] Caleb Lavey (S:214; R:X)
[277] Cullen Christian (S:254; R:X)
[281] Nick Hill (S:262; R:X)
[288.5] Austin Gray (S:277; R:X)
[291.5] Kenny Shaw (S:283; R:X)
[296.5] Scott McVey (S:293; R:X)

Unranked of interest: Jeremy Jackson, D.J. Williamson, Lo Wood

Note on methodology: For players not ranked in the Rivals 250, I computed the Rivals half of their composite ranking with a value of 300. For players missing the Scout 300 I used 350. This is admittedly inexact. It may punish a player too much for not making the list (or not enough).



March 24th, 2009 at 11:46 AM ^

But can I presume that you did it by hand? Based on a cursory glance, you've got the sum for Tai-ler Jones rather than the average of the two, and that's based on a 5-second look-see (i.e. I'm guessing there's more). I recommend a really basic Excel spreadsheet, which would allow for a little bit more detailed analysis as well.

But again, thanks for putting in the time.


March 24th, 2009 at 12:54 PM ^

just for reference, how many players from our 2009 class were in the rivals/scout top 250/300. I figure this would give us a better understanding of what we need to get in order to be around the top 10 class.


March 24th, 2009 at 1:15 PM ^

13 Rivals 250; 10 in Scout 300

Will Campbell (R:26; S:35)
Justin Turner (R:35; S:26)
Je’Ron Stokes (R:104; S:168)
Jeremy Gallon (R:151; S:X)
Craig Roh (R:156; S:66)
Tate Forcier (R:164; S:136)
Denard Robinson (R:188; S:158)
Taylor Lewan (R:194; S:273)
Quinton Washington (R:213
Anthony LaLota (R:215; S:115)
Michael Schofield (R:221; S:134)
Cameron Gordon (R:233; S:X)
Fitzgerald Toussaint (R:239; S:X)


March 24th, 2009 at 3:32 PM ^

It looks like Miller has already moved up in the rankings and is now #115 while Jerald Robinson is now #157 according to scout.