1st Semiannual MGoAwards (part 2 of 4)

Submitted by MichIOE01 on November 23rd, 2009 at 8:38 AM

Well, I’d hoped that we wouldn’t have to do the in-season awards for another month or so, but unfortunately the season is now over.  I also considered waiting on this, just to give everyone time to get over the emotions of the season, but I figured doing this now might help everyone move on.

Here’s how the nominations are going to work.  We’re going to use MGoPoints and comments.  It’s the best way I could think of.  Please submit nominations in a comment below.  Users will vote for the nominations by upvoting the comment, or if they can’t vote then reply to the comment and agree with it.  Please do not downvote any nominations, as that will skew the results.

I will leave this open for a few days, until the activity has obviously died down, then I will count the votes/positive responses to come up with 2-4 finalists for each category.  Then the nominees will be listed so that everyone can vote on them.

As these are just nominations, feel free to vote for more than 1.

For nominations in categories that are post related, please link to the post being nominated.

Here are the categories:

Best Diary (Analysis)
Best Diary (Humorous)
Best Diary/Post (recurring)
Best Post (Analysis)
Best Post (Humorous and/or OT)
Best Poster (as in user providing the consistently best posts)
Best Commenter (user providing the consistently best comments)
Comeback Poster of the Year (someone who got neg-banged but has since redeemed himself)
Best Troll (Rival fan who posts quality comments)
Best Avatar
Best Graphic Art (MS Paint, T-shirt mockups, photoshop work, etc)
Best divergent conversation (when the comments get way OT of the original post)
Biggest Meltdown/Negbang
Best Use of Google to Find Stupid Movie Quote, GIF or Snark to respond to idiot post
Most Memorable Quote by Poster



November 23rd, 2009 at 9:48 AM ^

Technically, only Brian and Tim are making money (that I know of), so I think that makes TomVH qualified. Our contributions are not really different than anyone else who would post diaries with frequency.

Well, that and we help with moderating.


November 23rd, 2009 at 11:08 AM ^

A troll is someone who comes into an online forum for the purpose of disrupting it. A troll is someone who leaves a long string of flame wars behind. A troll is not someone who we happen to disagree with. Our "best" trolls (e.g., King of Belch when off his meds) usually at least pretend to be Michigan fans.

Of course I don't have anything better. Best Opposing Fan? Meh.

Regardless, this is clearly a two-way race between Irish and the guy with the anglicized version of a mildly rude Irish phrase.